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Bug Reporting / American Panther spotted!
« on: 04-11-2017, 19:11:53 »
I am not sure if this was a bug or a hack. I was playing on the german side here and an enemy was driving around in a panther. I don't know if it only looked like a panther or if it really was one.

Hi there!

A couple of month ago I bought the Soundblaster-Z. Since then I sometimes have troubles with the sound.
When I set the settings to "Creative X-Fi" and EAX on, I get a permanent strong reverb effect ingame. It sounds like playing in a cathedral all the time and the sounds come from all 5 speakers at the same time.
When I switch from "Creative X-Fi" to "Hardware" the reverb effect is gone and everything sounds normal, but then I only get stereo sound. Another strange thing is, that it worked yesterday (with X-Fi setting) but today it suddenly has the reverb effect again.  ???
My speaker setting in windows is 5.1. 
Had anybody else this problem? Should I change any of the config files manualy? If so, which one?

Off-Topic / How can I record multichannel game-sound?
« on: 10-12-2012, 22:12:59 »
Hi dudes...

I want to record the multi-channel sound (at least 5.1) that I hear when I play FH2. Is that possible and if yes, do you know any free or unfree software that will do this?
A quick google search did not yield any results so I thought the video recording guys here might know the answer.
I want to do this so I can directly compare between diffrent driver and speaker settings and maybe post the results here in the forums.

Your help will be apreciated

I tried Fraps, but the sound on the videos does not work. In stereo mode it is just silent and with the multi-channel button checked I VLC-player gives me an error message.

Community Polls / The Comunity Hardware Poll
« on: 19-08-2010, 20:08:19 »
I am interested in the average graphics-hardware of the community members. If it turns out that we have a high average one could think about increasing minimum specifications and increase the details/view distance of the maps.

How to vote:

You have two votes. First pick your hardware series. Then choose how much memory your graphic card has. If you don't have exactly the given amount of memory, round to the nearest one that is given.
I know that this is only a rough survey, but it should be enough.

Cheers Knitschi!

Modding / Max viewdistance?
« on: 13-08-2010, 16:08:44 »
4 km snow/nightmap
2km viewdistance
no lag
based on real terrain
lots of new statics and vehicle textures just for this map

How do you set the viewDistance to 2km?

Modding / How to load custom overgrowth from the map folder?
« on: 28-02-2010, 15:02:40 »
This is what I did:

-Exported the Tree to fh2/objects/vegitation/beech_autumn_20m_forest_1
-placed the tree in the map
-Made a folder fh2/levels/mymap/objects/vegitation/beech_autumn_20m_forest_1
-Copied all the exported object files into this folder
-Changed init.con by adding the line
Code: [Select]
run Objects\vegitation\beech_autumn_20m_forest_1\beech_autumn_20m_forest_1.con
- Copied the map to my unchanged fh2 folder and fired it up

-> Map crashes while loading collisson with error:

When I do exactly the same with a cube that is a static and put it in the folder fh2/levels/mymap/objects/staticobjects/cube and add the line
Code: [Select]
run Objects\staticobjects\cube\cube.con to the init.con it works!

So does anyone know what other files I have to change to get my tree running as overgrowth?

Yeah I know "don't ask what the devs can do for you, ask what you can do for the devs" but I just want a few hints here.

I am still trying to make my first tree and I have come quite far but there is a final problem. I have to render the lod0 textures for the two crossed planes which will be seen at large distances. The Problem is, that I am very unexperienced in 3dsmax and I don't know how to set up the scene to make a good render. I followed these steps in the "How to create a bunker" tutorial to make the tree look like it will look in bf2

but if you want to see what your multilayered shader looks like, do the following:
•   In the Material Editor, click on any unused shader slot.
•   Click on the button labeled “Standard” like before, and this time choose “DirectX 9 Shader”.
•   In the “DirectX 9 Shader” rollout section, there will be a button labeled with a path like “C:\3dsmax7\maps\fx\Default.fx”. Click on this button and choose “BF2_StaticMesh_A.fx” in this window that pops up. You should now see a list of texture channels similar to before.
•   Click the button labeled “None” next to “Color” and select “” the same as you did before.
•   Do the same for “Detail”, choosing “
•   Finally, do this again for “NDetail no-preview”, choosing “”.
•   Assign this new shader to the “My_Bunker” mesh. You should now see something similar to the following:

but what I get in the viewport is this:

But ingame the tree looks like this:

The materials and the renderer have a lot of options and I don't know what to choose to make it work.

So can please anybody who has done this before tell me what I have to do to get a good render of the tree that looks like the tree ingame. Is it possible to get a render which already has the correct alpha channel.
Yesterday I worked around this problem by simply taking a screenshot of the tree in the objecteditor but with this method it is hard to get the proper camera position and you have to make the alpha channel by yourself and I don't know how this is done to get a good result. ATM the lods don't realy fit to each other when blending over like it can be seen here.

Your help would be appreciated  :-*  ;D

Modding / Still got problems with textures
« on: 10-12-2009, 14:12:54 »
I got the problem that the small branches on my tree, which are made with planes and alpha channel, desaturate on larger distances. The problem is hard to describe so I made some screenshots. On the left hand side is my tree, the other is a fh2 tree. On the upper right side of my tree, the branches are kind of white.

If you zoom in you can see that they have a white edge around them. I think that this happens only in areas where the lightning is bright.

as there are no such edges in the lower left area of the tree, where the branches are darker.

The FH2 tree does not show these artefacts.

This looks bad from the distance and ingame it looks even worse.

I use a DXT 5 interpolated alpha texture with mipmaps in the color slot of the static mesh material.

What exactly is used by the fh2 trees?
Do I have to consider something special for the lightmap samples or something else about lightning I dont know yet?

Modding / Problems with making new mod.
« on: 22-11-2009, 15:11:25 »
Its me again  :-[

I realised that my fh2 crashes when I want to join a public server and I have my own objects in the fh2 zip files. To avoid this problem I wanted to make a new mod with all the fh2 content with wich I can mess around without affecting my ability of playing the game.
I tried to follow this tutorial

but the window where you can load the content into the mod looks completly different at my machine:

notice that i can not see the boxes and that there is no "load parent mod" option as it is in this picture from the tutorial.

What is wrong with my windows and is there a way to make a new mod with the fh2 content without using the editor?

I followed this tutorial for modeling a tree, which sir apple recommended a few month ago:

I also browsed through the textures folder and saw that you have all tree-bark textures in one file and the leave-textures in seperate ones.

-Why do you do this? Has probably something to do with toddels beloved draw-calls  ::).

-How can I assign two different materials/textures to one mesh in 3ds-max in order to do it in the same way? Are there any tutorials for max out there which show how to do it?

-How can I tile a small part of a texture as this is needed for the bark texture? I normaly do this by having the uv-maps bigger than the texture. But with the bark texture you have in the western europe vegetation folder this would result in having all barks on the tree  ???

Modding / Selfmade object has no texture
« on: 15-11-2009, 14:11:55 »
I made a custom static object and imported it to fh 2. The problem is, that it has no texture. Not in the editor nor ingame. I made a colormap, detailmap and a normalmap.

-At which point in the process of exporting from 3ds-max did i make a mistake?

-Is the directory I set in the materials settings for the textures the final directory where the game will search for the textures?

-What settings do I have to choose when converting the textures into .dds files?

This is annoying because I managed to make it work a couple of month ago, but I dont know what I did different back than.

FH2 Help / Support / Debug assertion failed!
« on: 22-08-2009, 12:08:01 »
I don't know what I did wrong to my system but latterly I get the following error message after loading a map with crash to desktop:

When I played a week ago everything was fine.  :-\

Does anybody know the problem or does it mean another reinstall of battlefield and fh2 ?

vanilla is still working btw.

Modding / Tools for generating trees ?
« on: 03-08-2009, 18:08:10 »
I face the problem that I have to model some trees for my map project. In order to save time I want to make them with a tree generation tool.

So far I found the following programs and plugins:

Free software:

Name:required 3D software:
TreeGenerator v1.2   stand alone
gen3blender script
tree maker3ds max

Proprietary software:

Name:required 3D software:
natFX3ds max
XFrogMaya, Cinema 4D
TreeGenerator v2.0stand alone
Easy Tree Generator   stand alone
OnyxTreestand alone, 3ds max
SpeedTree3ds max
vue73ds max, Cinema 4D
tree factory3ds max

As you can see I found only very few free programs. Do you know others than the ones I mentioned? Please post both, free and proprietary.

Modding / Guidline for statics (polycount, texturesize) ?
« on: 03-08-2009, 13:08:23 »
I searched the modding section and fenrings tutorials for a guidline for statics but couldn't find any. Though I think I remember that I read something about this somwhere (maybe in the old forum?).

I would like to know:

-How many polys do you use for statics of diffrent sizes, for example houses, trees, small things like furniture...
-What texture sizes are recommended for the different textures like colormap, detailmap, lowdetailmap...

I know I could examine some of your content to find it out, but this will take alot of time. I hope you have the figures in mind so you can post them here in a few minutes.
It would be nice if you could add a small "tutorial" like the mapping standards on fenrings page. It just had to be a few lines long with the basic information.

I would be very grateful  :)

Off-Topic / Woohooo first static ingame!
« on: 02-08-2009, 22:08:00 »
After a bitter struggle I finally managed to get my first static ingame!  ;D

Now its only a stone's throw to WORLDDOMINION!  8)

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