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Suggestions / Timeliness of the website.
« on: 06-10-2018, 11:10:09 »
Timeliness of the website.

I keep my fingers crossed that Battlefield V is also focusing on Forgotten Hope and your / we are gaining new players.

However the website links, with many partners left and links in the current on outdated contents. For many spontaneous and sporadic interested visitors it could give the impression that the mod is dead. What you are not god thank you.

Feedback on my part, it is subjective, may be the other the problems do not have.
In addition, it would be great if the Teamspeak server also directly linked would be visible. Was there often, but nobody was in the Forgotten Hope Channel when I checked in at the 762.
It would be good if the site could update or modify minor things until November to make it accessible to new and old interested people.

Thank you for your work and that you keep it alive.

See us on the battlefield.

Off-Topic / Presentation Pepinio aka Patrick
« on: 06-10-2018, 10:10:45 »
Presentation Pepinio aka Patrick

Hello soldiers

I rediscovered Forgotten Hope 2 earlier this year.
Sporadically I played it again and again, even for 1942.

But for some months it has captivated me and gives me a lot of pleasure. (Sometimes frustrating, but that's part of a good gaming experience)

Battlefield veteran since 2003, I saw Battlefield for the first time on a German TV show (NBC Giga Games). I was thrilled right from the start, huge battlefields and the opportunities to fight as an infantrist or at sea or in the air have impressed me a lot. I was most impressed by the fact that you could join together to clan and so could stand against each other in huge battles and with voice chat.
Since then, I've been on fire and Battlefield is my favorite franchise.
I joined a clan at Later Founded One and actively participated in a German official EA Community site for the game. I volunteered for It was a great time to get to know many like-minded people personally.

One of my best memories was attending a Battlefield 2 publishing event. It was the Battlefield Convention 2005 in Dortmund at an airport. There I was allowed to play Battlefield 2 for the first time. It was a unique and memorable experience among so many like-minded and crazy people to be able to play the game.
Over the years, I have always remained faithful to the series, with temporal interruptions.

Like many players, I did not like EA's new stock market course, and the changes that came with it, and the community changed over the years, which was completely understandable. Older people left the community with other younger stealers. But with Battlefield 3 I could not make friends and had deliberately avoided Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Have in the time always played the old titles mainly 1942 and Battlefield 2 and a Mods. Eve of Destruction and Forgotten Hope have always been my favorite maps. I also have special nostalgic reminiscences on the Road to Rome extension for 1942.

Over the years I have never really got over the Battlefield feeling of yesteryear, but you get older and have a glorified look at these beautiful memories.
Battlefield Heros and BFBC Battlefield Play for Free could only make me little wine mild.
It is sad from my point of view what has become of the series when I look at Battlefield V. I played Battlefield 1 actively again, but you do not have much to say about that, it just has no long term motivation, although it was ok but just too casual. My feelings are best described by a Youtuber Names Worthabuy in his video for Battlefield V, he's safe at my age.

So enough told. I am glad that there is an active community for Forgotten Hope 2. Hopefully the ww2 retro wave will bring some new players for this community, you deserve it.

I am 38 and from Germany and my school English skills are round. I hope you understand what I want to express.

I would be glad if one of the Battlefield veterans in Discord or Teamspeak or here in the forum in German would bring me up to date.

Looking forward to many beautiful battles with you and see you on the battlefield, even if the disappointing Battlefield V appears, I will continue to play FH2.

See you on the battlefield, say Pepinio

Suggestions / The loading music of the maps
« on: 06-10-2018, 10:10:54 »
The loading music of the maps is a great idea of you and a small but significant part for me. The music brings me into the mood of the past and makes you look forward to the battlefield.

On youtube there are a few videos, have also looked in the installtionsdatei.

My concern for this thread is, you could possibly change it so far that the default loading music is not that common anymore.

That's ok, but not great. I do not know exactly what your name is and on which maps this is played. If you do not know what I am talking about then I will pay attention to which map you play.

There is still so much historical music of all nationalities and fractions.

If this would be cooperative and willing to change, that would be great.

Either way, thanks for the great music recordings.

General / Thanks to all FH2 developers and modders
« on: 06-10-2018, 10:10:54 »
Thanks to all FH2 developers and modders of the present and the past  :)

I can not express how excited I am about your work.

Forgotten Hope, I have discovered again after a long time and I'm glad that there is still a team and an associated community.

Thank you for these authentic scenarios and the richly detailed game world.

I wish you that your work for a long time many players joy and you get the deserved recognition.

Thank you for many nice hours of play. :)

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