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Modding / Problem with Mg42bipod
« on: 23-10-2016, 16:10:45 »
Hello mates..
i am trying to use mg_42 bipod in vannila bf2 for my personal use as i am making a map..but it gives this error shown in attachment below

what's causing this error and how to solve it??? thanks!

Modding / what are unstrategic areas in CP option?
« on: 16-10-2016, 18:10:10 »
I was wondering that what is Unstrategic CP checkbox in CP properties? and what does it do?

Modding / Help on bf2 ai
« on: 26-04-2016, 09:04:32 »
I have almost finished making a D'Day map for bf2...
all mg's set,obstacles set,bunkers set,Navmesh set...
but when i play the game the AI dont even Touch the mg's and keeps firing with their Hand rifles!!
I have played D'day map for Fh2 v1.5  ------>

In this map the AI sticks to the mgs no matter what! but mine just leaves them even if i set "Enter on spawn"

Please guys tell me how can i make the AI to stick with mg's...i have spent  more than 6 months in this map!! so please reply!

Modding / BF2 TRICKING ME!!!! HELP! :(
« on: 28-03-2016, 16:03:50 »
Hi again forum mates..
I made a map
Added statics
Added gameplayobjects
Added CP's (Obviously)
Generated navmesh
Edited navmesh
Ran the map
The map ran perfectly!

But there are no statics in my map!!  :-[
I checked statocobjects.con
Its perfect....the editor shows the statics
The navmesh is also generated according to statics
But the game loads up with no statics!!
I have downloaded some new statics and put them in the objects folder that i extracted from objects client and server
I took them from that...
But the map loads without any statics!!
Help please!!! ??? :'( :-\

Modding / A question about ESAI
« on: 24-03-2016, 19:03:43 »
I know that this may not be the right forum to ask this but its roaming in my head since weeks..

I saw a "grabneutrals" script in ESAI folder...
So i just wanted to know what that script does??
Does it allows bots to quickly grab the stationary weapons???


Modding / A question about ESAI
« on: 16-12-2015, 13:12:31 »
as we know that fh2 uses an imbuilt ESAI plugin...
i played vbf2 with bots and bots were like DOMBO!!---

they didnt even grab the stationary weapons..

and playing fh2 with bots was AWESOME!!

and i noted that bots were eager to grab the stationary weapons..

so is that a script in the ESAI plugin?? where bots grab stationary weapons..

Modding / need urgent help
« on: 07-12-2015, 10:12:05 »
as I have posted here many times and have also mentioned that I have merged bf2 and fh2 till certain extent like weapons , vehicles,  statics , effects , common client

I created a map using these items and I have also used static weapons and static sounds

but when I generate gts data the editor shows this and crashes

"Ignored warning physics : "

what the hell to do now??

is there a problem with gameplay objects ?? or any other things.....

help please

Modding / bf2 editor error
« on: 05-12-2015, 10:12:52 »
i was generating gts data for a map then suddenpy this error appeared..

ignored warning physics :

and then the editor crashes

any fix?

Modding / two questions about modding
« on: 01-12-2015, 18:12:49 »
hello i was having questions about modding fh2 so here are they...

1) i merged the fh2 and vanilla bf2 mods FOR MY PERSONAL USE......i merged the vehicles weapons ana statics and now i want to merge the teams/ armies so how can i do it???? HELP ME AND ITS FOR MY PERSONAL USE

2) as i merged the mods now i started mapping with i made a beach assault map similar to Omaha beach.....but by a mistake.....i made the cliff and tye Bunker somewhat far from the beach...where the Lcvp is gonna land so they are now visible from is there a way to increase the view distance  so that the soldiers will be visible???

please answer these questions as they ate important for me  and yes THEY ARE FOR MY PERSONAL USE!!


Modding / custom map please "!!!
« on: 28-11-2015, 17:11:16 »
i am mapping for vbf2 since long...
i downloaded fh2 and started mapping for it

so i made a quick sp map....with minor details and navmeshed it.......

but it crashed so i ran windowed mod....but there was no i ran debugger and found that ├▒avmesh had more than 1 island to i edited it and started the map

now it loaded till spawn screen but i cant see kits for selection and would crash if i spawn without any kits

i suspected debugger for that glitch so i made a new sp profile but still the same

even the kit dialog in the editor in level settings is empty and it won't show me kits for soldiers...

so please help me.

Modding / changing the shaders client
« on: 23-11-2015, 15:11:50 »
i am a great fh2 fan
i played fh2 earlier without any lag
but yesterday when i installed fh2 i suffered from heavy lag!!
so i changed the with the bf2's original one   (thinking that with that i might be able to play smoothly as i can play bf2)
but when i played the game in sp the whole game was black and white-!!!!

can someone explain me why??  :/

FH2 Help / Support / lag problem
« on: 22-11-2015, 06:11:58 »
hello guys..

i am new to fh2

i installed and decided first to play it on high setings with 80 bots


so i decided to play on lowest settings


so i decided to play with 40 bots

but it also lagged!! :(

my specs : intel core i3 2.13 ghz
                    3gb ram....directx 12
                    intel graphics 64 mb
 yup i know my graphic card is low but i can play    COD black ops on medium settings  like butter-!!  so why not fh2??

:(    HELP PLEASE  :(

FH2 Help / Support / FH2 startup please !!
« on: 21-11-2015, 07:11:20 »
i installed fh2.....
but when i start shows an error : dice_py.dll is missing

i also reinstalled the game 2-3 times but still the same-- :(

i installed it on the same directory of bf2

i also have the cd version of bf2

i am a HUGE FAN of fh2 so please help me dudes--!!!


General Discussion / A link for a map?
« on: 20-11-2015, 18:11:16 »
excuse me guys......

i am new to fh2

i heard that there is an omaha beach map for fh2 (2.45)

so where can i found it?

i searched the internet like hell but couldnt found

so please tell me any links
or please be so kind to upload the map on mediafire or etc.....and send me the link...

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