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Bug Reporting / Trucks...
« on: 08-09-2009, 16:09:30 »
I don't know if this is a bug or not,but when i fire with piat/bazooka/panzershreck at this area nothing happened,no damage ???

Bug Reporting / [Vehicles] PanzerIII Late damage...
« on: 31-03-2009, 17:03:35 »
As we speak about panzers....anybody notice that pzIII late(long barell)is weak,i mean power of his gun...i tested this several times on Aberdeen,and i notice that this gun has this same power as pzIII early,and shooting with pzg ammo take less damage than pzg pzIII early(example with pzIIIe pzg vs matilda/valentine 3 hits and usually tank has been destroyed shooting in side,with pzIIIlate it takes 5 hits and some time hit indicator not show direct hits(pzIIIearly pzg always shows when is direct hit)

my conclusion:
pzIIIe with pzg is stronger against matilda/valentine than pzIIIlate pzg,against Grants late version is weaker too(2-3 hits normal ap ammo with long barell in Grant side)i think in previous FH2 patch this tank has been more powerful

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