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So after all these years, this grumpy Norwegian is still alive. Less grumpy, but alive!

I have gotten a few requests over the years about my maps, and i am so sorry they never really got to see the light of day as they should have.

Anyway, this post is to make it clear that all my maps/content are free to use for whatever anyone wants to do with it. No need to ask for any permissions. :)

Modding / Map. (teaser)
« on: 27-07-2014, 15:07:47 »
Its wet, dirty and includes brits.

Modding / Kits?
« on: 05-11-2013, 13:11:31 »
So after months and months of.. nothing? I decided to have som fun in the editor again, so i start up one of my dear dear project-forevers and my kits are gone! Now i do remember some talk about having to do something to get the kits in the new version of fh2, now if someone could point me in the right direction that would be nice thanks.

Gaming / AoE 2 HD edition!
« on: 08-03-2013, 11:03:52 »
Microsoft is not pumping out an HD edition of the forever epic strategy game Age of Empires 2!
By my opinion, the best LAN game.

Off-Topic / Rovaniemi trip!
« on: 02-11-2012, 16:11:22 »
Hi all crazy finnish people!  :D

Im going to Rovaniemi 7th to 10th this month, can anyone tell me about this town and where metalheads can get a good drink?  ;D

Suggestions / AA trailer statics
« on: 23-10-2012, 23:10:14 »
Its been a while since i suggested anything, but i now suggest that trailer statics for the various AA guns to be made, it would be a very nice impression to the AA positions along with the ammo boxes etc. for some reason i cannot explain i think it would give people a greater feeling. i might even take it as long as saying it might give them a more dramatic feeling, just think about it.. say its a map and its dawn, you are next to an AA position, say a Vierling or just a singlebarrel, and you have the whole picture of the AA firing along with its equipment.. its just does it for me atleast.. these specialties.  :)

Off-Topic / What canon is this?
« on: 02-10-2012, 15:10:17 »
two guys are arguing on who is the owner of this piece, that now have been confiscated be the police for violating some stupid gun law again.

but i want to know, what gun is this? the news said it had "nazi markings"

Gaming / Spyro!
« on: 13-05-2012, 10:05:17 »
I want all the Spyro games fram 1998 up 2005 but Not the 2005 one, anyone know where i still can buy these wonderful games?  ;D

Off-Topic / In the army.
« on: 05-05-2012, 11:05:03 »
In this thread you can tell about your army experiences, stories, Pictures! if you are in the army right now like me..or have been!

so ill start off  with sharing my story from last thursday!

Mg3 and at the shooting range..! F*cking awesome! blasted the target to tiny pieces with the fifty :)
but i got to say my love fell for the mg3, what a beast..

this picture is from when we where maintaining the weapons on friday.. :)
i was the company's "janitor" this week (new one each week), so i didnt have to do much, gettng messy with all that oil and shit!

Off-Topic / Le internet Medley
« on: 06-12-2011, 21:12:42 »
this has got to be the most awesome tribute to our lovely geeks.

this is not just a song ladies!

Off-Topic / ww2 rts games
« on: 21-03-2011, 01:03:18 »
Name the ww2 themed RTS games you know that are good, maybe not to old..

basicly what i am looking for is traditional build a base and create units  :)

something Sudden strike based is allso cool!

Off-Topic / Jackboots on whitehall
« on: 26-11-2010, 14:11:30 »
The Must see movie of 2010/11!

Modding / coil/leaf spring (car suspension) sound effect
« on: 29-08-2010, 23:08:58 »
Anyone know of coil/leaf spring, car suspension sounds? been trying to find those i had without sucess.. searched to web for them wasting two hours of my life.. now any help is highly appreciated

General Discussion / Panther drivers view.
« on: 05-04-2010, 17:04:04 »
Am i the only one who gets annoyed by the panther top hatch MG blocking my view in the panther?

especialy when someone uses it only slightly aims to the right, and i cant see shit, other than with the tanks gun sight.. is this something that could be fixed?

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