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General Discussion / STG44: Why so underpowered?
« on: 01-03-2012, 19:03:32 »
Really one of the only things that bugs me about this mod is how terrible the STG44 is (besides the bad hit detection, but thats BF2 netcode)

Skilled players will never use this gun, I only use it because I like it and its a cool weapon. Let me break it down:

Long range: Terrible. Equivalent to M1carbine or worse. Takes atleast 2 shots at long range, and has worse recoil than m1 carbine, bren, and fg43.

Medium: again, if you use in full auto, it is pretty much impossible to land 2 consecutive shots due to insane recoil. Single shot doesnt help much. Again, m1 carbine, bren, fg43, and and g43 all superior.

Close: only advantage stg has. Still no better than SMGs and comparative weapons at close range.

So my question: If bren and fg43 can be mostly 1 shot kills, why not stg?

Either reduce the recoil or make stg mostly 1 shot kills. The weapon is bad. Thank you.

on goodwood, 88 gun only recoils and moves back with AP shell

Suggestions / Suggestion- Fix AT/MG emplacements!
« on: 19-07-2010, 20:07:06 »
So many are so useless! I can't even begin to describe how crappy the emplacements are, but most paks and mounted MGs are generally useless. One example would be the middle pak on lebisey, it can barely see anything. Any others agree?

Like in RO. Having a turrent speed based on mouse sensitivity is pretty unbalanced, when I hop in the tiger i just press the button on my mouse 2x to make it exactly like a panther or any other panzer in turret speed. It would also add to immersion and feel more realistic if we had to only use the arrows

Lovin it! Can anything similar be done for Cagny? other maps?

Darkest Hour did it, why not Forgotten Hope? 7 Million potential players  :)

General Discussion / Villers Bocage lighting?
« on: 14-03-2010, 02:03:28 »
Was I dreaming or did I hear a while ago that Villers Bocage will look different in the new patch?

Off-Topic / Could Ww2 german soldiers speak english??
« on: 17-01-2010, 05:01:33 »
I'm reading a book my donald burgett and according to him many of the germans he encountered spoke english. also how accurate are these types of books??

I was able to play in the italy campaign in F|H so had those maps but I'm in college now so have no time for campaigns, but I want the maps! Is there any map pack to get them in?

Just felt like pointing out that this is a fun tank map. Not as huge as Gazala, more concentrated, and always intense tank battles over the middle flag. Just saying that this maps size is perfect for tank battles IMO, since Gazala is a bit big and requires you to drive forever to get to the  action

General Discussion / Awards? Updates? What happened?
« on: 07-12-2009, 03:12:15 »
Months without any news on awards and only 1 update just wondering whats up?

I am having annoying 'lag' in games. I have a 8800GTX, 4GB of RAM, and a Core2 duo E6600. If I load up goodwood 16 player, in cagny I get 70FPS, but on a 64 player server I get 20-30 and its very annoying. I am 99% sure this isnt "graphics" lag because I can be staring at a wall and still get the low FPS. Like I dont think my graphics card is the problem. Also lowering my AA from 4x to 0x doesnt change anything. I recently upgraded from 2gb of ram to 4gb and no change. So I can assume this is related to my CPU? What can I do to increase my FPS? It seems to lag in areas of high statics like cagny and giarabub. But when playing on a empty server no lag at all

General Discussion / For anyone with bad performance
« on: 07-09-2009, 03:09:56 »
with a 8800GTX I went from 20FPS in Cagny on full server to 70FPS by turning all the lighting options down to medium. Just thought people should know cause i saw a lot of complaints about bad performance

General Discussion / What happened to awards?
« on: 06-09-2009, 06:09:26 »
Awesome release guys, but sorry to bring it up what happened to stats and awards? I was hoping it would be with this release  :'(

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