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Off-Topic / Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome
« on: 09-11-2012, 16:11:35 »
Now that the series is out, I trough it needed his own topic :P

Episode 1

Episode 2

Gaming / Medal of Honor: Generic expansion
« on: 27-10-2012, 15:10:21 »
Im sorry, this video is just too good to pass unotice.

Gaming / FTL
« on: 23-09-2012, 14:09:27 »
I purchased this little game a few days ago, and damn its adictive! if you ever dreamed about controling your own ship, power weapons or shields,redirecting the power to your shields or your engines depending on the situation, extinguishing fires or repairing hull breaches caused by enemy weponary, then you are a nerd and this game is for you :D.

Video Reviews:



Gaming / How a game can make you feel disgust and fear.
« on: 19-07-2012, 00:07:52 »
First, if you havent played (or hear) of Spec Ops: the line, watch this:

Now, if you feel like the game may interest you and you want to give it a try, DONT READ THE NEXT BIT, it will spoil the history and plot twist, and trust me, you will regret it.

ok, now, if you have already played the game, or you feel like you would not play it anyways, read the next bit:


I've actually been looking forward to writing this column. 'Cos sometimes I like to plunge myself all deep and warm into story analysis (pant pant) but I don't want to get too spoiler-y in Zero Punctuation because I talk fast and viewers might not have time to fling their breakfast cereal aside and hit the mute button. But now I can take the safeties off. So just to confirm, this column is only for people who've already played the Spec Ops: The Line story because it's spoilers ahoy. If you haven't played it, stop reading before it's too late. I don't care if you don't see yourself playing it anytime soon and want to read this anyway, stop reading now. You never know when you might win sixty bucks down at the dog track and suddenly are able to pick it up and then you'll hate the fact that it got spoiled for you. Last chance. Non-having played Spec Ops: The Line readers, you get to leave now. Go watch Unskippable or Moviebob or something.

Okay, now that they're gone, blimey, how about that Spec Ops: The Line story campaign, right? I mentioned in the aftermath of Shooter Season 2011 that after Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 it now seems to be somehow de rigeur to have the token 'shocking moment' in a realistic modern shooter, and Modern Warfare 3's childsplosion needs to take a good, long look at Spec Ops: The Line, because that is how you fucking do a shocking moment.

In many ways it was an inversion of the established shocking moment trope. Modern Warfare got into the habit of making a shocking moment that illustrated the ruthlessness of the enemy and the resources at their disposal. It's supposed to make you hate and fear them and get you fully pumped to ruthlessly cockslap countless numbers of them for the rest of the game. The Spec Ops shocking moment, contrarily, is designed to make you hate yourself, and fear the things that you are capable of. ......

continues here


this is one of the best examples of how a game can "get to you", and , afaik, unique in his kind. I want to believe this is where the industry is going, that a game is not just to relax and have some mindless fun, but to also make us feel and give us emotions that until now were exclusive of films, books, novels,etc.

Gaming / WarGame : European Escalation
« on: 20-02-2012, 13:02:04 »
I cant believe there isnt a thread about this game .

trailers :


1 hour video explanation and gameplay

finally a game where logistics are as important as combat :], also, mod tools confirmed on first day, wich dissproves even more the "moding is a dying trend" philosofy of some wanabees developers :P

Off-Topic / Quick question: graphic card
« on: 21-10-2011, 00:10:08 »
So, I used to have this PC for about 5 or 6 years, its been out of comission for almost 2 :P, but my brother wants to use it since he is moving with us in a few months, so, i pluged the thing in again and to my surprise  the graphic card was dead :P.

it was an x1300 pciexpress, used to run bf2 on medium , athlon 64 +3000, 2 gb of ram, and 80 gb of HD :P. SO, i did a search and the less expensive card i could find is a hd5450, 1gb ram and pci express too.

is it ok for the machine? been from a new generation of graphic cards (dirext11), would my software/hardware reconize it without troubles? is there another card I could use that has better performance with under 50 €? im not that good with compatibility and technical informatino about old cards xD

thanks  :)

Off-Topic / T-17 Tanky
« on: 06-10-2011, 18:10:07 »

bassicaly, as the description says, you are a bird driving a tank and you have to kill foreigners who want to take your melons

free alpha on the link.

i dont know what to say really.....Oo, is it wrong I like it? xD

Off-Topic / Capsized
« on: 01-05-2011, 02:05:09 »
so i just saw this game reviewed by totalbiscuit

and what caught my attention was the man in the space suit. It looks very similar to a drawing made by mcgibs some time ago:

now, i dont know if he is working on that game, but if he isnt, i think they just copied his desing ><. If anyone can contact with him?.

btw, the game looks fun :P

General Discussion / 128 FH2 server in game-monitor??
« on: 04-03-2011, 15:03:07 »

currently it has 5 players, i dont have FH2 instaled, so if anyone wanna test it?

PD: server is not mine, i just saw it
PD2: this has nothing to do with the PR 128 server, so no need to lock or move this topic ;), im posting this to let people know about it :P

Suggestions / allow knife/bayonet when running?
« on: 07-02-2011, 20:02:40 »
i always wanted to know if this was possible ;D.

the reason is because ...well, IRL when figthing in close combat, you do a lot more than just stabing someone, you push him, punch him, take his weapon etc,etc. also, when someone charge, you run like hell and use the momentum of your body to stab with the bayonet.

idk, i trough it will be cool xD

well, small bug, ir graphic glitch, when you change to the traget view in artillery pieces, if there is no target, you view your cannon/mortar from above, and you dont see your self in it, you just see the mortar/cannon.

small, i know, but i thing its easy to fix :P

Off-Topic / help! friend feeling bad
« on: 24-12-2010, 04:12:42 »
in short, i have this girl friend, who i just talk in the phone, and she is feeling sad, she miss her friends and family back at our homeland, and....well that, she feels nostalgia .

now, I just suck at sentimental stuff, cant never expres my self rigth. but i really cant stand seen her like that and i want to help , just dont know how. i want to cheer her up before cristhmass, any advice on what to do? what to say?

Suggestions / FH1 deviation?
« on: 19-08-2010, 00:08:48 »
out of nostalgya, i decided to install good old 0.7, and while playing againts bots and running alone in lan maps, i noticed something, if you turned your rifle too fast eitehr to left or rigth, your deviation increased the faster you moved your weapon. then i cheked FH2, and no mater if you treated your rifle as a baseball bate, your still had the same deviation. i know bf2 engine support this feature, could this be added?

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