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Did someone know how to make work PB of BF2 (so FH2) with the Windows 8 Release Preview version ?
I'm always kicked from server for unknown OS version but it's working well with BF3...

Thank you for your help ;)

Suggestions / HILL 112
« on: 15-02-2012, 23:02:36 »


I know that to do a map suggestion without being a mapper is pointless but I would like just to share my own idea about what could be a great FH2 map with a fun gameplay and a major historical background.
I would like to talk about how to do a "Hill 112" map for FH2.
For those who don't know what was the Hill 112 during the Normandy campaign, you can find a link to Wikipedia and to a Memorial website here :

The overall idea of this map is to recreate the heavy and bloody fight between the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division and the SS Panzer Abteilung 102.
This battle has been called "The Verdun of Normandy" due to the fact it has been a trench war on the top on this Hill in a small aera (few meters square in a small wood) to hold and keep this strategic point.
The Hill 112 importance can be resume by a sentence of this time : "Who controls Hill 112 controls Normandy"
It was due to the fact this Hill (of few meters high) allowed to see, control and fire on all landscape around from Caen city to Odon river and further. The control of this hill was the key to breakthrough the German defence or to keep it in place.
That's why from the 10th July (during the Operation Jupiter) to the middle of August the hill has been attacked and defended and changed hands many times with an extreme high level of casualty.

The interest to create a map for FH2 for Hill 112 in addition of the historical major background could be the way to play it.
To recreate the atmosphere and the heavy fight on this hill, a "King of the Hill" mode would be perfect. It would work like that :

One only flag on the top of this hill with the obligation to always outnumbered the enemy to keep in your side the flag. If nobody stay into the flag zone the flag goes back to neutral. In one sentence, if you want to win you have to hold the hill !!!
It would create a strong and heavy fight in a small aera as it has been the case in real life by also using all historical weapon used during this battle.
The idea is to recreate also the heavy fight of tank and the heavy used of artillery.
The map will mainly be field with high grass and wheat as Normandy field could be in July 1944 with only one aera with dead tree (head cut) on the top of the Hill 112.

You will below an idea of what could be the minimap :

You will find below what could be the top of the hill flag aera :

Churchill on hill 112

The Hill after the battle

Hill from North side (Allied axe of attack)

Like Verdun...

Churchill tank now a day close the Hill

The Paddock today called now "Bois Calloué" (these trees wasn't here in 1944)

RIP Soldiers...

View from the Hill to South, Axis axe of attack was coming from this direction

The Small Wood today with the gravel pit in the back

To respect the historical accuracy of weapon used, a selection could be :

Axis :

2 Tiger
2 Panzer IV
1 Sd.Kfz. 7 Flakvierling Version
1 Sdkfz 251
1 Typ 166 Schwimmwage
1 Kubelwagen
1 Opel Blitz S 3.6
2 Nebelwerfer 41(in main base)
1 Flakvierling (in main base)
+ Additional Pak40 AT Guns in mainbase + on Hill when you control it


2 Churchill IV
3 sherman II Late
1 Sherman VC "Firefly"   
1 M5A1 Halftrack
1 Universal Carrier
1 Willys MB-2
1 Bedford QL
2 Ordnance QF 25-pdr Mk IV (in main base)
1 Hawker Typhoon Mk I B
+ Additional Ordnance QF 6-pdrAT Guns in mainbase + on Hill when you control it

One good point is that all vehicule used in this battle already exist in FH2.

I know I'm dreaming to see one day this map into FH2 but what do you think about the idea ?

Suggestions / Modify the Willys MB-2 (Rockets)
« on: 06-09-2011, 12:09:50 »

There is a big issue with the Willys MB-2 (Rockets), US players use it as an Anti Tank jeep by driving fast to the back of German tanks and by firing into them. It's always a 1s1k hit... I'm sure this jeep has never been used like that in the real war... Is it possible to modify it to avoid this kind of exploit ? Dunno how you can fix that (maybe by adding a long delay before to be able to fire like that the driver won't be able to drive, stop and shoot so close of a tank in few second ?) but this is really annoying because it's clearly an exploit IMO.

Why I love so much FH2 ? For the Historical Accuracy !!!

Purple Heart Lane Ingame vs Real life :

Falaise (Saint Lambert sur Dive) Ingame vs Real life :

Port en Bessin Ingame vs Real life :

Since month of January, when I'm playing i have lots of "Lost Connection To Server" error message during 4 to 8 seconds and happening twice or more an hour. I know is not an issue with my connection because lots of players have the same issue and it's not also a server issue because it's doing it on all servers (Hslan, 762, FHT...etc...).
Did someone know what's this issue and what's the root cause ? Is it a BF2 account issue or a FH2 issue ? Devs are you aware of that new problem ?

Thank you in advance.

General Discussion / PDH
« on: 10-01-2010, 23:01:01 »
Just a small question on PDH, why US use the British LCA on this map ?

OMG Devs add a formation of C47 flying over the map !!!! So nice ;))))))))))))))

General Discussion / Tank sight tutorial
« on: 05-10-2009, 18:10:34 »
Are there any good tutorial to explain in detail how to use tanks sight plz ?
Except the middle triangle, what all the others signs are usefull for ?
And is it possible to find information for each tank sight (because they are so different each others) ?

General Discussion / Why...
« on: 23-09-2009, 16:09:06 »
... are there Beretta Model 38a kits on Normandy maps for German ? To represent the captured stuffs after the 1943 Italian army surrender or are there other reasons ?

General Discussion / Not yet used stuff
« on: 19-09-2009, 14:09:40 »
Here is the list of the none yet used stuff that devs already done :

Panther Ausf G
Panzer IV Ausf E (the one with the second skin)
King Tiger (various skins variants)
Sherman (various skins variants)
Typ 166 Schwimmwagen    
SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad (the one with the camo skin)
Churchill AVRE
Airspeed AS 51 Horsa    
Bangalore Torpedo
Nebelwerfer 41 (grey skin variant)
88mm (grey skins variant)
Panzerfaust (grey skin variant)

Bug Reporting / Lebisey Pz3 Auf N Spawn ???
« on: 08-09-2009, 21:09:31 »
On Lebisey, when Axis lose flags a Pz3 N spawn with the Afrika skin ??? Bug or not enought time to do the Normandy skin ???

FH2 Help / Support / Texture bug on Tank Tracks
« on: 08-09-2009, 10:09:04 »
Well i suppose it's not a bug of the mod but i have some bugs on tank tracks of the Panther, Panzer IV and some Allied tanks too. The textures appear totally slick and i have the same problem on the tanks camouflage tarpaulins in main bases...

What i have to do ? I think one player post a similar problem few weeks ago but i can't refind this topic to look at the solution...

Thx in advance for your help !

General Discussion / BF2 1.5 is out next Tuesday !
« on: 28-08-2009, 10:08:19 »
Did this news will postpone the release of FH2 2.2 or devs have already plan this new patch and are working on the compatibility of the mods with 1.5 ?

Link :

General Discussion / Free French or French Resistant ?
« on: 12-06-2009, 18:06:13 »
From a news of Janury :

As the United States entered the war in 1917, it too was in serious need of more rifles. Rather than forcing all factories to change production, the Pattern 14 design was simply altered to use the .30-06 Springfield cartridge and the M1917 Enfield rifle was born. Over 2 million of these rifles were produced and many continued to serve with US troops well into the Second World War. This rifle was common among US artillerymen and Free French Soldiers in North Africa, but even in Normandy, these rifles were used by supply and artillery troops.

Did this mean we will have Free French Force (maybe a Bir Hakeim map) or French Resistant (Normandy) in the 2.2 ? Or the Free French flag on this weapon is just to inform us that the French Force was using it ?

Thx in advance !

General Discussion / Why...
« on: 09-04-2009, 09:04:00 »
... no more weekly news ?

I know devs needs to have finished models to do news but it was so cool to have a small part of Normandy each wednesday !!! I know there are lots of betatesters which are playing so could they at least post some screenshoots to do a news each wednesday and give us a small part of the cake ?  ;D

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