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Bug Reporting / Flying crash
« on: 22-07-2011, 17:07:29 »
Constant crash to desktop when flying , didnt happen before patch. All graphics drivers in order. Only happens in plane.

A very quick crash to desktop with no message or delay blackscreen or anything. Its literally a snap to desktop and the process has finished at the same time. Sort of like an alt tab but the program is gone.

Suggestions / Air invasion
« on: 19-03-2011, 13:03:58 »
Is it possible to make a map with germans protecting points around the map and allies spawning randomly around the map and parashooting down?

If this could be done I think a map at night in normandy or mabye even the netherlands (even though most para drops were during the day), would be very exciting.

Imagine the scene in Band of brothers where they are all lost , you check your map try to evade enemies and make it to friendly pockets. It would make for some intense gameplay. The night time atmosphere would make it even more spooky (could be full moon for some visibility).

It reminds me almost of the old Medal of honour game first mission , I think it was spearhead or allied assault.

In any case I think this has to be done if possible  ;D

Suggestions / AT rifles
« on: 21-08-2010, 20:08:17 »
Love the mod , excellent work. My brother and I got it at the same time and when we met afterwards I asked him what do you think of it. We both replied we couldnt believe this mod hasnt been picked up by professional developers or EA. Anyway , I have a problem with the AT rifles.
Other than the soft skinned vehicles and the vickers tank I have had major trouble using it effectually against any targets (dont get me started on crusaders) .
Now I know the AT rifle was a niche weapon which offered about 19mm penetration from 100 yards on a flat surface but it had greater penetration at close ranger.
I just raged in-game , because , I flanked two pnzr 3 ausf j's in a willy as brit AT. I thought nice this is at least one kill. So I take out sticky nades , remembering the pnzr 3 ausf j has weaker side armor I chuck one on the side of the first pnzr 3 and run towards the second pnzr 3 expecting the first to die instantly. The second pnzr drives off not noticing whats happening so I turn around and the first one survives the sticky nade.
Ok fine Im thinking im about 20 yards away and he cant see me , I hit him twice in the side with AT rifle. Nothing no hits registered. Thinking this must be a glitch I move closer and around the back , I fire the next 3 rounds into the back with it and nothing. Reload moving closer , about 8 yards away I fire 2 more at the back , one at the track , one at the side and one at the cupola , thinking mabye the cupola is weak. At this stage Im just like : WTF !!!11!1!!1
So I change back to sticky nades and he finally notices me and kills me before I throw it.

I know this is a long thread so sorry but Im just wondering what the hell was that , and suggesting the AT rifle have a slight buff because I would consider myself a decent player but am yet to kill anything bigger than a pnzr 2 with AT rifle. It reflects reality too because at that close and shooting rear exhausts or tracks would be damaging at least.

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