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General Discussion / Gamespy shutdown May 31, 2014
« on: 04-04-2014, 04:04:21 »

Gamespy is shutting down everything on May 31.  This is going to effect every Battlefield game except BF3 and later.  This includes the master server browser and online login services for BF2.


Tactics & Tutorials / Tanking in 2.4
« on: 01-08-2011, 20:08:38 »
Seeking discussion on tanks since 2.4!  Please share/confirm/dispute your experiences here.

I have one-shot a King Tiger, straight on side shot with 90mm HVAP (in the M36 Jackson).   I was able to one-shot the Jagdpanther frontally at long range with 90mm HVAP.  Regular 90mm did about 75% health damage to the Jagdpanther frontal.

Jumbo vs Panther:  Panther can't penetrate the frontal Jumbo medium/long rage.
75mm Sherman can do heavy damage to a Panther from the front if you bounce a shot around the front track!

6 pounder/57 MM (Falaise pocket):  57mm APDS penetrated but did not kill frontal Stug nor Panther medium/long range.

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