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Developer Blogs / Updated and new textures
« on: 20-07-2014, 00:07:03 »
From time to time we update our textures, create new camos or add new markings for new factions.
Some off those updates we wanna show in this thread.

Lately we altered the Stug IV texture and also added some new camos and a version without zimmerit.
That was needed, because the original texture was to bright compared with other German Vehicles.
For sure no original texture gets lost, we backup all our files, also the original psd files.

Some historical background on German camouflage:

In popular culture, most German tanks are shown painted in grey, which makes for great visual symbolism, since grey is the perfect colour for an oppressive, joyless, totalitarian enemy. You can also find grey (or panzergrau) Panzers on the FH2 map Mount Olympus and if you look closely you can see the grey paint under the sand camouflage on our Africa maps. In the beginning of 1943, together with the start of total war and the switch to a war production of military vehicles, the base colour applied to German tanks in the factory was switched to yellow (dunkelgelb).
The units on the frontlines received green (olivgrün) and brown (rotbraun) colours and were instructed to use these to camouflage their tanks to their liking. For winter warfare they were issued with water soluble whitewash. In fact, if you look closely at German vehicles on our Ardennes maps, you can make out the autumn yellow green brown camouflage under the whitewash.
In addition to these reskinned Stugs by Krätzer, Toddel made some great ambush style camouflage (Hinterhaltstarnung). This was a new colour scheme introduced at the end of 1944. It was decided that a standardized camouflage pattern should be applied in the factory, leading to these complex patterns.

You will be able to drive these vehicles soon(ish) in 1945 Eastern Germany, trying your best to delay the advancing Russians.


Here is a new tutroial about how to set up drawings for modelling.

Greetings Kraetzer

Developer Blogs / FH2 T-Shirts
« on: 22-05-2013, 15:05:33 »

Developer Blogs / FH2 3.7cm Stielgranate 41
« on: 14-02-2013, 21:02:10 »
FH2  3.7cm Stielgranate 41

Showing some steps of creating the Projectile.

UVW Unwrap:


Modding / (Model) Fokker D. XXI
« on: 11-10-2009, 05:10:35 »
I think its time to show you a new Model right^^?
Since i work for some Mod Teams i havent time to do something privat that i could show to you   :P

But now im back with a new Airplane, die Fokker D. XXI

Its a Aircraft from the Netherlands and where used by Finnland to, i will do 2 Skins one for the Netherlands and one for Finnland ;) The Code for the Airplane i hope will be done by a UF or BF1918 Dev  :)

Atm the Fokker has only a 3rd Person Cockpit, i thought i will do a 1st Person Cockpit to.
The Geom1 Lod1 should have in the end 3150 Polygones.
And working time is mhm ~10 Hours.

But now let us take a look on the unskinned Fokker D. XXI Model  ;)

See ya

Modding / Question about adding Parts in Editor
« on: 25-08-2009, 05:08:01 »

I want to know: Can i add new Parts to Vehicles with the Editor, then the parts are in diferent .cons.

Example is it possible to add Machine Canons to a Bf109, without import the whole Model. Only adding a MK Model to the 109?

And how works this, if it works =D

Modding / [Model] Elefant/Ferdinand Tank [WiP]
« on: 10-07-2009, 05:07:22 »
I will give you a look at my second Model"s", on that i work atm.
So yeah there will be 3 Models, the first is the Ferdinant, the second the Elefant Tank and the third an Elefant Commando Tank.
Its the same Tank but after Kursk the Ferdinand was modified to the Elefant.
This WiP Render shows a Commando Elefant Tank, you can see this at the atenna.

I have to add some little things, but its okey to show it to you.
Atm 6800 Polygones <- checked with Polygone Counter Max 9 ;)
I will come back for News about this Tank then all 3 Models: Ferdinand, Elefant and Elefant Commando are finished. I will always use the German Names for the Vehicles, i hope its okey ;) I would never say King Tiger or something like this, cause for me it will always be a German Tank also Königs Tiger =D
But now i say good night, its 0500 in Germany =)

So all Models finished, next step is unwrap^^ Hehe Render looks like CoH Tank =D

Modding / [Model] Goliath Sprengpanzer
« on: 02-07-2009, 15:07:21 »
Some of you said i should give modeling a try.
So i give a try to it^^
My first Model xD A Goliath^^ The Skin need a better Alphachannel for track etc. I will do this later.
In the next days i will try to export the Model to Bf2^^

.max file + skins.

Modding / [Custom Skin] Black Chevron
« on: 25-06-2009, 10:06:22 »
this is the last Costum Skin i will do for the BF 109 E-7.
Why i do this Skin? The first Skin (Marseille) was the wrong Machine (F4).
The second skin (Priller) was the right machine but no "Trop".
This time its the right machine (E-7) and a "Trop".

The Black Chevron flown by Ludwig "Zirkus" Franzisket (l./JG 27).

Victories : 43
Awards : Ehrenpokal (20 October 1940)
             Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (12 January 1943)
             Ritterkreuz (23 July 1941)
Units : JG 1, JG 27

Skin Ingame:

Tobruk: 2x Hurricane of 73 Sqn, RAF
Gazala: Hurricane (V7818) of 1 Sqn, SAAF flown by Capt KW Driver (10/0/1 victories), baled out, POW
           Maryland of 24 Sqn, SAAF
           Tomahawk of 250 Sqn, RAF
           Kittyhawk of 94 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O RH Mackillop
           Hurricane of 80 Sqn, RAF
Mersa Matruh: unknown
El Alamein: Spitfire V of 145 Sqn, RAF
               Hurricane of 92 or 238 Sqn, RAF

Modding / [Custom Skin] Yellow 1 /Final/
« on: 16-06-2009, 00:06:23 »
Hey  :)

I´m back with a new Costum Skin for the BF 109E.
This time it is the Yellow one, the plane of Josef “Pips” Priller. The Skin show the Maschine at October 1940 Belgien.
Its finished and all is fixed, you will see not all matched in the screenshot, but i´d fixed that.
If u notice something is wrong in the final .dds pls report =)

Klick to enlarge!

Twirl Video:

Modding / [Custom Skin] The Yellow 14 /WiP/
« on: 05-06-2009, 16:06:03 »
i try to make my first Costum Skin. The Yellow 14 ( Hans- Joachim Marseilles Bf109).

My first Mistake was that Marseille flown a Bf109 F4 and i think the FH2 Bf109 is a E Model.

But here is the first look in Game after 7 hours off work <- yeah 7 hours its my realy first skin and i need lots of time to read Tutorials etc.^^

It would be cool if u have Tipps for me or somethink like that x´D

Greetz ;p

€dit: Its a RESKIN! Many Parts are not reskined! Look at the Skin under the Plane: Skin by Toddel!
I nether said that i do "all" alone at this skin!!!!

Modding / How to use "Nvidia normalmapfilter"
« on: 04-06-2009, 22:06:31 »
Hey, i have a Question^^
How can i make new mapfilter with this tool. Example i want to make a new Bf109 skin for my own or for Friends.
I add new Rivets and Panel Lines, so i need ah new Data like in this example "". So that my new Bf109 Skin looks great in FH2 =)

So how i create this Data, picture what ever^^

Greetz and thx for Help =)


HiW ist eine Rollenspiel Community, die auf Forgotten Hope 2 und somit dem WW2 basiert.
Wir spielen jeden zweiten Sonntag ein RS (Rollenspiel), es wird abwechselnd eine Original FH2 Map und eine Costum Map gespielt.
Momentan suchen wir Alliierte so wie Achsen. Die Achsen suchen verstärkt Piloten.


FH2 Help / Support / Operation_Aberdeen deleted =(
« on: 20-05-2009, 14:05:53 »

I had try something with Operation Aberdeen in the Edtior, before i have made a Back Up.
But i have make a stupid mistake und deleted the Original Aberdeen, by copying them.

Can someone upload Operation_Aberdenn from the 2.15 Patch for me?

Modding / Editor und Flag by Flag
« on: 16-05-2009, 12:05:31 »

i want that my costum map has Flag by Flag, what i have to do for this?
I found no Tutorials in the www.

Yeah my English is very bad sry =(^^

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