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Modding / Abbey of Sant'Antimo
« on: 12-08-2014, 09:08:27 »
Here is the start of the abbey model for a map I am working on.  I started out detailing portions and finally realized that I need to get a basic block out for a quicker export to the editor for testing purposes.  There are parts that are rough and others with more detail because of this.  There isn't much to criticize yet but in the upcoming days I'll be showing more and more progress and hopefully you guys can give me some much needed insight.  I will definitely need some help for exporting as I've tested the process with a simple box and had problems. 

If you noticed the link to my blog then you can see that I started progress on this map over a year ago.  I was PC-less during most of this period and now I finally have the time and resources to finish this.

Modding / Maya static model importing help
« on: 25-03-2013, 06:03:11 »
Hi guys, I have another question.  I'm working on getting my custom models into the editor but running into an error when I go to import.  "Unexpected parser error!  Reason:  The system cannot find the file specified"  I've gotten this error when trying to import my custom model and also when I tried to import the My_bunker.mb.  I have the textures and models in the rawdata folder in bf2editor folder.  I probably should have just posted this in the Modding Q&A but I really need this answered ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Also, in the output window, this is all that shows up
"******* Import Started *******

execute: maya/mparser60.exe   "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Battlefield 2/bf2editor/rawdata/Objects/StaticObjects/_MyBase0/My_Bunker/My_Bunker.mb""

Modding / heightmap problem
« on: 20-01-2013, 06:01:27 »
Hi all, i'm having problems with a height map i created. 

here is a picture of my HeightmapPrimary.raw

and here is a picture of what my terrain looks like in editor

New to this, so all help is much appreciated, thanks.

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