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Suggestions / Tank numbers
« on: 03-04-2016, 07:04:43 »
Let 1 server infantry if someone is like shooting from rifles and machine guns - the cards will be exclusively 16 .
A 2 server specifically for ground and aerial battles with tanks and aircraft. And good would be if instead of 5-6 tanks and 2-3 aircraft on the cards would be 20 tanks and airplanes 8-10 on each side . That would be the drive and adrenaline in the game ..

If people read the description of the game , download the game that would play it for tank driver or pilot, but in fact 90 percent of the game he has to run around with a gun , it is not good. Let then warned that the technology on the cards a little and not enough at all . Or let it be in the game CS - retook the fight well earned points , you can in the next battle to buy a tank or plane .

Suggestions / Maps FH2.51 Eastern front
« on: 01-04-2016, 08:04:34 »
Hello. Sorry for my bad english . I have a suggestion. Please do so , what would when downloading maps with the Red Army Soviet songs sounded . For example like this:

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