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Gaming / Galactic Junk League
« on: 29-01-2017, 13:01:27 »
Hey everybody,

I started to play a new FREE TO PLAY game on steam and I thought some of you might like it also.

It´s called Galactic Junk League. You choose a ship class, unlock items which you can install on your ship and level up "CPU" which is a ressource that defines the maximum your ship can reach. You then can use it against other players: Trial and error.

The great part: You design your spaceship all by yourself with blocks, somewhat like in Minecraft. All you have to do is build around your core, which explodes when hit. Thus with the limited "CPU" ressource, you have to build your own design which should be the perfect balance between firepower, armor, mobility and speed. It´s great to see the different approaches players take on designing their ship. Some make super heavies that are really slow, others prefer mobility etc.

It somewhat reminded me of how people designed tanks in the 2nd world war and thus I think this game might appeal to this community.

Check it out. It´s a lot of fun.

General Discussion / Low Caliber Flak Issues
« on: 30-12-2012, 17:12:35 »

today I played Operation Cobra and the map was dominated by aircraft again. Neither the Allied nor the German Flak could do shit to keep the skies clean. With low caliber Flak I mean the German 20mm on the Opel Blitz, the 20mm quad versions and the allied quad .30 cals.

First I was flying around in a FW190 and took several hits from an allied anti air halftrack. It only took away around one third of my health bar despite hitting me for a duration of about 3 seconds.

After being shot down and the allied aircraft raping the airfield and trainstation as so often, I decided to take the Sdkfz 7 with the quad gun. There were about 20 "engagements"/ aircraft passing by in the 12 or so minutes I was alive and I managed to get 1 kill and 1 assist in total. Despite hitting several planes for quite a long time, the only thing I managed, was to get some of them smoking. The Opel Blitz didn´t manage to do any better. In previous versions using the Flak promised far better results. Also aiming seems to have changed... I´m not totally sure about this, but imo. you have to aim differently to previous versions and aim a lot further in front of your target to hit it.

It seems that often the shots bounce. All i get is some explosion effects on my targets, but they continue flying as if nothing had happened. Why is that? I already heard that the anglemod also applies to aircraft, but as it seems it´s exaggerated.

I think the ineffectiveness of anti aircraft guns has become quite an annoyance - especially on Operation Cobra.

Your thoughts?

Community Polls / Asking the players about the tank system
« on: 02-10-2012, 16:10:56 »

in the previous thread about the tank combat it turned out that the developers are planning to keep the tank combat of the current version. It´s supposed to offer more strategical depht and make more fun for players - at least that is what they claim.

We - the players - could play with this "improved" tank system the last months and I´m curious what your opinion is about it.

Is it really the right thing to introduce a totally unrealistic tank combat system into FH2? Are those longer lasting tank fights really more fun, or do you prefer relistic and thus shorter tank combat?

Vote and explain the reasons for your decision in random points for a better overall view.

My vote goes for Option 3. The tank combat used to be good in version 2.4. Realism should play an important factor, 1S1K (One shot one kill) - situations were common.


- The current system is not rewarding for the players. Your target gets away to often.
- Immersion suffers under this. It´s simply not realistic.
- Ambushes with Paks/Pounders or light armoured vehicles (Marder) become rather useless.
- It´s frustrating to outsmart your enemy and not get a kill.
- No fluid combat. Tanks sit at one point and get repaired. They rape infantry and the battle gets stucked.

Suggestions / Alternative Anti-Tank Kit
« on: 06-08-2012, 22:08:18 »
What: Similar to the commander kit where you can choose between a rifle and a submachine gun I think it would be nice to have the option to choose between Bazooka or anti tank rifle grenade, Piat or Gammon bomb, or either Panzerfaust, Hafthohlladung, Bundled nades or the rifle grenades on each map. An alternative to the kit would be nice.

Why: The access to different kinds of anti tank kits on each map offers a further tactical aspect. On maps like Operation Cobra or Eppeldorf experienced players know they wont face the more deadly Bazookas or Panzerfausts and can adapt to that by driving their tank into situations they would otherwise have avoided. On Eppeldorf the Kingtiger driver knows he wont face Bazookas (only two pickups) and drive happily around knowing rifle grenades wont do the trick as good as Bazookas.

More possibilities are always fun.

Also it adds to immersion. Right now we have armies only using certain equipment on certain maps. As an example: I´m sure there were also Panzerfausts used in Operation Cobra and not only rifle grenades. If you want to make sure that players are using Panzerfaust and Bazooka on certain maps for the sake of realism then the ability to choose doesn´t need to be included. It would be nice however to have it on some maps.

Why not pickup kits: Pickup kits are usually back in the main base and often players don´t have the nerves to just walk over the whole battlefield just to get that asset.

Pickup kits are even more limited than the spawnable anti tank kits.

So I´d like to hear your opinions, please.

General Discussion / Inefficiency of the 75mm/L48
« on: 22-07-2012, 19:07:49 »
For the ones who don´t know about that gun: I´m talking about the cannon mounted on the Panzer IV, StuGs, Hetzer, Marder series.

I´ve found that the thing is just frustrating to use lately. There are a lot of crazy bounces on Sherman tanks.

A few examples from goodwood and cobra this week:

- 3 shots required from the Marder 1 to finish an angled Sherman in the side
- Panzer IV shot penetrating a Shermans (V) unangled front hull, leaving it intact - Panzer IV gets 1 shot killed frontally
- Panzer IV shot bouncing frontally from the same Sherman (V) - Panzer IV getting 1 shot killed again
- StuG III bouncing 2 shells from a firefly at far distance
- Got hit in a Sherman on Cobra some days ago by a Marder and the 3rd hit finished me.

I don´t even want to start about the M4A3 Shermans that stand hits even better. But lately I´ve found that firing those German guns is rather frustrating and there are a lot of strange moments in which you ask yourself what the hell is going on. There are a lot of engagements that just seem to go wrong with german 75mms.

I didn´t experience bounces this extreme any time before.

Thanks for your answers.

Gaming / Company Of Heroes - Modern Combat Mod
« on: 28-02-2012, 13:02:52 »
Hello fellow CoH-players! Listen up!

I just wanted to catch your attention for this new Company of Heroes Mod: Modern Combat. It hasn´t been released yet but it looks like it is in the final stages. As the title might give a hint already, it´s moving our beloved CoH into modern times. The opposing factions are the US-Army and the People Liberations Army (PLA) of China.

There´s already a full Shoutcast about this game.

So far the awesome features that can be seen in the Shoutcast are a total conversion of maps: The civilian trucks and vehicles are modern and the architecture has been changed to resemble a typical chinese style.

What catched my attention is how the Javelin - Anti tank team works: You can set it up and it will bombard tanks from above. Also the Bradley tank has the feature to fire rockets. It looks like it´s done with much love and that´s the case seeing those guys worked years on that mod.

Don´t worry: FH2 will still get my vote on Moddb, for being the perfect mix of gameplay and realism.

What do you think of this new mod?

Make sure you check out the Shoutcast and thank you for your attention!



Edit: Faction Layout



Bug Reporting / "Sound-Spamming"
« on: 15-01-2012, 15:01:27 »
I don´t know how i should call it, but in the last 2 games my soldier was shouting without me giving the command. - The whole game.

"For the queen!" - 5 seconds pause - "Hit the dirt!" - 5 seconds pause - "You got it! Fire! You got it! Chaaaarge!"

I then tried to block it by spamming 5 sounds in a row. But even after that -and my chat being blocked- the sounds came out of my soldier. I was checking whether other players were around, but there were none. My player has some kind of tourettes-syndrome.

Edit: I played a 3rd game now and it doesnt go away.

Bug Reporting / Axis Airfield on "Mareth Line"
« on: 13-11-2011, 18:11:35 »
the axis airfield on mareth line does rearm your aircraft, however it does NOT REPAIR it. thats kinda annoying because you have to use the engineer kit in order to keep your aircraft operational. i dont know whether this is a bug or a balance feature but im sure someone can explain.

Suggestions / Giving Tanks & SPGs a more unique feel
« on: 31-08-2011, 17:08:22 »
well, this came to my mind when i was playing the other day: there is barely any difference when you are operating in some tanks and SPGs. especially using a stug or hetzer. even a jagdpanzer IV doesnt feel any different. of course they all differ a bit in armour and armament but i think you should give them a more unique feel. im not talking about tweaking their armor or firepower which is quite realistic atm. but other things; like this:

1) SPGs

- the hetzer could have a longer reload time compared to the stug (because it was so cramped inside)
- the jagdpanzer IV was very "head-heavy", thus it was hard to steer
- also the loadout of shells could be tweaked, stugs had quite more room for shells than hetzers

this way it would feel like you are driving that certain SPG and not just another SPG. it would also balance them because these suggestions are all nerfs to german spgs.

2) tanks

- the churchill should have better climbing-performance on hills. i remember i couldnt drive up a hill on totalize with it, while a cromwell could.
- churchill with the 75mm gun needs more HE
- the hellcat is unique atm, however the lack of a proper reverse gear is annoying

3) for immersion: radio communication in the background for german tanks and late war allied tanks. this would really give you the feel of being in a battle and cooperating with other tanks.

what do you think? thx for answers.

FH2 Help / Support / FH2 exe doesnt react
« on: 25-08-2011, 02:08:23 »
Hello, well here is my problem:

my fh2 worked without any trouble until yesterday when the game crashed (in the middle of a game) and i was thrown on my desktop. then i clicked on my fh2 exe (which i had used just 20 mins before) and it didnt react. task manager showed that fh2 was running, but it didnt start.
i restarted my computer and nothing changed. also reinstallation of bf2 and fh2 didnt change a thing. the exe doesnt react. i stay on my desktop.

the regular bf2 works perfectly fine.

any plan?

Tactics & Tutorials / 2.4 New Stuff - Where to find?
« on: 14-07-2011, 12:07:15 »
So, everybody is excited about tomorrows release and to help everybody to find the new stuff (on new and old maps) i think it would be helpfull to start this thread. it would be cool if the developers could tell us on what old maps we will find new stuff (ZB vz.26, jagdpanzer IV some new allied stuff in normandy?).
of course im aware that it might be the case that they dont want to spoil it before release, so this thread can be used after the release, so that people can then share their discoveries.

- so far we have heard that the new ZB. vz26 will be used on PDH.

what else? (dont know whether something else stands in the changelog - im to lazy to read it)

Suggestions / 37mm HE Splash Damage Increase
« on: 17-06-2011, 14:06:39 »
well, i noticed this a long time ago and i also saw other players talking about it:

in my opinion the splash damage of 37mm HE shells is pretty low (even lower then that of a grenade). you basically need to hit the ground in a radius of about 1.5 metres next to your target. this is pretty annoying when operating a stuart or greyhound. i can say that most of the kills those things do are done with the mgs.

an example is a game i had yesterday: it was lüttich, i was in the (center) village, a stuart saw me and came close, all i had to do was ducking behind a fence. the stuart then tried to kill me by hitting a wall that was about 3 metres away with HE-Shells to no effect, after that it hit the ground (also close to me) but couldnt do anything either and then had to drive away.

im not sure how realistic that is but it sure looks ridicolous sometimes, so my suggestion is to increase the splash damage of 37mm guns (especially on stuart and greyhound) to make their main guns at least a bit usefull. considering they get 1 shot anyways, and if its only a minor increase i think balance wont be thrown over.

your opinion?

Suggestions / Road-/Off-Road-Speed for vehicles
« on: 01-04-2011, 14:04:17 »
Hi, i couldnt find this in the search function, so i might suggest this.

I was watching a documentary about tanks and there it was said that for example a PIII could drive with about 39 km/h on a road while it was only able to make about 18 km/h off-road.
So the slow down of the vehicle/tank if not on the road was more or less immense (more than 50 percent speed loss in this case).
I also read that especially tiger I and IIs had problems driving off road.

Now for the sake of gameplay and fun in this mod its obvious that nobody wants all tanks to become this slow. but would it be possible to give tanks a slight speed increase on streets and a little penalty off road? - so you could recognice a difference.

or is it impossible to code? i know you have different priorities, but i think it would give the game a more realisitc feeling and make some interesting battles (mines, tank colums on streets, ambushes and so on).
it would also make the tanks more particularly.

thx for your answers!

Bug Reporting / Wespe/ Gamecrash
« on: 18-03-2011, 14:03:45 »
wanted to report a possible bug:
when i change the spotted targets in the wespe it can happen that my game crashes. i had this happen to me about 4 times now in the last 2 weeks. I noticed this especially happen when there are 80+ players but also on a server with just 30 people playing.
has anybody else experienced this?

General Discussion / Hellcat reverse gear
« on: 13-11-2010, 21:11:46 »
Well hello,
i was using the search-function and couldnt find this... (although it could well be possible that this has been discussed already ---> then lock this thread and i apologize)

there is a thing about the hellcat that has always bugged me:

whats wrong with the hellcats reverse gear? you have to wait about 5 seconds until the thing can drive backwards, is that...

- a balance feature (because the thing would otherwices "flash" back at lightning speed)?
- or is that realism?
- or is it a bug?

often if you have fired a shot and missed with the hellcat you are f*ckd because you cant get out backwards, you have to drive forth and make a 180° turn, which will kill you, while every other tank could have just reversed behind cover (and yeah even on operation cobra there is cover  :P)

thx for anwers

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