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Bug Reporting / Parachute kills enemy planes
« on: 14-09-2012, 18:09:42 »
If u fly into an enemy parachute you get killed and the parachutist survives. This should be fixed.

Bug Reporting / invisible pickupkits
« on: 01-08-2012, 02:08:41 »
well sometimes the are invisible.
if you know where they sould spawn, you can pick them up but you cant see them.
happened the last time for me on hurtgen forest with the pickup mortar kit, but it happens everywhere.

Suggestions / failing engine sound in planes
« on: 15-05-2012, 18:05:18 »
i just wanted to post this in the bug area but i think it fits better in here.
if you get shot in a plane and your health bar is very low, your engine might die.
but u cant hear it. in a plane its important if your engine is on or not because on some maps u cant land everywhere
so i think it would be appropriate if the engine dies that the enginesound dies too.

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