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Hey guys,

I play FH2 for 4 years now and bought a new device. Installed vanilla bf2, patched to 1.5 and downloaded/installed FH2.

Problem: cant access multiplayer because i cant create an account. The "connecting to accountserver" is freezing or taking forever (Teddy bear is turning forever) and the game stops responding in Taskmngr.

I searched for solutions in this forum but didnt succeed yet (tried using the old profiles folder in users/documents/forgottenhp2 of my old PC where everything was working - it connects perfectly and multiplayer works on old pc).

I got no Firewall active, and it should not be a Internet issue since my FH2 Launcher can find the Server list (with number of players). Also the Account page at Launch detects nonexistent/double accounts.

I am desperate. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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