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Hey I just installed bf2 and FH2 fresh again.. After installing and spending 2 hours now getting everything downloaded and settled the servers keep kicking me for punkbuster issues.

This happened before and I just downloaded pbsetup.exe from punkbuster's main site.. Well, I downloaded it and I have updated my bf2 file to the most current version and I am still getting kicked. Do I have to choose the mod folder and update that as well or what?

Hey I just reinstalled bf2 for like the 50th time lol... I patched to 1.4.1 (or whatever the most recent was, it wasn't 1.5).

I downloaded this mod loaded it up but I have a problem whenever I try to install it I specify the BF2 folder, I get an error "Patch failed the root directory doesn't exist" .. I have also tried specifying the mod to install itself in the mods folder.. same thing happens.. It errors out at 100% loaded.

What should I do?

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