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Modding / [IDEA] Succession map
« on: 24-04-2010, 18:04:44 »
This is an idea I've had in my head for quite some time, and before I try it out myself, I wondered if anyone else had given this thought, or even given it a try at some point.

Basically, the "succession map" is similar to the succession game, like the hilarious Dwarf Fortress cult classic Boatmurdered, where players take turns playing a single-player game and write in colourful terms about the process. DF has a strong succession game tradition, as the gameplay lends itself well to this playing style.

But I got to thinking, what about making a map this way? There would be two different ways to do this. Either just split a blank map into clearly labelled sections (using textures or whatever), for then to fill in your and send it off to the next guy, or just take turns designing it freely (one hour of total work time per person or something). Or you could designate a heightmap and give it basic textures, lightmaps, and so on, and take turns placing statics and vehicles and whatnot from there.

I think this idea has potential for lots of fun (and some "what? I didn't intend for a whole airfield there!" frustration) :), and that some very colourful and enjoyable maps could come out of this, as long as some basic ground rules are laid down that everyone agree on and every mapper takes his or her task seriously.

General Discussion / Picking the mod up again
« on: 05-04-2009, 03:04:12 »
Righty, so I've returned to the mod and just wanted to say I'm having great fun. Played a couple maps, most of which I can't name (one had a CP named 150th Hole or something, another was Tobruk, another was Supercharge, then there was one with a huge walled fortress city, and one with a dry river separating Allies from Germans, and a spawn point at a burned-out tank), and mostly enjoyed them. Tanking, spotting for artillery, firing artillery, fighting on foot - it's all enjoyable and satisfying. Being more of a slow-paced player, I stuck with support roles like I usually do, so it was mostly minelaying, artillery spotting and such for me. Marking a target for then to watch it get blown apart by a mortar or howitzer is immensely satisfying, even though I find the artillery system of FH2 to be a little bit too easy for my liking - in my humble opinion the gun line should be more dependent on the forward observer to direct their shots, as opposed to now when they get a BF1942-style spy sat view of the target. Far from game-breaking, though.

Only downer was the two 25 pounder guys spamming non-stop for us to provide them targets, for then to ignore every target we gave them ;D .

[TEAM] [Person 1]: Artillery requesting a target.
{Safe-Keeper manages to get a marker onto an enemy tank}
[TEAM] [Safe-Keeper] Tank marked.
[TEAM] [Person 2]: Artillery requesting a target.
[TEAM] [Person 1]: Artillery requesting a target.

Try to imagine ten minutes straight of that. I managed to drown it out as it got really monotonous, but left the server when the lazy bums started pestering us to come all the way back to HQ to take down a German 109 for them, when one of them could've walked five meters to their Bofors and taken it down themselves. After all, it's not that they needed the 25 pounders for anything other than an excuse to fill the text chat with spam :D . What did they want, a limo to come over and drive them to the AA gun?

Overall, though, as said, it's a great mod. Deserts get a tad bit monotonous, but I can't complain - I love how the mod dares to make use of a new setting instead of just recycling overused settings (granted, they have to do that, too, and I'm looking forward to Omaha as it'll draw players, but you get my idea).

Good work, guys, keep it up!

I'll stop editing this post now, I swear ;) .

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