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762 has a beautiful website - link.

Do other servers have anything like it? Currently, [Russian Hope]RANKED #1 FH2.55 [100p] is the most populated, are the stats from it going to be lost?

General Discussion / A hilarious mistake on the website
« on: 17-01-2018, 03:01:17 »
The Alpenfestung page says Germans have aircraft called Sturmpanzer IV "Brummb?r" and Type 95 Kurogane "Black Medal".

Both are not aircraft, and one is not even German lol.

They have to be changed to Arado Ar-234 and Messerschmitt Me-163.

There are two proper air war maps in FH2, namely, CMP Battle of Britain and CMP Bombing the Reich. By that I mean they are completely centred around aerial warfare where one side's planes come to bomb the enemy's targets, and the enemy fighters get off the airfields to challenge them, and face the escort fighters, and that's all accompanied by the tracer rounds from the ground (and even sea-based!) anti-air guns!

Why are such maps so rare and seemingly unpopular? Do people hate flying? Does it become boring too fast? Are they imbalanced in favour of some particular side?

After all, I can't even name a computer game that captures this fantasy! The closest is War Thunder, but it can't be compared with its pitiful 24 or 32 player maps! And with its disgusting 3d person view. FH2 is 1st person and it can support 80, 90, even 100 people on the server! It's incontestable, yet these maps barely see play! Why?

Some epic moments from BoB and BtR (FH1). And the tracer rounds going into the night sky!

And what is it like? Just a few minutes ago, I have loaded the map after one crash, and it ended, so I didn't even see what it looked like. There was a tropical (!) island in the background, however. The map has no description and no images, and the music is from vanilla BF2.

Has nobody ever played on it at all, even in coop? Is it being developed? Is it going to feature flaying saucers and all the American ships? And lizard Hitler?

Currently, the Longues-sur-Mer is on the rotation of the coop server, yet I don't have it.

General Discussion / What is the "Filmpark" server?
« on: 16-01-2017, 00:01:05 »
Currently, in the list there is some server called "Filmpark". What is it? It seems like another ranked? I can't join it though.

Why am I getting this message, exclusively on the #2 server? Am I banned? I can play on the CMP server, however, so I have no idea.

Why do folks from FH 0.7 and FHSW seem to hate each other? As least, I got such an impression from asking both of their communities about the other. I know, they might be unwilling to start a shitstorm (that might ruin them), but is there a base for such a defensive position (I got a [harmless] infraction on Pixel-Fighter, and on FHSW people joked that their mod was much better)? Was there some drama between them?

Again, I have no stake in this, it just interests me as they seem to be sister modifications that could coexist peacefully. And they both have value.

P.S. Can someone explain what the differences between FH 0.7 and FHSW are at all? The latter's VK page says it was developed by the Japanese modders, is that true? As far as I saw, they have a lot of new maps and vehicles, but they crash more often?

Also, is the FHSW mod based in part on the addon to vanilla BF 1942 with a similar name, whereas Forgotten Hope came earlier?

General Discussion / I'm hyped, What's about you?
« on: 27-11-2016, 19:11:34 »
"New News in 4 Minutes 34 Seconds"

This is gonna be big! Get hyped everybody!

Tactics & Tutorials / How to attack on large Africa maps?
« on: 07-07-2016, 20:07:55 »
How to attack on large Africa maps such as Sidi Rezegh? There is barely any cover along the way, and the enemy has the advantage of a well-defended position. Should you slowly advance in APCs along the map edge with the tank and artillery support? Any suggestions?

I've seen this announcement. It mentions Forgotten Honor. As far as I checked, it operates on FH 1, not FH 0.7? Are there two legitimate versions of this mode? Why does FH 0.7 get updates whereas FH 1, supposedly newer one, is abandoned? Or is it just the ModDB page that sees no development? Which one has more players? What is their history, is it one project that got divided?

I'm confused. I've thought there only are two FH 1942 servers in the world, Pixel Fighter and the Japanese one.

General / Will the website be updated?
« on: 04-01-2016, 03:01:33 »
Here, it should be "Armies" instead of "Armys".

Also, will the new maps be added to the database? Will the new sections be added such as for the Pacific theatre of war? Will the maps of the Italian front be combined with North Africa? Where will you put FHT Catania? An will you add Me 262 to the list of German vehicles?

General / Planes take off too fast
« on: 04-01-2016, 02:01:32 »
Planes take off too fast. It takes less than three seconds. Is this an engine limitation or something you agreed upon? Even vanilla Battlefield 1942 got it closer to reality with at least six seconds. And in that game planes on the ground move far slower and are harder to control and take off again than in Forgotten Hope 2.

I believe, it also effects maneuverability. It is too high. Even Me 262, which in Forgotten Hope 0.7 is difficult to control, is overpowered here with both speed and insane maneuverability to boot.

I had been playing Forgotten Hope 0.7 for a year up til this September. Since then, when I use my PFC Toolbox, it either crashes to desktop after some seconds, or the game actually loads to 20-80% and then crashes. I run it in Windows 98 compatibility mode both for PFC Toolbox and BF1942.exe, I reinstalled Battlefield 1942 and PFC Toolbox, changed the folder from Program Files (x86) to C: but to no avail. I tried disabling both antivirus and firewall. I run Windows 7 and had no problems til this September. Could you please help?

Where can I find maps such as PMC Midway? FH 2 launcher doesn't install them. I can't find links to any mappacks whatsoever. Could you please help me?

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