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General / Vickers
« on: 11-03-2013, 20:03:43 »
First of all, thanks for making this awesome game you guys  ;D

I only have one question. When i play par example Bardia on singleplayer, i get annoyed by one thing. I tend to pick up the Kar98K scoped kit here, and i start camping and killing the British from a safe distance. But i end up getting killed by a Vickers machine gun nest that is positioned at the British Camp.
Well, annoyed as i were i tried to shoot the Vickers bot, but i couldn't hit him (max range of the kar98k scoped is 600?) but the Vickers has a range of 4.000 meters, according to the Forgotten hope weapons statistics.
I hope you do realize 4000 meters is really much. I doubt that any Jerry has ever been killed with a vickers from that Range.
And worse is that i constantly get killed by a MG nest while my Kar98K scoped (a sniper for god sake) is out of range.

And sorry for my English, im not a native speaker, i might have made some mistakes ;)

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