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This is something I should have asked a long time ago,but as I really need to free some HD space and I recently found out I can't play BF2 anymore (not even SP),I wonder if I could uninstall it,as FH2 seems to be "detached" from the game (doesn't need Gamespy to run and haves some own settings).

Gaming / Creating a game?
« on: 17-01-2016, 04:01:57 »
Hello all. Just gathered some courage to ask something very uncommon here,as many from the FH community worked/works with modding.

How hard/costly it is to make a game nowadays? More specifically,how hard is this task for someone that have barely no skills,just ideas of how the game should be?

Gaming / Depth
« on: 19-01-2015, 02:01:30 »
Hello mates!
Have anyone tried this game yet? Is it good?

Really divided about this game. It looks awesome and silly at the same time.

Off-Topic / I need some Euroadvices
« on: 04-03-2014, 00:03:22 »
Hello all!
Finally,after 9 years,I'm going to Europe by June! 8)
Til now according to what is planned,we're going to Stockholm,Copenhagen,Tallinn,Helsinki,Moscow and Saint Petersburg.Maybe Turku.

I'm not going on a tour but with other persons.We have a script (still open to some changes) and one them will be our guide.
Still,I'd like to know if anyone here knows the interesting places to go,best places to stay.

And I have two very important questions to ask.

I'm really willing to visit the Central Air Force Museum at Monino.A site I saw briefly said Monino is a military facility and you need permission to visit it.The site was also saying a lot of not very encouraging words about the route to it.
Does anyone here ever went to Monino? Does the museum staff speak english,even if only "yes" and "no"?

And about surplus and replica shops.Any good stores at those cities?
Specifically,I'm looking for soviet stuff,like the GP-5 gasmask and the '80s officers uniform.

Off-Topic / Battlefield (and its mods) voice commands list
« on: 26-12-2013, 03:12:37 »
Hey guys!Long time!

I want to ask on this thread if anyone knows exactly what it's said on the BF42 and FH voice commands.I searched the web and got a great clue,but it's not complete.So I came here where I can find german,russian,polish,finnish and maybe italian speakers.
Can anyone post the commands used by the germans,finns,russians and poles?

Off-Topic / Brazil is needing attention as well...
« on: 16-06-2013, 05:06:51 »
Ok,I know this thread seems to be a copycat of Turkish007 one,but the situation is getting pretty critical in Brazil.
There was a protest on monday against the raise of the bus and train fare on my city,São Paulo.Police promptly acted against it.It seemed to everyone (except me) it was just another protest organized by opposing parties.The next day another protest occured at Paulista Avenue,the Wall Street of São Paulo.Again,the protest was crushed,but this time,more violently.Further protests happened this week,with a great increase in protesters and in violence from the part of the police.This wednesday,things started to get out of control.
Police is viciously shooting,beating,gassing and arresting everyone.People that were just passing by,reporters from different newspapers and sites (some from large news agencies) and protesters that kneeled down with hands up or with flowers at hands.
There are many reports of awful situations,like a reporter shot in the eye,another reporter that will lose his sight,police gassing a petrol station that had children inside some of the cars,people that recorded the protests from their apartments being shot,police breaking inside an hospital to capture an injured protester while the patients urged them to stop,a prosecutor at Facebook asking the police to kill the protesters,a video of policemen breaking their own car...And that only at my city.
The protest are spreading through the country,some repressed with almost as equal violence and some that thankfully weren't.If you watched today's Confederations Cup match,you probably saw some large crowd outside the stadium.
Public opinion drastically changed at the week.People from different political orientations and ages started to support the protests or at least disagree with the government.News coverage outside Brazil is growing and some people from different countries are supporting us.

I know you have nothing to do with this,but more people outside this country must know what's cooking on the WC and Olympic Games host.

FH2 Help / Support / BF2 is crashing when I run it
« on: 03-10-2011, 05:10:11 »
Maybe this is not directly related to FH2,but I believe it must have something with it.

One day,some time after my VGA fried,I tried to run BF2 with an old card I have (it's supported by the game).However,the game crashed before the "EA Games" thing showed up.Had no error messages either.
I finally got my new card,however,the game and it's mods still crash before the intro.The strange (or good) part is that FH2 is running like always.I decided to change the mod in the game menu and I managed to start BF2 from FH2,so I guess there's something with BF2 that doesn't affect FH2.

Is there a solution that isn't uninstalling and installing all over again,game,patch,mods...?

Off-Topic / Can I ask a tech question?
« on: 26-08-2011, 05:08:08 »
Hi mates,long time I don't show here.

Recently my computer been freezing at some games (At the first time,I was playing BFPirates).
Now it's happening (probably everytime) at all games!Even the old ones.It resembles old N64 games when you messed with the cartridge while you was playing something.
Green or red stripes and a strange sound.

Is my GPU gone?It's somewhat new,I have it only for 2 years.And this machine is even more,it didn't completed a year.

FH2 Help / Support / Black and white sights
« on: 08-12-2010, 01:12:33 »
Hi guys,I´m having the black and white sights in FH2 when I join FH2 by FH2 icon (yes,FH2 desktop icon!).
Everything started when I had that missing shaders issues,placed the shaders at the places they must be,and...
Black n white iron sights and drunkiness when bleeding!

Anyone know what I did wrong?

Suggestions / The oldest of the panzers
« on: 17-01-2010, 01:01:25 »
I wonder why the grandfather of panzer family isn´t on FH or FH2.
All the Panzers are on the mod,except the Panzer I.And I strongly believe it was widely used in early WWII.
It would be nice for taking out infantry.

Suggestions / Some suggestions
« on: 05-11-2009, 23:11:35 »
Hello guys,I ´m back and now I can (can?) play FH2,I guess my BF2 problem (long story) is almost totally solved after I installed 1.5 patch.

FH2 is great for a BF2 mod,and I like to ask some things,dunno if somebody already did.

1.Will we have Italy maps,like Operation Husky,Monte Cassino,Sicily...?

2.After you introduce France in mod,are we going to have Free French Forces and Vichy France maps,like in North Africa (Operation Torch,Bir Hakeim)?

3;Classic FH1 and BF42 maps.It would be nice to play them but in FH2 context.

4.Omaha Charlie Sector.

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