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Gaming / Victoria II
« on: 17-07-2016, 10:07:51 »
I was wondering if anyone here plays Victoria II. I've recently started to play this game, choosing Brazil since from what I gather it is a good nation to learn the game.

I'm currently in the late 1860's and everything was going well for me until I got sphere'd by the USA. Now my economy is in shambles and I can't seem to refloat. I've had to do some massive cuts to my defence budget and I'd be hard pressed to take on anyting stronger than a third rate S. American nation. Also, for some reason I'm getting the Spanish Flu event every single year, which hampers my pop growth. I have researched the three colonial techs but still have only two of the three colonial inventions.

Assuming that the only possible way to get out of the USA's sphere of influence is becoming a Great Power, what would be a good way to do it?

For reference, here's my current empire:

I have all of Brazil's core regions + Panama + a colonial concession in West Morocco.

So, let me present my first mapping project, Neufchâtel.

*** Warning: completely irrelevant stuff. Read at your own risk.

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to learn mapping for FH2, but unfortunately didn't get very far. I couldn't get past how clunky it seemed compared to the CoH Worldbuilder. However, now that enough time has passed that I don't remember a thing about CoH mapping anyway, I've found renewed strengh to face the harsh mistress that I've been told the BF2 Editor is.

I've always wanted to see the 1940 Battle of France campaign in this mod, but as I understand the devs have other priorities. So, applying the age old: "If you want something done, do it yourself", I set my sights towards finding a 1940 scenario that would be simple enough for me to do while also being interesting.

After considering various scenarios, like Montcornet (ditched because I felt the battle itself wasn't very intresting, and probably too small for FH2's scale) and Abbeville (ditched because I'm too inexpirienced to make a fun map out of the terrain around Mont Caubert), I decided to do Neufchâtel.

*** Irrelevant stuff ends here.

Now for the actual map.

The Battle of Neufchâtel took place the 22nd of May 1940. After the allied forces in Belgium and northern France had been surrounded during Fall Gelb, the 2nd Panzer Division was assigned with the capture of one of the 3 channel ports in the pocket: Boulogne. One Kampfgruppe approached the city from the south, eventually reaching the crossroads town of Neufchâtel, where the french troops, lacking any AT-mines, had erected some barricades and emplaced 8 AT guns in order to slow down the panzers and allow the evacuation to proceed.

I based my map off this sketch from an edition of "Les dossiers de l'histoire boulonnaise".


This is the layout that I had in mind for the map. Flag positions are only orientative.


The playable area fits within a 1kmx1km box. Would it be adequate to do a 1:1 scale map? Or would it be too ambitious for someone who's just getting started? Tedium and hard work don't scare me, but I want to keep my expectations realistic.


Another thing that worries me is the distance between flags. Can any experienced mapper tell me what distances work best? I want to avoid frustrating players by making them play a walking simulator instead of an FPS.


I'd be really grateful for any criticism. I know that this project has small chances of ever being finished, but if I have to fuck it up I'd rather do that in the editor than in the planning stage. In my opinion, a badly executed idea can be eventually fixed and polished, but a bad idea can't be patched together no matter how hard you try.

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