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10. We won't defend most of the times, meaning that we wont sitt on our butts, picking our noses (like the germans). No, instead we'll rush with our war faces and stab each and every german we see with our bayonets.

9. We got the flamethrower, achilles tank and Mr. Firefly, whom are all way cooler, better, and sexy looking than a tiger or king tiger tank.

8. We have semi automatic carbine weapons, like M1 Carbine and M1 Garand, on all our maps. The germans might only have Gewehr 43 and FG 42, these weapons will probably be limited and only avaible on some maps! But sure, if you'd like to stick to your old K98 which you've been having since the africa maps, its alright by me...

7. We have typhoons, advanced tank destroyers which also are avaible to take down Focke Wulfs with the right man behind the joystick.

6. We got 50. cals and bangalores! Don't need to say more...

5. We also got boats! Suck on that you gerries!

4. We got them surrounded, basically... And more resources!

3. Something tells me we'll win this campaign, and the war!

2. To play american you might require more skill, Do you think you are skilled and would like to get some competition (which you won't get at the axis side because they suck  :D ) then the US 1st. Infantry Division is absolutely something for you.

If you however don't think you're skilled, still join us, we'll let you play with team mates whom are really good and might help you out/show you a trick or two!

1. Lastely, I'm in the 1st. Infantry Division, 1st. Engineer Combat Battalion. Who wouldn't like to play with me!  8) ::)

That's all, be sure to sign up for the allies if you'd like to kick some german butt!
Enlist today:

PS: Our leader aint a cry baby...

Bug Reporting / [Map/Cap Information] Pointe du Hoc.
« on: 06-09-2009, 03:09:03 »
Got the completely wrong information message when the americans recapped observation bunker, it said "64_Cp_obserbunker_(something, i think it was capped)" instead of "The Americans has captured the observation bunker"

Bug Reporting / [Veichle]The Train is human!
« on: 06-09-2009, 03:09:29 »
The train on Operation Totalize seemed to take damage when getting hit by K98's, lost one bar on each shot, seems pretty odd than a train would explode because of an K98 shooting at it.

Bug Reporting / [Weapon/Object/tooltip] Mortar Tooltip.
« on: 06-09-2009, 03:09:11 »
I was picking up the mortar kit on Falaise pocket, as canadian, and then the Bf2 tooltip box came up, The tooltip just read "FH2_Mortar_tooltip", So if you guys were planning to add a tooltip for this weapon, fix it. :)

General Discussion / About the focke wulf
« on: 22-08-2009, 21:08:34 »
I don't think there was any focke wulf in the war that had the same camouflage pattern as Forgotten hope's focke wulf has. Here's all(I think) the paint job patterns used during the war for the focke wulf:

Now here's the thing: Your focke might be nice looking and all, but there's only two pattern that has the same cross model, it's nr.27 & 43, and heck it's not even the same model of the plane :P

Heres the picture of your model:

It's not even close in any part :P I mean the FH2 FW has the parts from the following pattern numbers:
Arrows on the side -- Nr. 24.
Iron cross on the side  -- Nr. 27 & 43
Iron cross on wings -- non
stripe behind the cross on the side -- Nr. 25, 26, 18, 29, 31, 5, 6, 10 & 12
Actuall pattern -- non

It's basicly a mixture of all patterns

reskin it if u want it to be historical accurate, I don't mind the release of 2.2 getting hold up 1-2 (heck even a week) days because of it : )

EDIT2: LOL, I just made some more digging and i proved my self to be all wrong, I found the pictures on this page:

Since its on russian i used google translate and translated it to Swedish (here's the english link: )

apperiantly, those paint jobs are for certain people, like Nr.1 is for "Hauptmann Fritz Losigkeyta, Arnhem / Dilin, Netherlands," and the site gives us some facts about these people (how many planes the shot down, where they were deployed and all) so forget what i said. keep the pattern : P

Suggestions / [Kit/class]Improve the medic!
« on: 10-08-2009, 13:08:10 »
This has been mentioned a couple of times, but only one thread has been done (and it was CRAP, "give the medic an adrenaline shot")

I think that you should add at least a weapon to the medic, give him the thompson/mp40 like in FH1 and BF1942 (and every other war game) because at the moment it's shit! A pistols aren't enough... who would like to run around with a kit that only has a pistol and some bandages, rambo maybe...? Another thing is the revive ability. Add some sort of thing that you could revive people with (then throw the bandages to heal him), I know it's not that realistic but heck, even Project Reality got it and all they go for is reality.

Once you at least add an heavier gun than the pistol to the medic, I'll play him 24/7!

Also, have it like it is atm, just place out a kit somewhere on the map, then everyone wont go medic.

General Discussion / Damnit!
« on: 02-08-2009, 02:08:50 »
No new update this week?  ::)

Anyhow you guys better throw in a map for the next update then...! So we know that u only got 3(or is it 5) maps left to show us :D

FH2 Help / Support / 0 Blur 0 Fun
« on: 01-08-2009, 12:08:58 »
I got a bugg with something and I think has to do with the Black and White... ( )

But for me its a wee bitt different,

To get to the point of my problem!!! :D I don't get the blurring anymore, the blur from when u get shot and when you bleed, or the blurr when u aim! Same goes for project reality, how do I fix this? :)

I just found a picture of this airplane that i have no clue of what its name it, but it looks like its from 1930-1940 so i guess it did something in world war 2, during the short time the polacks we're fighting.

It would be nice if anyone else of you have some information about this plane:

EDIT: Just noticed that the picture comes from a site about a polish prisoner during ww2. is the link to the whole page.

General Discussion / The Focke-wulf?
« on: 18-04-2009, 18:04:14 »
What happened to the focke-wulf? You guys posted a picture of it:

WITH desert textures(?) and it's not in the game yet. And even toh normandy is creeping up on us its not listed as "Normandy veichle" or even in the list for german airplanes.

SO! The last coup- of times that I've been playing the Forgotten Hope 2 mod i stumble up on these texture errors. (Happens everytime play) One is on those "Tank/vehicle cover things" and the other one is on the sandbags textures, just some of them toh... The sandbags issue isn't that annoying but i believe it has something with this bug to do... anyone knows what the problem might be?

Dont mind the text problem, its fixed

Running the game on max settings, I got 0 computer lag or something like that and it's been normal before.

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