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WAW special weekend event

This Saturday, April 7th, the World at War Tournament invites you to take part in a special Aerial & Naval Warfare FH2 event.

The WaW team has prepared several custom maps that feature a wide variety of aircraft, including new custom aircraft. We're also excited to present the return of naval warfare to the Battlefield 2 + Forgotten Hope 2 platform, something that has been missing since the FH1 days.

    Event Features:
    - Battle on 6 exciting and unique custom maps
    - Bombing of Constanta: Launch Soviet Bombing raids against a Romanian port
    - Bombing the Reich: British bombing raids against Germany
    - Operation Brassard: Invasion of the Italian island Elba
    - Long sur mer: Fight against the Germans on the Normandy beaches
    - Omaha Beach: One of the bf1942 classics
    - St. Fromond: Liberation of the town Fromond

    - Custom equipment
    - New aircraft such as the Soviet TB-3 and I-16
    - Fully functional Ships and Submarines with torpedos and depth charges
    - deployable assets(hedgehogs, sandbags, barbwire)

    Saturday, April 7th 2011

    19:00 - 7pm Central Europe
    18:00 - 6pm GMT

    16:00 - 4pm Rio de Janeiro
    13:00 - 1pm East Coast
    12:00 - 12pm Central
    10:00 - 10am Pacific
    05:00 - 5am Sydney

    FH2 Server: WaW Air/Navy/Infantry
    View Live rounds with WaW's BF2 Spectator:

    TeamSpeak3 Server: BFE WaW
    Join the channels: FH2 public play

Step 1: Download WaW Minimod from
- Extract to [Battlefield2 installation folder]\mods\fh2

Step 2: Download WaW Minimod hotfix from
- Extract to [Battlefield2 installation folder]\mods\fh2

Step 3: Download The maps from
- Extract to [Battlefield2 installation folder]\mods\fh2\levels

Modding / objective mode.
« on: 16-01-2012, 23:01:03 »
Im trying to make the objective mode work but I cant.  I used thise code i took it from PDH:

from game.plugins import plugin, destroyObjective

end_objective = [
    plugin(destroyObjective, controlpoint = 'Factory', \
         refcount = 1, \
         template = 'factory_poland_01_dest'),

gpm_cq = {
  64: end_objective,

I went ingame destroyed the factory and nothing happend. its suppose to swap the flag the object its connected to but that didnt happen.

can anyone help me with this?

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