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It's your friendly neighborhood pyromaniac, Professor Anthrax here. I REALLY looked forward to Brest and Luttich when they'd be next on a map rotation for the chance to unleash some fiery goodness on my fellow players.

May I ask why it was removed? I know some might consider it overpowered, but honestly, this already seemed fairly well counterbalanced by the fact that the user had a 50/50 chance of incinerating themselves with it. So... what gives?

Us raging pyromaniacs need to have our fix too. Right now we can only get it on Pointe Du Hoc. PLEASE, PLEASE restore the flamethrower to these maps (and maybe add it to a couple others  ;D )

FH2 Thursdays have been a LONG time tradition(first on wolf and now on WAW) and they continue as awesome as ever. I have noticed recently that a new phenomenon is growing strong...FH2 Saturday nights on the WaW #1 server! Maybe because WaW campaigns lately have been on other games(PR, RO2) and US/Canada/'Western hemisphere in general' FH2 fans still need a low ping FH2 'fix' on that day.

People typically start wandering in around 8pm US eastern time and its really hopping soon after that. One difference I noticed from Thursdays it that Saturdays generally go later into the night...not as many of us have to get up for work Sunday morning as Friday.

So when those 762 admins have gone to bed and there's no one left over there to kick smacks, etc...come over to the WaW server for the new tradition of “FH2 Pubbie Saturday Nights”!

PS. I know Fridays have been regarded as 'the other night' for pubbie play on the WaW server...but for whatever reason they just haven't been happening much lately(if they were ever that big). So screw it...if people would rather play Saturday nights, then lets play Saturday! Play Thursday night, then get your drunken hedonism over with Friday nights, then get back on the server Saturday night.

PPS. WaW moved its servers from the western US to the East Coast not too long ago, so they will be fairly ping friendly for Europeans as well. So when your fellow Europeans have to quit playing for silliness like 'sleep' or whatever...come over to WaW to play into the wee hours of Sunday morning your time.

Thanks to Trexer over at WaW for finally getting the bleed bug on many of our favorite smaller maps fixed over at "WaW #1 2.45 RANKED" server.

I just loaded in to check many of our favorites that we haven't been able to play for a couple months now(seemed to have started when that 2.45a server hotfix came out) and they bleed normal now! I checked Bastogne 16 / Brest 16 / Goodwood 16, then I ran Eppeldorf 16 (a KOTH map) just to MAKE SURE that running a KOTH map and then re-running regular ones would not re-screw things up and it DIDN'T! Bastogne 32 and Port En Bessin 16 ran fine after Eppeldorf.

So unless it breaks again between now and this evening just to make a liar out of me...IT'S FIXED!!!

Of course we really want to get up to BIG maps too and we need lots of PEOPLE to do that(Yes...this means YOU!). Problem was with the bleed bug we could never get up to any sort of numbers to really enjoy the big maps. Now we can! So come one, Come All!

People usually start coming on around 8 pm US eastern time. If you only see a few players on the server early on, JOIN! It takes people joining in the beginning when there aren't already a lot of people on to GET MORE PEOPLE on and get big games going!

I have been playing this mod since 2.0 and this is the first time I have ever posted a thread in the suggestions section of the forum. I am one of those die hards who have helped keep this mod alive in the US by almost always making it to first wolf(and now WaW) Thursdays and WaW pubby Friday games. Overall I have found this mod EXCELLENT as it has developed over the years.

Giarabub 16 was AWESOME as it was and I wish it could be reverted back to how it was in 2.4 and before for the next release. In the 2.45 feedback thread in the "general discussion" section of the forum I suggested that if you wanted to make it into a King of the hill style map, then make the mosque the focus of the action. But PLEASE...don't even do that, Just completely "un-king of the hill" this map and make it back the way it was.

I (and I believe many others) loved it just as it was. The mosque fight was usually the most epic but it was nice having that added dynamic of fighting over the village too.

I did notice an occasional extra ladder and break in a wall here or there that might be ok and may have even enhanced it a little, but please return both flags where they were and the regular game mode tickets to this map. Please Please, Please!

This map had become almost a ritual(along with lebisey 16) when player numbers dropped on Wolf(R.I.P.) and now WaW Pubby play nights. Now its gone until this 'fixing' of something that was never broke gets rectified.

Hey guys. Things seem to be a little slow in FH2 land(long time between releases right now I guess) so thought I'd mention an exciting development in FH1. I still load up old bf42/FH1 every now and then(especially when I see PAVLOV!! is playing) and was STUNNED yesterday when I saw 128 player slots on the only remaining frequently occupied FH1 server(pixelfighter).

Even though the devs left bf42/FH1 long ago those pixelfighter guys have continued coming out with their own map packs over the years but this is something totally new for FH1.

Many might not be interested but just figured some folks might want to know about this. Being FH1 it's just a little difficult to test it since it's hard to ever get over 64 players playing it since SO MANY have permanently moved on from that game and mod(Did get over 40 yesterday though and it should only increase as word of this gets out). But figured this development might make some with an old bf42 CD laying around possibly want to re-install it again (and you can get the mod and their map packs from ( ).

They also have a texture and sound pack on their forums that is HIGHLY recommended as bf42 does look kinda fugly compared to BF2 (and especially compared to FH2). It can't work miracles(still doesn't look as good as FH2) but it at least brings the graphics up to a point where they don't distract from the game play for me(and lets face it - the game play has always been the main reason to play FH1).

I know I've talked up FH2 over the years while playing on pixelfighter and am probably responsible for several new FH2 players from FH1. Some seem to have some silly "rivalry" feeling between the two mods but I just see them as two different games I play, both of which having their fun points.

Today being a weekend day should be a good prospect for getting the server over 64 players to see how good this code works. And unlike this Soppa guy for FH2, the code that does this for FH1 has apparently been made freely available to the guys over at pixelfighter so none of this "only getting to play it once in a blue moon when someone feels like letting us" crap.

If so please SHOW UP for Wolf FH2 Thursday and WaW Pubby Friday this week! When the 2.4 release population bump died in the States it really DIED! We went from (what seemed like just 2 weeks ago) either WaW or Wolf being full EVERY NIGHT to this past Wolf Thursday hitting a high of only about 15 people  :'(

I'm guessing a lot of people were pulled away by school starting again and others for various reasons....but come on's just a couple nights a week. Let's keep this mod alive in this part of the world!

(Europeans welcome too but I assume you 'like' the ping of our servers about as much as we like it on yours.)

So report to Duty on Wolf this Thursday for some top flight fun and then take flight on Friday on WaW's custom naval/air maps on Friday(I assume they'll still be running those this Friday although I personally hope they'll be running the occasional old school map too?). They are fun maps but not when they're empty. PLAYERS NEEDED!

General Discussion / First Impressions of 2.25
« on: 08-01-2010, 20:01:07 »
I've only been playing about 15 minutes so far, but first thing I noticed is some sounds are much better. The sound of a plane flying overhead is SO GOOD now and the sound of the .50cal on the american halftrack is MUCH better now.

Today marks three weeks that FH 2.2 has been out. This is the funnest mod....forget mod...this is the funnest GAME I've ever played(with the possible exception of FH1). But their don't seem to be many  others in North America who feel that way. Over the past three weeks there have typically been 2 occupied US servers(frequently three – especially toward the beginning of the release) at any one time during prime evening playing times. This doesn't seem like any more than we had within the first few weeks of the 2.15 release. And if this is where it's at NOW with the initial release excitement still not fully worn off, I can only assume that in another month or so it will be back to just the occasional WaW Saturday campaign and Wolf FH2 Thursdays again; like the past several months with 2.15.

What happened? I thought Normandy was supposed to bring in droves of US players because the US army was FINALLY in the game. I know the mod had unfortunate release timing(just as the younger crowd were going back to school), but that doesn't seem to have upset the player numbers in Europe(I'm assuming school in Europe starts approximately around the same time as in the States?).

So what is it? Are we Americans just not as into mods? Do we change video games more quickly and so fewer Americans even have BF2 anymore? Do our students get more homework then European students so they just don't have time for this? Are we too fat and lazy to download a couple gigabytes of code that transforms BF2 into something wonderful?

I'm happy for you folks in Europe but I was really hoping Normandy would be a turning point for a permanent sustained US player base for this mod. But I can only assume that over time(as has happened with EVERY release) some players will drift off. It just doesn't seem all that likely that in 1-2 months there will still be 2-3 occupied US public FH2 servers each night if that's all there is now.

I know this is in NO WAY the devs fault. They produced an AWESOME mod and all people have to do to enjoy it is download and install it(hell, they even started a north american server...that rahn's whatever server, right after release). I guess I believed in all the pre-normandy hype on this forum and what it would do for the player base(particularly the US playerbase) and so I am kind of disappointed. I'm sure I'll still be able to catch games here and there over time; it's just unfortunate that such a well made and fun mod is not being enjoyed by more over on this side of the Atlantic.

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