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OK, from prior post I have my newly-imported rifle up & running for coop play, and have added it the British Antitank Limited kit ( When I fire up the Lebisey map (which uses that kit), the Piat graphic that used to be there on the HUD in the ANTI TANK LIMITED kit selection "box" (on the spawnpoint selection screen) has been replaced with the new rifle graphic I created for it. Both weapons are there when I enter the game, but only the rifle shows up in the HUD on the spawnpoint screen.

Previously, I'd done virtually the identical same thing for the US - added an imported rifle to the US Antitank Assault Limited kit (, and both the rifle & bazooka display in the kit selection box on all the maps that use that kit. How do I get both my "new" rifle and the Piat to display the same way for the British Antitank kit?

Most of the other kits on that map show two of the items in the kit. I guess the real question is: What controls how many and/or what items are displayed in each kit's selection box? Comparing the US vs British .inc kit files hasn't given me a clue.

Thanks in advance!

Modding / How can I alter iron sight animation?
« on: 21-07-2018, 04:07:41 »
I'm far from an experienced modder - pretty much just modifying .tweak, .inc files, etc. I've managed to import a rifle weapon from another BF2 mod for our coop play, and all is working fine but for one annoyance: when you rotate right, left, up, or down, the rifle's aim point drifts off center. When you stop rotating, it takes like 3-4 seconds for the aim point to drift back to where it should. It's particularly noticeable using iron sights where it takes 3-4 seconds for the front & rear sights to re-align themselves (once you stop moving the rifle).

This seems abnormally long - especially given that when you first bring the iron sights up it only takes a second for them to align. Why would it take 4x as long to re-align the sights when you already have them up to your eye? I'd like to drop that timespan to 1 second or less.

It seems to be something in that weapon's animation, as none of the other original weapons do this. I've looked thru various animation files, hoping to find an animationManager.length I could tweak, and even tried removing various zoom animations in the & files, but nothing seems to have any effect. What kind of animation is this (i.e. what would it be called)? There's 'turnLeft', 'turnRight', etc, but it also happens looking up or down - almost as if it's tied to the mouse look function.

I don't have access to animation software to create my own, so I'm hoping there's a setting for this somewhere that obviously eludes me. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!  Thanks!

CORRECTION: Didn't word it correctly. I'd like to incorporate the ability to use permanent enemy weapons placements (machine gun nests, etc), and tanks. Is there a tweak/way to accomplish this?


Modding / Pointe du Hoc crashes 10 secs into gameplay
« on: 25-04-2018, 05:04:25 »
I've successfully(?) imported a G3 into the game as part of the US Antitank class. I've run thru a half dozen US levels with no apparent problems. However, Pointe du Hoc crashes to desktop anywhere from 5-15 seconds after spawning in. I'm running in windowed mode and there are no msgs. It's just gone. Doesn't seem to matter what I do or don't do. I've even taken my hands off of everything - just let my player spawn in and just stand there. Seconds later - CRASH.

This is in coop play.

It didn't do this before the G3, but I can't imagine what I would have done to cause this - especially since all the other levels play fine. I've run thru weapons, kits, init.con, tmp.con - who knows what else - until I'm numb. Initially there was one itemIndex conflict that crashed the load 20% into it. But that was resolved early on. There are a couple of grappling-hook-specific pickup kits that aren't in the other levels, but I can't find anything odd about them.

What would cause it to crash AFTER the level starts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Modding / Where does AntiTank Winchester shotgun come from??
« on: 14-04-2018, 20:04:47 »
Looked thru a dozen pages of posts, and did a search, but can't find this topic/problem.

I'm new to modding, and have successfully replaced a few weapons in some of the kits (i.e. m1903a1 with springfield03a4scope in, etc).

Wanted to replace Winchester shotgun in US AntiTank kits, so I looked in the init.con file for a few levels (Bastogne, Brest, Omaha) to see what AT kits they use. When I look in those AT kit inc files in they all list a Colt1911 (or some derivative). No shotgun in any of them. Yet in-game the AT class comes up with the Winchester Model 12. No pistol. All the other in-game AT weapons seem to match the kit inc - just not the Colt. There must be some kind of override going on(?), but I've looked every place I can think of and can't find it.

Including, but not limited to:

1. ClientArchives and within a level (where existed - Advance on Foy). Some additional kits were loaded via WaW archives, but no ATs.
2. tmp.con within the level
3. various other archives (common_client, common_server, objects_client, object_weapons_client, etc, etc)
4. the con & tweak files for the Colt1911 (and derivatives) and Winchester.

Some levels come up with the "correct" AT weapon list in-game (i.e. Eppeldorf), but they seem to use the UW_TankHunter_GarandGrenade kit as opposed to the UW_Antitankassault (and its derivatives).

I found a few grenade overrides ( in\Common, so I assume it's something similar, but nothing for a Winchester/shotgun that I can find. I even manually unpacked several archives so I could do a file-content search for the words "Winchester" or "shotgun" within the inc, con, & tweak files. "Winchester" pops up in a couple of UW_Pickup... kits, but otherwise nothing.

I'm at a loss. If anyone has any insight I'd GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks!!

Other notes: we play exclusively coop.

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