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12 hours ago i made a post on Battlefield's Reddit promoting Forgotten Hope 2. Saying how awesome this game can be, how different from the traditional WW2 Shooter is and of course, that is free.

Well in those 12 hours, my post got 8.2k views and 552 positive votes. Some popular comments agree that this is what Battlefield V should be. I linked the webpage link, Discord and a short video.

I'm not sure if all those 8.2k people read the whole post and downloaded the game, but you can expect a new wave of players coming to our game. What you guys think about this?

EDIT: 565 positive votes and 10.6k views. All under 13 hours.

FH2 Help / Support / Dealing with high ping
« on: 05-02-2018, 02:02:42 »
I'm from Colombia, my country it's located in the north of South America. All the servers have a ping between 180-230, not impossible to play but certainly hard and unfair, even the Latinoamerica server, which its host it's located in Brazil have 230 ping.

What i can do?

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