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I'm wanting to create some 16p & 32p layers for many of the existing maps which have co-op support, being that most of them are 64p only and my laptop can only handle around 44 bots. Also bots don't do too well with large complex maps + lots of vehicles, however they do quite well on infantry only maps. 
Before I get into it, is it necessary to generate entirely new navmeshes for making 32p & 16p layers on a map which only has 64p? Like, can I just draw a new combat area, create new strategic areas(, and new waypoints without worrying about the the AIPathfinding? 
Thanks everyone for the help.

Hi everyone. Just curious if there will be any Coop support on the new maps when the new update is released? I read through the changelog but wasn't sure if it would be listed there. I play Coop a lot primarily so I can do my own modifications, though my current laptop won't navmesh without crashing.

I've noticed an issue and I'm wondering if anyone else has had it as well and/or if there's a possible fix. 
When I change the overgrowth draw distance in Overgrowth.con it causes the overgrowth to be regenerated over the entire map. Practically every tree & such ends up in a different location. This is a problem because I end up with overgrowth in trenches, roads, and clipping thru other statics. Which I could work around that by simply removing each individual tree/whatever manually however since I'm working with Coop maps it causes the overgrowth to generate all inside the navmesh, and hundreds of random holes all over the navmesh where trees/overgrowth USED to be.
It makes no difference if I edit Overgrowth.con manually or do it in the Editor. Both have the same outcome. Even if it's only a 10m difference it relocates everything. Since my laptop generally sucks I must do everything I can to keep from wasting system resources which are imperative with many bots. Sammatus for instance has a view distance of 175m, Fog draw 175m, and Overgrowth draw 250m thus overgrowth is being rendered beyond what can be seen which I imagine wastes system resources. (The particular map is irrelevant, this occurs on *all* maps.)
Also for some reason I haven't been able to get the Navmesh program to work on my PC yet. I've spent hours trying to figure it out, but when I try to create a navmesh for a particular map it just won't do it. After I input mod:fh2 then map: (map name) it runs for a few lines, automatically opens BF2Editor, then crashes. The only error msg I've ever seen has been to do with GTS directories, which I have created, however they're just empty folders as I have nothing to put in them. I'm not sure if I need to create something in BF2Editor first like AI strategic areas or what, but I haven't quite mastered SinglePlayerEditor yet. Anyway, this means I cannot create a whole new navmesh to accommodate the overgrowth draw distance issue.
Has anyone else ever experienced this overgrowth issue?

Hi everyone. Looking thru the game files I notice some kits and whatnot for the French faction which I understand was scrapped. Such as the MAS 36. I'm wondering if anyone still has those files though? It's okay  if they need some coding tweaks or something, it would just save me a great deal of time from having to model/texture them. They're for my SP/Coop Volkssturm project which is progressing nicely :)

I'm working on porting a tank right now for my FH2 SP/Coop. I have mostly everything working perfect so far, but one thing I haven't been able to figure out are the tank sights. I have the driver & gunner cameras in the proper positions, using "Tank_GunnerCamera" however I'm unsure how exactly to implement a reticle overlay texture. Is this something that must be accomplished with 3dsMax/Maya?

Edit: Also why are "VCHelicopter" controls used for FH2's tanks?

Hi all. Just a question I'm a little curious about which I've seen with several of the artillery pieces. Take for example the 10.5cm LeFH 18, in the game files there is one named "lefh18" and another "lefh18_AI" which the coding is different between the two. I thumbed through the coding but haven't taken a very indepth look yet. What is the difference and reason between the two? Obviously it has something to do with AI of course, but will the AI simply not use the regular "lefh18"? It seems coded for AI though. Just curious about this for my own mapmaking reasons. 

Modding / CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 21-11-2017, 14:11:04 »
I'm trying to figure out a way to implement some of the CMP aircraft onto my own custom map loadouts. Namely the ME262 which I transferred the vehicle files over to the FH2 client/server vehicle archives, it does spawn in-game on my custom Seelow map however I get a CTD upon entry. Obviously I'm missing something. Has anyone ever done this?

I was reading in the 2.5/2.52 changes that the SP artillery spot time was raised from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. I play SP a lot, have always tried spotting for myself but always thought the spots expired very quickly. Well today I timed it with a stopwatch and it's still exactly 2 minutes. Having 5min would be great. Is it only specific maps? Which file is this data stored in so I can take a look at it for myself if possible?

Thanks everyone.

Modding / Making the 15.5cm GPF usable.
« on: 13-11-2017, 18:11:16 »
Canon de 155mm GPF 1917. WW1 era French artillery gun. When I first saw the render I was excited to try it out as it is a beautiful model & texture plus a very imposing looking gun. Of course I was disappointed to find out it only exists as an objective on Pointe du Hoc & cannot be fired. I searched the forums and found no reference as to how it could be made to fire, just a few people asking about it, so it has been one of my goals to make it fireable.
Anyway while looking through the game files I noticed that it is almost fully scripted as a player controlled object with animations, sounds, effects, camera spot position, artillery sights, etc. The gun recoils when fired, wheels turn when gun is rotated, and a shell ejects when reloading. Making it playable in-game is quite easy: .tweak file is missing the player entry point. I wrote up an entry point script, placed it on a map, and it works wonderfully. It is scripted as an anti-tank gun but has artillery sights which work fine when spotting. It's just equipped with a 155mm AP shell &155mm HE shell insteae of Direct/In-direct like an arty piece. Makes a nice explosion with those HE shells though.
 I'm going to do a little work on the sounds. It makes a pretty cool sounding report when fired that I've never heard before but the volume is rather low, thus I may make it louder or replace the sound altogether with a real 15.5cm GPF Firing. Also the wheels don't make that "gravel crunching" sound when rotated, no script exists for that so I will create one. Also the external camera position may need a little adjusting. I may or may not script it as an artillery piece instead of AT so it'll have the direct/in-direct fire capability but I haven't decided yet, I cannot remember if any of the other artillery use AP/HE with the artillery/mortar style long-range spot sights (I'm not sure the technical name for them). Furthermore I am not sure if it's scripted for AI use, when I get home later I am going to investigate this.
If anyone is like me & interested in having a playable 15.5cm GPF in their SP/Coop/3rd party MP then I'll certainly post up the player entry script for the .tweak file, or once I am finished tweaking the sounds, ai, camera position & such I can simply post up the whole .tweak file. You'll need to map it yourself as I believe it only exists in Pointe du Hoc. I'm actually creating 2 different variants, the first is entirely stock so not to affect MP play on Pointe du Hoc & the second is the modified usable one.
Ofc I'm not a professional dev by any means & won't claim to be. However I enjoy learning & can learn just nearly anything. I am currently creating a map of my farm as a learning project. It's approximately 2400m across, has various barns, houses, a stream, roads, hills, woods, etc. I do WW2 & US Civil War military reenactments here + a lot of shooting so it'll be fun to see it presented on in FH2 SP/Coop. Besides that my next goals are to create a deployable MG15, bring the Faustpatrone ingame, build my very first handweapon from the ground up, and create a Volkssturm soldier. Also I found out that the French Renault UE tankette & Somua S35 tanks are present in the game files & they both work perfect. Those will be fun being the Germans made extensive use of captured French equip. I have a whole pic collection of Germans using captured weapons/equipment. There is a French Hotchkiss H39 too but I get a CTD on entry, going to fix that. Ok ok, enough rambling. Getting the 15.5cm GPF working has made me happy for today :)

General Discussion / Faustpatrone still ingame?
« on: 12-11-2017, 02:11:20 »
Hi everyone. I've seen a few posts talking about using the Faustpatrone in previous versions of the game, it is present in the game files, but I've never actually seen it ingame. Is it available in 2.52?

Hi everyone. I've searched the forum here but did not find any particular result for this, curious which maps have the emplaced MG15? I've played all of the maps several times and have only ever seen it on Kidney Ridge in El Alamein. Does it exist on any western front maps? I've tried placing it in Seelow Heights (for SP/Coop, the MG15 is correct late-war) using BF2Editor however I've yet to figure out how to actually save an edited map as the editor is full of bugs/frequent crashes. Would love to see more of this great gun, interesting how the Germans converted aircraft MG's to be used with infantry. 
Also the main FH2 page lists the Captured T-34E 747(r) as being on Dukla Pass yet I've not once seen it on there. Was it not actually included in 2.52?

Hi, while watching Ts4Ever's Omaha Beach video on YT I realized each of the two concrete bunkers across from one another overlooking the road have an MG34 in each of them, while on my game these are missing. Were they removed at some point for balance purposes or is this just an issue with my game? These bunkers are basically useless without MG's. 
Thanks everyone.

Hello everyone. The VG 1-5 & VK-98 are my two top favorite weapons, and since they're only available on the Seelow Heights map I am curious if there's some sort of simple way to add these pickup kits to a few other FH2 maps? I know it wouldn't be entirely historically correct, just would enjoy using them more often. Thanks everyone for your time.

First I'd like to say I just discovered this game one week ago and it is Fantastic. I'm a WW2 era historian focusing on Germany, and the realism of this game is just so phenomenally awesome. Within reason of course, obviously a certain aspect of arcade is required being that it is a game. The highly realistic maps and the massive amount of historically correct vehicles + weapons makes this game really appeal to my interests. I love it. Few Examples: the Sturmgewehr 44 not being available in 1941; Heavy usage of bolt-action rifles; Having a limit on firearms such as the MP40 & other SMG's/MG's; The Gewehr 41 being reloaded with two 5rd stripper clips, etc. And my personal FAVORITE part of FH2 which I have never ever seen in any other FPS game is the inclusion of two rifles from the "Primitiv-Waffen-Programm" which was initiated by Adolf Hitler to manufacture guns for the Volkssturm. The two included in FH2 being the Volkssturmkarabiner VK98 and the Volkssturmgewehr VG 1-5. The VG 1-5 is my absolute top favorite gun ever in history, which is how I actually discovered FH2: searched on to see if there were any games which had it. Forgotten Hope 2 is the ONLY game featuring the VG 1-5, so I downloaded it and was ecstatic to discover the realism. Unfortunately the VK-98 & VG 1-5 are only available on Seelow Heights, would love to see them included elsewhere. (Possible to mod other maps to make it available?) The VK-98 actually isn't single-shot in real life, it has an internal 5rd magazine just like the Kar.98k only it doesn't have the steel floorplate. However even still I've been able to make some kills with it in Seelow :).   
I played BF2 multi back in 2005 as well as BF:1942, BF:Vietnam in '04, and the CoD games. I played BF:V more than any other game, in 2004 I was 14/15yrs old and it was such an amazing game at the time. Actually being able to drive/fly all the jeeps, tanks, boats, helicopters, planes, as well as some of my favorite guns namely the SKS which you never see in games. However WW2 era FPS type games have always been my favorite.
ANYWAY enough rambling, onto the couple of questions. First and most important, sometimes when playing the game will suddenly start to run VERY slowly, choppy and stuttering. Some maps are worse than others. Point Du Hoc for example is basically unplayable, Omaha Beach gets some lag but still playable, Seelow Heights and Invasion of Crete both work perfect. A lot of the time it happens while sprinting, up close explosions, etc. I play usually with 48 to 55 bots with a slightly uneven ratio giving the opposing team a 5 to 8 bot advantage. 65% difficulty (since I'm new). All graphics settings bare minimum, 70% view distance, 1280x720 resolution, audio is hardware/low quality/EAX on. Now my laptop does suck badly, I know that, if I could afford a better one Id buy it right now. Windows 8.1 64bit, Celeron N2830 Dual Core 2.16gHz (2.41gHz under load/while gaming), Intel HD Integrated Graphics, 4.00GB DDR3 RAM, HDD: Seagate 500gb 5400rpm SATA 6.0Gb/s 12ms Seek Time, Realtek HD Audio. I've removed all of the bloatware, themes disabled, literally nothing running in the background except the bare minimum windows services. I even close explorer.exe when playing FH2. I can run games like CoD: Modern Warfare 3 at maximum graphics settings w/no lag whatsoever. FH2 is really the only game that I have this issue with. Anyone have any possible tips or ideas to resolve this stuttering? I just found this a little bit ago, going to try it:

Next, on many of the maps most of bots really don't do much. They'll drive a tank out in the middle of nowhere then just sit there doing nothing. Some spawn & just stand idle. Now on the Seelow Heights map the Russians in particular seem very active & determined. Great map. However on other maps the bots don't do much at all. Any solutions to this? 
Final question, I've seen many YouTube videos of people playing Pacific maps with the Japanese on FH2? Is this some sort of mod? I searched for it but found nothing. Are there any other downloadable Eastern Front maps available such as the battle of Berlin? 
Thanks anyone who spent the time reading my post.

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