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Suggestions / haunebu? :D
« on: 30-11-2010, 12:11:35 »
Since there was no Haunebu at Alpenfestung fh 0.7, I suggest adding it to the Alpenfestung v2 and maybe renaming that map to something like: Neuschwabenland :) Heck, they even added jet suit for secret weapons of ww2 bf1942 expansion.

Haunebu : sexy flying frisbie with PIV 75mm turret :)  probably useless as hell, but we need moar Haunebu :D

General Discussion / Nothing new on the Eastern front...
« on: 08-06-2010, 13:06:51 »
Thanks dev for a great job done! The Normandy is great, good visuals, new tanks, nice1!

Just one note: we have got a front where couple sub-standard under-supplied divisions were fighting other couple of sub-standard under-supplied divisions in the sands of no interest. The next move was to make a front where some 15% of Germany's war effort was concentrated on for about 10 months.

Am I the only one to miss the front that actually made a difference in ww2?

patiently waiting for the Eastern front.

fingers crossed

Suggestions / markers pass 200 m
« on: 26-09-2009, 09:09:33 »
Hello guys, just couple of suggestions to improve gameplay.

1. a marker is invisible to any squadmate that is 200 - 150m away from the marker. thus he always must use minimap or map. I know it is not a major thing to do and would help quite a lot especially assigning targets for long range tanks shots, mg suppression fire / plane strafes.

2. visibility. there is often a fog of war in fh2.2. especially seen in Lutich. Is there any chance to improve view range? it is possible as it was in PR. that way we would give tanks, planes, snipers and AA more usefulness.

3. FW190 and other planes with bubble canopy should enjoy almost 360 degrees of view around.

4. an annoying explosion of the wrecked vehicle often kills any infantry around it. can the splash damage be minimised? kind of stupid to seek for cover behind blow up tanks and then being blown up by the wreck.

Suggestions / fw tweak would be great
« on: 08-09-2009, 08:09:24 »
hello guys, i don't want to sound as a nerd, but FW 190 and other planes with bubble canopy, would enjoy almost 360 degrees of  view instead of 180. the bf 109 had certain limitations in the canopy, but fw 190 is a great improvement. also is there a chance to make view distance greater? beyond 100%?  and it would be better if the planes would not explode, but rather plummet to ground leaving a smoke trail I remember this was introduced to a certain degree before, but it doesn't happen.

Its great that you made planes easier to take off/ land so many new people can try them out.

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