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FH2 Help / Support / 88 as Anti aircraft gun
« on: 20-07-2009, 13:07:45 »
i have searched the forums, the internet, and books to find out how to use the 88's in forgotten hope as anti-aircraft guns, but i couldn't figure out how to do it! is there anyone who can tell me how to use the 88 as an anti-aircraft gun?

Tactics & Tutorials / surviving the AA (crete)
« on: 19-04-2009, 15:04:01 »
it seems to be common to leave the Junkers filled with one person and then hope to survive the anti-aircraft, well, i have here a way to spare you from that, its quite simple, and not a bug or something, to start
1. take a Junkers 52 (the big green planes with three propellors)
2. load up on people
3. start flying, and point your nose up in 45 degrees
4. after takeoff, switch to 3d person view (f10)
5. when the water is about 3 centimeters of your screen, make the angle about 15 degrees, and fly along the non-combattant area border
6. when the sea/ land isnt visible anymore to you, you might think your safe, you arent...
7. fly inland still with the angle of 15 degrees
8. let passengers now to NOT JUMP
9. on your sign you should tell them to jump.

General Discussion / funniest game moment
« on: 19-04-2009, 13:04:32 »
i think we should share our funniest game moments here, it might go about anything, as long as it is not too serieus, for example my short and pretty stupid here:

it was gazala i believe, a sandy map with planes anyway, and i just have had a discussion with a british pilot about parachutes, he tought it was for cowards, and i tought it was just smart, anyway, i ended up fighting him in the air, and since this was my first air battle, i seem to have chosen the wrong plane, namely the recon plane.... i soon found out i had to jump and did so, i did owe the pilot kit, and quikly pulled the chute... one time. nothing happens... second pull... nothing happens... third pull... nothing happens, and just when i start thinking, its actually quite realistic that my chute doesnt open, i crash into my empty plane that crashes into the ground, against all expectations i stand there a little dizzy about what just happened between the wreck pieces of my plane, i was so confused that i forgot to heal myself, and died  within a few seconds, but it was very fun anyway, especially on my 2 day online.

FH2 Help / Support / any helping hands ready?
« on: 18-04-2009, 18:04:55 »
i want to create a machinima, but before going insane and create a storyboard and write down my ideas, i want to know how many of you are willing to help me,
it will contain at least one epic charge with bayonets and mgs
it will contain at least one air attack
it will contain at least one ambush

age- none just be mature, and try your best to be proffesional

people willing to help need to be available at european times. btw, i have a good setup in mind already for the wandering ones

when things stay going "maybe" ill make some info

FH2 Help / Support / help says tat guy again...
« on: 18-04-2009, 17:04:35 »
yup, me again having trouble...
i want to max out everything of the game, so maybe you might want to help (and solve the problemspuzzle)
this is my system
*geforce 8800GTX
*q6600 quad2core 2.45
*monitor size 22"
*software: windows vista ultimate with service pack 1

current problems:
- graphical problems
* the netting over digged out areas is going crazy, its plain army green, with at the ends some transparant lines
* some brick walls have:
1. a very reflictive texture.
2. textures that move with my movement across the object
3. textures that are sized crazily at some positions of the object
* some sandbag have:
1. within the bags some strange shadereffects
2. random moving circles inside them

-gameplay problems
* punkbuster (...) (...) (...) (...) is (...) (...) and kicks me from servers most of the time before i can join
* still that stupid grey-blur problem, i will now definitly hate update 2.2

other help:
how can i max out EVERYTHING on this game, since my pc HAS to sweat, i want it, i want it!
i have all settings high, and anti alias on, my screen resolution is "1200 x something sucky", but i want MORE! maybe something like "alot x alot"?

i do hope for help, since i want to take some neat screens for you guys with everything maxed out. ;D

i have had this in my mind for since... 2 days, its an idea on how to make the gameplay even more realistic.
*to start i'd definitly like to see all first person view animations also in real-time, for example, the fixing of the rifle-grenadelauncher and munution is beautifully animated when you do it yourself, but if you see someone else doing it, its just the hand touching the barrel, and thats it.
*then there are the unusable vehicles, if you put an useable opel truck beside a non-usable one you see no diffrence, to see that diffrence you will have to throw a bomb/grenade/shoot a grenade/ and watch wich one will explode. the useable one does, i think its not very realistic when i can hide my panzer behind an opel truck just because i cant use it, i think all vehicles should be explosive!
*in the heat of battle it might be that you stand in front of your squad leader, who suddenly screams incoming, i would nearly believe that i would get a bomb on my head, if it wasnt the dry figure in front of me who doesnt do anything to simulate what he actually said, off course i know you cant have moving mouhs or something, but a sudden move of the head, look to the sky, and a pointing finger would be nice.
* this is one i came up with for no reason, i think it would be great if there was a short "greet" animation when you pass an officer/ someone higher in rank. for the germans it could be the "greet", but just a smal one, and not correctly performed since its a battle. and for the allies, you know the regular hand-beside the head greeting.
* another immersion thingy, when you look down, you dont see your feet, actually dont see anything,  think that could be changed

thanks for your time.
oh, and im NOT nazi, for the ones who are making conclusions so fast.

FH2 Help / Support / the singleplayer
« on: 17-04-2009, 16:04:10 »
hello, my name is timoarto, im new to this community and joined because i tought this would be a great new expierience in gaming for me, though as usual i start with singleplayer in battlefield, and i stumbled upon this problem,
when i go to singleplayer main menu, i only find some of the maps wich look great to me, on the main site i found a lot of great looking maps, but i do only find some of them in my forgotten hope 2 sp menu (havent got a mp account yet due to vista problems) i did download the last update, actually full install, and still no new sp maps, the fact im new to modifications and FH2 is my first modification i play and really love, may be the main reason for this. i hope for a reaction so i can have even more fun with this game, so until then i'll be searching how to get the maps, thanks for your time.

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