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New Update!! (CMP Berlin SP-Coop Support)

Hi Fh2 Community. After a long time, i made a new sp map. Now it's time to share with you. This SP support is for CMP Berlin. I hope you like it!

All layers:

CMP Berlin 64p
CMP Berlin 32p
CMP Berlin 16p

are SP-Coop supported.

All layers work fine. But also i would be happy, if you give me your feedbacks about the 64p layer.

Download Link for CMP Berlin:


Hi Fh2 community. I've been dealing with making navmeshes for Cmp pacific maps for a long time. Finally i share my work with you. This map pack contains three maps:

CMP Wake island: 64p, 32p and 16p
CMP Tarawa 16p only (64p and 32p layers of this map are buggy)
CMP Tulagi: 64p, 32p and 16p

All layers of the Wake island and Tulagi maps work fine. But I can't say the same things for tarawa 64p, tarawa 32p. In these maps, the bots cannot go to the shore. Also, the bots don’t want to use the lvt-2 (amphibious vehicle). I really don't know why. I made a lot of amphibious ai templates, but they didn't work. Pacific vehicles have AI templates in all three maps.
I hope someone more experienced can solve this problem and we will be able to play these layers. I don't think there is a problem with my navmeshes. I decided not to deal with navmeshing for a long time. Nowadays i’m too busy because of my job. I’m a medical doctor. So it is not easy to get too much free time to do sp things. I do all sp things voluntarily. I hope you enjoy this map pack.
Have a nice day.

Updated Download Link for CMP_PACIFIC_SP_Coop_Map_Pack:

Hi FH2 community. I have been dealing with making navmeshes for Ihantala and Tali maps for a long time. Apart from that, i’m also dealing with making  navmeshes for CMP pacific maps.
Unfortunately, the navmesh i've done for the Tali 64p layer did not work properly. It took 6 days to make a navmesh for Tali 64p. But despite many efforts, it didn't work properly. It was giving me an error that I didn't know exactly and couldn't figure out the reason.
The name of this error was "circular heritage" error. I do not know exactly how to fix this error. It would take me a week  to make  this navmesh  again. Also, even  if i do that navmesh again, there was no guarantee that it would work. I stopped making navmesh for  the Tali  64p layer  for a while. These troubles in Tali 64p prevented  me from making  navmesh for 64p  layers. . It is difficult to navmesh for maps that are very complicated, large and filled with numerous static objects such as Tali and Ihantala maps. Notice that desert maps are the best maps to make navmesh.
Then, instead of doing navmesh for 64 layers, I did navmeshes for both Tali and Ihantala 16p and 32p   layers. It only took me a day or two to do these navmeshes. Of course  i’m very happy to see that the navmeshes which  i’ve  done works very well. In a short time, I created the necessary AI files for these  layers. After testing these navmeshes for a week, I wanted to share them with you.
I will not do navmeshes for tali 64p and ihantala 64p layers. My next goal will be to make navmeshes for CMP pacific maps. I am currently making  navmeshes for Tarawa, Midway, Raid at cabanatuan as well as Berlin map too.

***I would be happy  if you give me feedback on these sp maps which i made.
Have fun…
Edit: Some new features and fixes added.

***Updated Download Link :

in singleplayer maps, you cannot repair vehicles anymore once they got destroyed. those vehicles vanishe permanently. why? it is   too weird. i guess those vehicles have a particular spawntime to respawn. can i fix those problems.

2.nd question: some sp maps are really different than multi ones. for example mount olypmus. do we have a chance to play multi maps as in singleplayer mod?

3.rd qestion: in some sp maps, the vehicles' locations are different multi ones. even in some maps at guns  dont exist. for example Labisey 64.

best regards  ;)

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