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Off-Topic / What gun is that?
« on: 03-10-2020, 10:10:29 »
Hey Folks, I was watching Mark Feltons Production Videos about Stalingrad and stumbled upon a strange gun shown in a short clip in the movie.

It can be seen at Minute 12:07 as one guy is loading a "hand grenade" in what looks like a 19th century gun
and it also can be seen, being pulled at around 14:02

Any Ideas what that is?

General Discussion / Irishforce´ll be back
« on: 20-12-2013, 12:12:23 »
Hey guys whats up !

Almost one year passed by without me playing with you and vice versa.

So here is an oportunity to join my squad Irishforce from 25 or 26th to 29th DEcember !

I hope to see some of the old Faces that may missed me - and that fh2 is not dead yet.

Hetzenhauer you still play?

See you next week !

Off-Topic / Geographer around the world unite !
« on: 13-11-2012, 14:11:03 »
Just wanted to know if there are any other geographer / or geographic students here.
May we could share ideas, information ect to rise our knowdledge.

Off-Topic / PC Problem
« on: 11-09-2012, 11:09:53 »
So since yesterday my PC starts lagging all the time. During FH2 when I press Enter or Page up ect it does nothing for the next 30 secs.
Also alt Tab ect is slow.
When starting the pc up it also takes long, and when destop is here it says "windows now uses normal mod as there is not enough memory".(instead of aero)

AMDFX6100sixcore 3.GHz
6GB Ram
A;3+AUsUs M5a99x Evo Mainboard
ARX500Watt Basiq BP500 bulk
Sapphire Radeon HD 6790 Lite retail 1GB

Also Internet makes problem as it cant connect the last 2 starts ups automatic. needed to do the "search for problem" and then it was fixed.

Whats broken? I hope its the mainboard and not the Ram as I could bring the mainboard back to shop

Off-Topic / Trip to Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg -
« on: 30-08-2012, 19:08:31 »
So in 2 weeks Im starting my 10 days trip to Moscow and St Petersburg.
First Im 4 days in Moscow- with all the sightseeing stuff planned and then Im going to Petersburg per train, visiting all the stuff there. In addition Im going to Sergey Possad - a monastery in the golden ring, and to the catherinepalace south of Petersburg.
Everyday there is programm from the tour and the afternoons are free.

Any ideas what to do? Recommendations, tipps, saftey issues ect very welcome :)

Off-Topic / breaking news: possible plane hijack -
« on: 29-08-2012, 15:08:58 »

mh hope everyone stays save and it is just a hugh misunderstanding.

Off-Topic / ID this Dragon's teeth
« on: 30-04-2012, 19:04:46 »
can someone identify the dragon teeth in the middle?

the 2nd sort of the concrete ones

Off-Topic / Civil war Europe
« on: 31-01-2012, 12:01:23 »
Are you prepared for a civil war in europe?
For example: Greece totaly collapses - Euro is not worth a penny anymore - and a bread will cost 100.000€ Like in Germany 1923 -
Many things can happen - and might happen. Studies say that after 3 days of riots the police will not be able to controll the cities anymore - I doubt they hold for 3 days- just look what happend in Paris, the England riots this summer - or the everyyear 1May clashes in Berlin. And I dont trust the military either- 30.000 men for 8 Million people pff -
Are you prepared?

I for my self have a 20L gas tank to drive from the city I live atm to the Vienna where my family lives -
I have enough food for 10 days - mostly can food.
I have 200€ in 5€ notes as shops maybe dont give you any money back.

Off-Topic / google earth
« on: 31-01-2012, 01:01:12 »
Anyone noticed some changed at GE?
Take Paris for example. It has different / older? photos then half a year ago. During the time I planned my interrail trip in May 2011 I justed a lot of GE. And now it has total different pics inside, but it says 2008 on so many places.
Also Normandy pics have clowds now - Port en Bessin is really bright while I remeber it as bluish -
Also the southwest Part of England is total covered in clowds - which was not here yesterday - but it says 2009.

Did they deleted more up to date data and replaced them with older ones?

Off-Topic / Video of the Day (All Eras)
« on: 16-12-2011, 14:12:56 »
Post your interesting / amusing / remarkable war videos in this thread.

To get things started I post 2 videos about Afghanistan.
Very good sound and 1080p.

2nd video is dramatic. Amazing that he just kills the bad guys, and the two other men in the room survive.

Off-Topic / Questions about war
« on: 15-12-2011, 00:12:13 »
So I open this topic as we have some forum users here that read a lot about war, and have good knowdlegde about almost everything concerning this.

Some rules. Please post the question as detailed as possible. Any time peroid is allowed, WW2 will dominate I guess.

No political discussions please.

For the answer please quote the question so that we dont get confused.

My first two questions:

1)How deep in km was the HKL (Hauptkampflinie, main battle line) in 1943 at the eastern front. How can you imagine that. How far were the enemies away from each other?

2) How much ammunition was official orderd for one Wehrmachtsoldier per day?

General Discussion / Best gun for long distance
« on: 19-11-2011, 20:11:17 »
I want to know what is your favorite gun for long distance kills in Normandy and Bulge- No Africa.
You can select up to 2 weapons.
No Sniper versions, just the normal versions please.
No mgs, or guns that can only be fired when prone.

and maybe you tell us in a short sentence why you handle with this weapon best.

Suggestions / Jagdpanther, JgPIV, Hetzer
« on: 18-10-2011, 16:10:46 »
The outside sitting positions on those vehicles are rather strange
1) Jagdpanther
Why is the soldier sitting infront, where there is pretty less space, and where he cant hold on, when in the rear of the vehicle is plenty of room? Also give one or 2 more seats to the vehicle, its so big, with enough space on the engine deck for a whole squad in real life.

2) Jagdpanzer IV
With this tank its even worse.
3 Seats, no mg. Its the anti squad vehicle. But it has enough space in the rear too, to allow 4 seats there imo. That the mg port is closed is sad, but I can understand it.
What I also miss is some unique driving feeling with this tank, as it was extrem head heavy, but it just feels like driving some panzer IV without turret.

Hetzer. Im rather dissapointed by the Hetzer. The frontarmour should be 60mm at 60° angle. But when fighting against it, I have the feeling as the angle doesnt count on this vehicle. Its almost ever one shot one kill against front. And I also have the feeling that when you shot the side from the front you can kill it too.
Also Hetzer should be faster, therefore reloading much slower, something like 3-4 sec longer.

Suggestions / new childboard for vehicles
« on: 11-09-2011, 14:09:35 »
Can we have a new childboard in the feedback forum for vehicles.
Something like "german heavy armour " "German cars, apc" "german planes" ect.
Just that you dont loose the information when someone is saying something to it, and that we dont need a new topic for every stuff

Suggestions / Planes too fast/ too hard to controll
« on: 11-09-2011, 13:09:51 »
Imo the planes are too fast/ hard to controll
Eventhough they feel more realistic, compared to the mapsize and espessialy the short view distance the planes loose much of their power.
If you take Cobra e.g. the planes were always a fear for the german tanks, now you just ignore them. Only 3-4 players are really good with planes, the rest, like me, fly one round and crash into the next tree cause you cant pull up in time.

The planes at Bastonge are totaly useless too, cause 1) short viewdistance, 2) all white 3) planes are so fast that you just have 1 sec to focus on the target, but in this one second you need to pull up again to avoid a crash.

Plane speed, control, and view distance dont reall work well together.

Eventhough its nice to make planes controlling harder, to simuliate a more realisic handling, its overdone imo.


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