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please give me the guidance to follow the game on the server WAW, I wanted to participate in the war and how I can get the maps from the game to notice them? This week there will be a war in the coral sea I want to go and how to download its maps? I registered on the forums every bfeWAW why obtaining registration in question failed a random problem, I do not know what I should do, I asked for his help to those who know it, thx

FH2 Help / Support / how to hendle ping???
« on: 24-07-2012, 22:07:11 »
why every time I play Battlefield 2 I have always been excluded because of the ping?

please help
thank you

FH2 Help / Support / can not play all the servers in FH2
« on: 24-07-2012, 12:07:03 »
I have a very complicated problem to this day I have not been able to solve so many questions I am always on this forum in battlefield 2 I can play on all servers but why Punkbuster always kicked me out so I can not play smoothly on the plus when I play in FH 2 instead there is a problem on the CD key as invalid?

please for anyone who is an expert in this forum I asked his help I desperately wanted to join in server [hasln] and the other server I could get in but a few months ago on a Russian server and even then only 3-4 people who play it

please help
thank you :-[

FH2 Help / Support / sound problems on windows 7
« on: 03-04-2012, 17:04:50 »
please give me a solution how to solve problems with the sound on the FH 2 on windows 7 because when there is an explosion or gunshot sound would die on its own ...
so please help thank you

please let me know why I can not get server [hslan] Forgotten Hope 2.4 | ranked - [PURE] but on another server I could get some of my particular server can also enter china
but why when I enter the server [hslan] Forgotten Hope 2.4 | ranked - [PURE] can not?
if i join server [hslan] Forgotten Hope 2.4 | ranked - [PURE] there is always a warning "invalid CD-key"

please reply to my post thanks

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