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Suggestions / Removing kid tiger
« on: 15-01-2012, 12:01:49 »
     I want to suggest removing of kid tiger from all fh maps, because it causes ridiculous gameplay.

  Example video:

 Please move it to the correct folder, ''for kids'' ... next to the kid plane.


Tactics & Tutorials / The push mod
« on: 08-08-2011, 18:08:07 »
      Well, fh mappers sometimes decide to use somekind of system which called ''the push mode''. The point of push mod is ''preventing players neutralize and capture rear positions before front positions''. Even i know it requires at least 20 years to understand please hold your breath, because i will try to explain it.

       As you can see here there are crosses over 4 positions and this means we can't neutralize or capture those 4 positions and we should attack other 2 positions which have green circles over them.

   However if we decide to attack flak emplacement first; you can wait there and do what ever you want hmm... it won't work.

   So why don't we try to do same thing after captured observation bunker? Come on, why not? We can ignore warnings of other players like ''what, we need ammo bunker too? oh come on, everybody knows we can capture flak emplacement, even if there is a cross over it. Because ... we're cool.  8)''

    The problem is even if you're so cool and completely know what you're doing, for some reason ... it will not work again.

   What should we do then? Should we spam text messages like ''oh noes, who made that map? arggghhhhh it's broken, i will quit and play teenage mutant ninja turtles'' ? No, wait maybe we can attack and capture ammo bunker and remove that cross which is over flak emplacement. Even then ... who knows maybe we can actually neutralize and capture flak emplacement.

    Well bazooka and panzerschreck have delaying animations while activating the sights.

    But we can activate especially piat's sights and shoot somebody instantly which make those weapons overkill against infantry ( and also they look like quake 3 rocket launchers  :P )

    My suggestion : Please make piat's and panzerfaust's delaying animations longer to match with other at weapons.

Suggestions / Ba-10 T-70 and m8's freelook
« on: 16-01-2011, 22:01:18 »
     I want to suggest two vehicles for eastern front which we didn't see in fh1.

  Ba-10 armored car for early stages

   T-70 scout tank for mid and late stages

   Finally, greyhound's free look.

  As you can see at the screenshot some parts of the turret blocking the view of the driver. Could you move the camera for driver a little higher please ?

Suggestions / Balance between light, medium and heavy armor
« on: 13-01-2011, 22:01:50 »
  If somebody play fh, he already knows one thing; there is no fair combat between tanks on any map.  :P In one map stuarts have to fight vs panzer 3s, in another map panzer 3s have to fight vs shermans, theatres can change but that simple rule never change, grap your sherman and charge to panthers.... The  necessity is, if you want to beat your opponent, you have to flank him. This is possible in fh1 but not in fh2 because of two reasons.

  1. The red icon which appears on the screen after you get shot.
  In several maps a sherman driver has to flank panthers with a big and cumbersome tank while axis tanks, tank destroyers and at guns are everywhere. Let's say after spent several minutes sherman driver finally managed to flank and shoot panther's rear armor. So panther has 8 seconds to react. In one second panther driver realizes there is a red icon on the bottom of his screen and it means there is a tank behind him, all he needs an other second for a 180 degree turn with a mouse hack and booom...   :o sherman is destroyed in 2  seconds. Panther driver bails and repairs his tank.

  Result: Sherman driver flanked his opponent but got destroyed in two seconds for nothing, cool  8) Seriously why there is a magical icon on the screen, did it come with bf2  ???

  My suggestion : Please remove that icon.

  2. Reload times of main cannons

  Reload times of some vehicle's main cannons: ( Please correct me if i'm  wrong )

  Stuart                : 6   seconds
  Crusader (40mm)  : 6    seconds
  Panzer 3             : 6.5  seconds
  Daimler               : 7 seconds
  Panzer 4             : 8 seconds

  Let's use alam halfa as an example because we can find all of those vehicles at alam halfa. At the start of the map 3 stuart tanks have to fight vs 12 axis tanks  8) But how? The strange thing is panzer 3s destroy allied light tanks even if they shoot their frontal armor with 2 shots and panzer 4 f2s destroy them with a single shot and allied light tanks have no chance to penetrate their frontal armor and it requires 3 side shots to destroy axis medium tanks. Ok maybe allied guns are weak and axis tanks have thick frontal armor but why those light tanks' guns have unrealistically long reload time?

   Seriously stuart suck balls against tanks and it has weak he shells but it takes 6 seconds to reload it's main gun, on the other hand panzer 4 f2 kills even grants with just a single shot it also has devastating he shells and it takes just 2 more seconds to reload it's main gun, even it has nearly 2X bigger calibre gun. I think that's totally unfair and you should decrease the reload times based on calibre sizes.

    My suggestion: Please set reload times for
   Us 37mm guns ( m3, m5,m8,grant )  : 4 seconds
   Daimler                                       : 4,5 seconds to match with 2 pounder at guns
   All 75mm guns                              : 9 seconds
   Crusader: Discussable, because it has low profile, lots of ap, and if i'm not mistaken a bugged armor.
   Matilda and valentine : No, thanks.  ;D

   37mm guns vs panzer 4s rear armor

    Panzer 4's rear armor is just 20mm thick and currently can be penetrated by even rifle grenades but unfortunately it survives from 37mm shots even at very close ranges.

  Shooting panzer4 from 5 metres away...

  Panzer 4 returns fire with mouse hack  8)

  My suggestion: Please increase damage of 37mm guns vs panzer 4's and stug 4's rear armor at close range ( like 50 metres ) and make it killable with one shot.

   Stuart and greyhound vs panther

  There are 2 panthers at operation lüttich ( %50 of axis armor at this map ) and also there are 2 allied vehicles which are carrying 37mm guns, the problem is those vehicles are not capable to do any damage even if the panther driver is idling. Imagine player who controls the panther goes to toilette and here comes stuart and greyhound shooting, shooting, shooting and wtf!  :o they can't even damage the tank while player is peeing.  ;D
   My suggestion: Please make panther A's side and rear, panther G's only rear armor vulnerable to 37mm guns ( like %10 damage per shot like fh1 )

  Puma's panzergranate 40

   Currently puma has special ap, it's not just unrealistic but i believe it also destroys gameplay at ope. lüttich. Because such a close range sniping sherman's side armor is very easy and even worse it can fight frontally with m10 tank detroyer. In the end it wasn't a tank destroyer but a scout car which was carrying it's main gun just for self defence.

  My suggestion: Please remove panzergranate 40 from puma's payload.

      Currently some people use those weapons as raping machines, they just grap a halftruck than spam rifle grenades, panzerschreck and bazooka projectiles to flags.That's why i want to ask ''could you limit the range of rifle grenades, panzerschreck and bazooka like fh1 please?''

    In fh1 if their projectiles hit the limit they stop and fall to ground so people can not abuse their range by aiming higher than target. I don't know what was real range of rifle grenades but i think their range should be limited to 100 metres like panzerschreck and bazooka.

Suggestions / Make Stuka zu Fuss uncapturable
« on: 04-09-2010, 21:09:34 »
     Unlike combat vehicles all transportation vehicles are capturable by opponent,  of course this doesn't cause problem since all of them equipped with just machine guns except that one. However this vehicle is a piece of artilley rather than a transportation vehicle, it's effective and will be more effective after next update. I think letting opponent team capture that vehicle cause balance problems and will cause more because it will be even more effective in the future.
    Capturing this vehicle is not really hard for opponent team:

 - Players can shoot the driver from vision slits, or climb to top of the vehicle, or throw a handgranade inside the vehicle with right mouse button.

 - Some players use this vehicle for transportation than abandon it.

 - Players sometimes lose connection to server because of regular connection problems, punkbuster problems or crushes to desktop and when this happens opponent players can easily spot the empty vehicle from minimap and capture it very easily.

 Current effectiveness of vehicle with direct fire:

 I hope i won't get a ban for that.  ;D

    Indirect fire to captured heavy flak and medium at gun which were trapping our vehicles to base.

   Since it's an effective vehicle opponent team often try to capture it.

 And this is what happens if they managed to capture it.  :'(

Suggestions / Sherman tanks with sandbags
« on: 30-08-2010, 03:08:14 »
   Most of axis vehicles such as the stugs,  panzer 4s and some panzer 5 tanks have blanked armor which increases chance to survive against infantry so i think adding sandbags to some sherman tanks for counter balance can be a good idea.

Suggestions / armoured recon vehicles in normandy
« on: 19-11-2009, 01:11:23 »
well we have lots of scout cars on the most of africa maps and i think adding more scout cars to normandy can be interesting

i mean their spawn time shorter than tanks
they are also faster than tanks
they are very useful in an attack (flanking and destroying defences like anti tank guns even hiding tanks etc.)
they are very useful in defence (repelling enemy infantry attacks, ambushing enemy tanks etc.)
it's really funny to use them
and maybe they can be very useful spotting targets for artillery ( i mean they are scout/recon cars right?)

in short, i'm suggesting
1. adding armoured recon vehicles nearly every map (of course not infantry maps like point du hoc etc.)
2. adding ''spotting targets for artillery'' ability (like stug)
3. replacing the puma's mg 34 with the mg 42

Suggestions / Panzer 4 d/f1
« on: 15-05-2009, 14:05:31 »
These tanks have 42 armor piercing and 16 high explosive shells but i think they can be more effective with 16 ap and 42 he because short barreled 75 mm gun is not suitable for anti tank role (poor accuracy and weak penetration) ap shells are only effective against vickers, daimler and crusader ( can't pierce crusader's turret) and grant's doors which means we don't need lots of them how ever 75 mm high explosive shells are devastating and as we know panzer 4s made to support panzer 3s against defensive positions and infantry because panzer 3's 37 mm guns were weak for that job. :-\ So it was a support tank and i think it needs more high explosive shells. ;)

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