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Modding / FH1 lst and cfg files
« on: 21-11-2010, 17:11:14 »
I would want to map FH1 (make Karelian-front maps) but I don't have FH1 lst and cfg files. I just need a list of european and russian objects.

Thank you.

Ps. I'm very sorry about my bad English, English isn't my native language.

FH2 Help / Support / BF2 patch doesn't update
« on: 30-06-2010, 01:06:32 »
So what the heck is this?
I downloaded a patch from this site but it doesnt seem to work:

I'm so pissed off because I've tried to make this work about three hours but no! Every time I install the patch, it doesn't update it. I have still the version 1.1XXXX

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