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Suggestions / Info for coders, devs, skinners...
« on: 12-03-2016, 03:03:19 »
Hello everyone.

What a great job everyone is doing in this community! So, I would like to share some useful links in the web worth a visit. - Color profiles of a huge range of WW2 vehicles, tanks, planes. - Complete articles about tanks from all eras, including a respectable arsenal from WW2. The infos are almost the same of Wikipedia, but the color profiles are the best around! - Articles about Soviet and Lend-Lease equipment used in the Eastern Front. Lots of drawings and interesting information. - From the same author, covering German equipment.

Probably, some of them can be already known, but always good to be sure... ;)

Hope it helps. Best regards,


General Discussion / Rearm... How?
« on: 12-03-2016, 03:03:23 »
Hello everybody.

Question: is it possible to rearm a AFV during gameplay? If yes, how can I do it?

Thanks in advance.

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