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Bug Reporting / Logictech 3D Extreme No Ui?
« on: 14-07-2013, 23:07:47 »
Hey Guys,

When i plug in the joystick my ui completely disappears(cant select spawn point, open map, etc.). When i restart FH2 and unplug it the ui is back. Any ideas?   

Off-Topic / Research: DLC Vs Exapansions
« on: 26-09-2010, 12:09:13 »
Im doing research for a paper for school. 

Currently there are two forms of "milking" a game:

Standard Expansions Typically:                 
  • Typically 1 - 3 Expansions
  • Priced: 20$ - 40$
  • Roughly Contains 25% - 50% Of original game content

  • Typically 5 - 10 Packs
  • Priced: 5$ - 15$
  • Contains roughly 5% - 15% Of original game content[l/i]
My question is which would you rather spend your hard earned money on? If you need a scenario here one is:

You have an RTS you rather enjoyed it.
   It features 4 unique factions
   Each one had there own campaign.
   Had roughly 30 maps

Expansion would add:
   Two factions with respected campaign.
   8 Maps themed to the above factions
   Releases maybe one or two a year

DLC would add:
   A single faction with respected campaign.
   3 themed maps
   released roughly every other month or two

I want your honest bias opinion. If you want to add something feel free too. Thanks i appreciate you input and hope this isn't counted as spam. if you dont have anything useful to say please dont it dosent help.


Off-Topic / Plain Sight - The Game
« on: 26-08-2010, 06:08:48 »
If anyone is interested Plain Sight the game is 2USD on steam. Its a very fun/silly game of robotic suicidal ninjas.

Bug Reporting / Bren Carrier
« on: 25-06-2010, 12:06:05 »
While playing today an enemy bren carrier(manned) provided my with amou. Im unsure if its a bug or a BF2 "feature", just thought i would bring it up.


Off-Topic / BF 1918 Want's You!
« on: 16-11-2009, 07:11:53 »
Hi as a member of BF1918 dev team we are looking for "actors", these actor will do the voice over for our troops of various countries. Of course this would be a donation to the mod. The languges we are currently looking for is:

               1. Bulgarian
               2. Greek
               3. Serbian

Anyone whose native tongue is this language plz post here.

hope this post is in the right place.

Clans and Tournaments / Forgotten Hope 2 College League
« on: 19-10-2009, 23:10:40 »
Flyboy1942 and myself am organizing a college league tournament/clan. The current plan is to establish a tournament system for college students where we can see which school has the best forgotten hope players!  College students from around the world are welcome to join. We are looking for ideally 13 students from each college however if that proves impossible 7 students will suffice. Currently this is an advertisement for a possible event should enough interest be found. The event will be a monthly tourney should it get enough traction. I am also working on getting prizes for the winning team or at least the mvp.

If we don't get enough people we plan to at least create an active clan that will challenge the other clans, and play in a coordinated manner. I have deiced that colleges can be combiend to meet the minimum requirements for the tourney. I would however really like the colleges to be near eachother, but this is not mandatory.

Please submit your schools name, country, state/providence, and city. If you sign your school up you are team captain and will be given advertising material. You do not have to be in a US based school.

Currently i have 1 ts server and 1 fh2 server.

Current Schools:

Neumont University
USA, Utah, South Jordan
Team Captian: Ekalbs

Colorado University
USA, Colorado, Boulder 
Team Captian: Flyboy1942 aka Ghanrage

Drenthe College Multimedia
Netherlands, Drenthe, Emmen
Team Lonewolf: Fuchs

Team Exavs university
Team Captain: Cin3k33

United Universities Of Canada
Team Captain: [130.Pz]S.Tiemann

FH2 Help / Support / Installing 2.2 on win 7 64 bit
« on: 12-10-2009, 02:10:02 »
Hi there i recently got win 7 64 bit thru my school(legit throught microsoft student free software program) and i can install 2.2 .exe any advise, thanks ekalbs....


if no compatibility can be found, as much as i hate to ask this, can the devs re-compile as a .msi, i do not have any compiling knowledge yet thus i have no idea how difficult this may be, this could be a big help to all our 64bit users, i know it will not be easy but i figure ill ask and take the heat from the community.....


i tested my bf2 pirates .exe and it just seems to be fh2 .exe any sugestions.... why has this not been brought up????

Bug Reporting / Kit limit glitch or missing title
« on: 20-09-2009, 22:09:51 »
On purple heart lane he m1a1 carbine recon kit has a limit on it, i don't know if that was on purpose or not. But if it was on purpose it is missing the limited kit icon next to the name.

Off-Topic / Am I safe....
« on: 20-09-2009, 22:09:17 »
Hi yesterday i clicked on a link to a site and it clammied i had a virus and wouldn't let me leave. So i restarted and it was still there, so i system restored to before i clicked the link, am i virus free? Because i have some important financial aid stuff for college which requires my ss#.

Modding / Help With bf1942
« on: 17-09-2009, 18:09:39 »
Hi there Ekalbs again, i Have some questions for some veichles/weapons.

1. I would like to now how to make and code a train, with cars, on a rail. I have a understanding of how the engine works unsure of this.

2. Maybe simpler but once again im unsure how to code a signal gun.

The mod lead ask me if i knew how to code like 5 things and these i need assistance on, im not sure any more details yet as  we are 12hrs apart so it takes time to ask questions.

General Discussion / Point Du Hoc Counter Attack?
« on: 16-09-2009, 21:09:20 »
I was on a server and this map came up? But when i check my map files it doesent appear? Any explanation devs or anyone?

Off-Topic / Battlefield 1918
« on: 30-08-2009, 07:08:08 »
Hi there Forgotten Hope Community! I have recently joined a mod dev team for BF1942. We are makeing a ww1 mod, im sure you have heard of it and perhaps played it. It is still kicking and we are getting ready to release 3.1, which will incorporate ships battle(designed by my self :) ). Any who we have a sunday game night for all to play. I would love to see some fhers who play this mod, which is similar to fh in many ways.

Download from here!

See you there!

FH2 Help / Support / Cant Uninstall 1942
« on: 25-08-2009, 02:08:43 »
Help i cant uninstall bf 1942 does anyone know why? List of mods i had: Bf1918, fh,fhsw, star wars and i uninstalled all.  I get a message stating mateinence complete but it wont remove vanilla, it removed all expansions and such but not the original...????

Off-Topic / How many levels/maps should a game have
« on: 12-08-2009, 07:08:28 »
Okay ive noticed that the greedy game companies have but less and less levels into each game. lowest ive seen is 6... that's not  good and is boring after a week. Older games seemed to always have more, several games i own had a hundred plus levels/maps basic/included what do you guys think. how many levels should a game have.

this doesn't include mods only games, mods are special.

Off-Topic / Good Resources
« on: 11-08-2009, 01:08:53 »
Does anyone know good resources for World War One And World War Two, but primarily WW1.

And if anyone says wikipedia... i have tried it already :P

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