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Suggestions / Sniper rifles bullet drop
« on: 23-10-2019, 18:10:54 »
So I bumped into this video:

I think the guy has a point, although FH2 uses scaled down combat ranges maybe the drop is a bit ridiculous. I'm not a big user of snipers but the few times I pick one up I do seem to have major problems hitting things at a distance...

Would the devs consider changing this?

Suggestions / New maps made as variations of the old ones
« on: 25-06-2019, 15:06:01 »
It has recently come to my attention that FH2 features a few maps depicting locations where the battles spanned several months, sometimes even years.

Over the course of that time the battlefield often changed significantly, new units were brought to the front, as well as new equipment.

One notable example in FH2 is Siege of Tobruk. The map is not a very loveable one, because it features a frontal assault against very well prepared defensive lines. Leading to a very unique flavour of constantly being bombed by artillery and tactically retreating for the defenders.

I would like to suggest making a  variation of this map with reversed roles.

The Australians were eventually relieved in their trenches by, between others, the Poles, several months after the battle depicted in FH2.

Their uniforms can basically be made by reskinning the current British North Africa uniforms.

I suggest making it a night map focused on close quarters trench fighting. For example make the Italians dug in on the opposite side and maybe even an Objective mode map where the Poles need to destroy some radios in enemy territory?

It would be a welcome change from the currently often hated Africa maps with nowhere to hide from the "laser guns" from the sky.

It seems to me this kind of map should take less time to make as most of the assets and statics are already there, just need to strike a good layout for interesting gameplay.

What do you guys think? Opinions, suggestions are very much welcome!


Off-Topic / Let's talk business...
« on: 08-02-2019, 22:02:38 »
So, I've been thinking of throwing some spare cash into this whole "invest in a startup" idea.

With the development of crowdfunding and crowdfinancing sites burning your money by playing the startup lottery has never been easier, so maybe i should stop financing my bookie's next house and start betting on real people with smart ideas!  ;D

Now I sure can't pick the next Apple or Facebook so I should stick to the stuff I understand... Such as apps & software. And cycling I guess?  8)

Has anyone here ever used these cool new high-tech bike parking racks that require an app to unlock? Do they seem like a reasonable development to you?

I can't shake the feeling of the idea being really stupid (one bug / dead battery / dropped phone away from having your bike locked forever) but lots of people seem to be really impressed by the whole sharing & gig economy and green mobility movements.

Anyone from a "developed" country not stuck in the "oil" age care to share their experiences? I heard this smart cycling and bike sharing stuff is getting popular in Estonia, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway etc... China is also big on this but I know we don't have many Asians around here

We all know that every kit in FH2 has something that makes it special.

The scout has it's binoculars and smines.
The rifleman has the grenade launcher (usually).
The assault has a badass SMG that's basically unbeatable at close range and mostly a different grenade.
The AT kit is the only one who can effectively fight armor.
The engineer has a wrench, mines and explosives (and let's not forget those silly flags and often the mine detector)
The SL gets binoculars, a last ditch sidearm and some smokes (and sometimes a fancy hat!). And he's the only one who gets to choose between a rifle and an SMG.

The Support gets an awkward big gun that can often only be deployed prone, with somewhat limited ammo supply and a pea shooter...

... Wait that doesn't sound that fun, doesn't it?

How about we make the MG kit more useful in it's intended role as a base of fire and support kit by giving it back the ammo bag it lost .

Think about it... The MGs in WW2 mostly use the same ammo caliber as the rifles. Wouldn't it be logical to share that ammo with your teammates when they run dry?

I mean most of the MGs in WW2 were crewed by a few men (gunner and assistant loader ?) so we can just imagine all that ammo being carried by the loader...

Off-Topic / Happy New Year!
« on: 01-01-2019, 17:01:58 »
Best wishes to everyone in this wonderful small community! May the next year bring many good things, just as the previous one did!

And special thanks to the devs (and server owners/admins) for keeping FH2 up and running and providing a proven cure for boredom!

❇️ ❇️ ❤️ :D ❇️ ❇️

General Discussion / It's that time of the year again!
« on: 09-12-2018, 22:12:51 »
... And no, I'm not talking about Christmas!  :)

I'm sure many of you know that December is the time when the most popular and best modding hub ModDB is holding their annual MOTY competition. This year the competition is brutal as there are many new quality mods, including some full blown total conversions / expansion sized mods, as well as old favorites.

Speaking of old favorites... FH2 has already won once (and a few honorable mentions I believe) but it has consistently ranked in the top 100. Let's try and keep that tradition, and keep FH2 in the spotlight! After all, free marketing is the best marketing!

So, what are you waiting for, soldier? Click the link and vote away!

Bug Reporting / LCVP MG zoom in animation
« on: 26-10-2018, 23:10:40 »
It cycles on right click - not sure if it's supposed to do that, maybe I just never noticed it before...

Bug Reporting / Minor Soviet Studebaker ammo resuply bug
« on: 26-10-2018, 22:10:53 »
Positions 3 & 4 don't resupply ammo (map was Studienka, if that's important).

I've checked on the Bedford on Alam Halfa and it works there, not sure for other trucks...

General Discussion / The future of FH2
« on: 17-08-2018, 00:08:17 »
First of all, I'd like to congratulate the devs on another successful release!  :) ;D

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for many enjoyable evenings "wasted" playing this masterpiece. I do not regret a single one.

In the past 3 months the new trailer got over 26k views and I have noticed many new faces on the servers.

The new maps are examples of fine craftsmanship and some have almost art-like qualities. I'm sure many people find the gameplay on them really enjoyable. I can only speak for myself but I find the quality of the maps has improved immensely since I first started playing (around 2011 IIRC).

But as we all know, FH2 is not getting any younger.  :(
With the incoming hype train that is Battlefield V (and many other indie titles such as Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose) a revival of the WW2 FPS genre is expected to hit us at any moment.

This could be a great opportunity for FH2... Or a road to a slow, painful death as the player numbers on the servers slowly wither away due to more popular games. We the community and our devs are the only things standing between a lively, prosperous future FH2 and a slowly decaying shell of a once great mod.

Therefore I ask these questions, for all of us to reflect upon:

  • How do you imagine the FH2 of the future? What can we as a community do to make such a future happen?

  • How do you think should the mod we all know and love rise up to the challenge of the newcomers, with their shiny graphics, smooth engines, innovative gameplay mechanics, never before seen factions and map locations?

  • What should the main focus of a future FH2 be ? The goal is to scoop up some stragglers and lost souls that will inevitably come when they get bored/disappointed of the new games.
    New factions and content, more insanely polished maps, new game modes, new gameplay mechanics, easier distribution, installation and learning curve for the newbies?

  • Go back to a time when you first discovered FH2. What were the things that annoyed you the most, the main sources of frustration? What were your expectations and greatest disappointments you had while playing? How does the game of today compare? Have the issues been fixed?

Please share your thoughts and let's get a discussion started.

The devs probably have their own vision, but if we can reach some useful conclusions we might provide them with valuable insights that could ensure we all get many more years of well populated rounds of FH2, loved by the players and cherished by the devs.

So, usually I don't really care about the AAA gaming industry (with some indies thrown for good measure) as I don't really have the time or the money (or the patience :P) required to play through all of them, but this year it's a bit different. As your opinion is now worth something!

That is CVG (in cooperation with GreenManGaming and 2K Games) is giving away a free game for your votes! You can either choose Mafia II or Civilization 5.

So, take a few minutes, register (if your already haven't), vote for your favorites and grab some free goodies, while the offer still lasts!

So we all already know about the Oculus Rift, but what about movement? There's no full immersion if you can't feel like you're moving in the game world...

Now a lot of projects already tried this, but this one is kind of special, as it uses no moving parts! Combine it with the Rift and that ARAIG suit (yeah, they didn't make it, but in the future?), and you got a full virtual reality, right now... For a price, of course... But, in a few years... Who knows?

Omni Kickstarter:

Oh, and it works with all games that support mouse and keyboard, which means you could be running through the sands of Africa or climbing the cliffs of PDH (yeah, not sure about that :P) for "real" one day...

Bug Reporting / Ghost Lewis emplacement
« on: 31-03-2013, 00:03:32 »
I was going through my screenshots and I noticed something that I completely forgot about... It was taken on 18th of February so it's a bug in the last patch.

This is Anctoville church and there is a "ghost" Lewis along with the usable one...

Gaming / Star Citizen/Squadron 42
« on: 01-11-2012, 17:11:27 »

I can't believe there is no topic about this here... No Wing Commander or Freelancer lovers in FH 2?

Anyway the mastermind behind those projects is running his own independent project to create a universe he always envisioned but never got a chance to make, complete with stunning next-gen visuals of CryEngine!

Main site, lots of details provided in the FAQ:

Also on Kickstarter, for a pledge of 30$ or more access to alpha and beta and the full game in digital form:

Plus they got space ninja turtles :P:

And let's not forget they plan to support the modding community, going as far as making professional mod tools and providing them for free if they raise enough support.

Let me start by saying I never really had an interest for zombie survival games but one little jewel caught my eye recently. Some of you might have heard of it... I think I played some rounds with Lightning (?) and we did quite good.

It's a free Source Modification called No More Room in Hell, that won ModDB's Editor's choice Multiplayer Mod of the year 2011, and got 3rd place as Player's choice Mod of the year 2011.

The story is simple, you and 7 other random (un)fortunate survivors must accomplish various objectives to escape the hordes of undeads alive (that doesn't mean that all of you will make it, unfortunately  :-\). Or you simply must hold out in your stronghold before the ever-multiplying waves of zombies (Survival mode).

Anyway it's a nice mod, when it isn't plagued by few bugs and laggy servers in later waves. But the problem is it can be hard to enjoy with random people that often include teamkillers, ammo wasters, and 12 year olds... So if you are open for a more realistic approach to L4D genre give it a try, you only need the Source SDK 2007 installed. And be sure to try it out with a few friends as public games often don't end up well...

Players' arsenal is quite expansive but ammo is often scarce, and usually if you aren't fast enough you're left with less attractive melee weapons, or less powerful guns. You can use anything ranging from your fists, to makeshift weapons such as the fire extinguisher, lead pipe, shovel to the seasoned Winchester lever action and Colt 1911. And of course the famous .357 Magnum.

Unique features include minimalistic HUD (even remaining ammo must be checked by voice-over), 3D VOIP, the inability of the fallen comrades to chat with you (but they can still talk), and the ability to call in supply drops by using a flare gun. Unfortunately the supply drops are somewhat random so don't be surprised if Uncle Sam sends you a bunch of barricade hammers, and crowbars.

Bug Reporting / Teamkills counting towards awards?
« on: 20-08-2012, 20:08:08 »
This could be a big issue, but I can't confirm it yet... Was playing Sidi Rezegh 32 on Hslan and focused on pistolling... When I shot a teammate (it could have been my very 10th kill) the award popped up... Don't have a screenshot though...

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