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Bug Reporting / M8 armor being penetrated by .50 cal
« on: 18-03-2016, 21:03:01 »
Please fix this. IRL M8 shouldn't take damage from .50 cal because M8 has 9.5 mm armor on the sides.

Tiger I looks far cooler and scares the russians far more, as it looks more "german".

As the original location is in germany, and the russians came there.

Bug Reporting / Bofors damage vs. enemy planes + misfiring??
« on: 06-06-2014, 23:06:55 »
Hello. 3 direct bofors hits on enemy plane make it only burn, not explode. 2 direct hits make it smoke black. 2 direct hits should already kill it instantly.

Also, when I keep mouse pressed, it fires 4 rounds as normal few times, then SUDDENLY only fires 2 rounds and reloads magazine again, wtf? Bug or purpusely "misfiring" coded into the Bofors??


Bug Reporting / All sounds delayed
« on: 07-08-2012, 03:08:51 »
This is a problem I have with current version, 2.45, that every ingame sound is about a half second delayed... -.- Even firemode switch is a 0.5 sec too late "click"... -.-

Any ideas?

Off-Topic / Battle of Alam el Halfa (short historic clip)
« on: 07-02-2012, 21:02:13 »
Just to see and bring some ideas if the FH2 map is as real as possible...

After some months I actually found out by coincidence that I just have to go to the Key settings in FH2 and delete the Joystick configurations from the "tank"-menu (which got there be themself? They are copied from sth. I guess!). So, I think now, what a pitty I always wanted to drive tanks since 2.4 but had this strange problem my tank was always driving forward without pressing any button!!! So aiming got VEEEERY hard, releasing, tapping, releasing, ... the key "S" (backwards)... So guys, could you inform new FH 2.4 players about this issue somehow ingame (in the settings menu under "tank"-key settings???)?
Would be VEEERY helpful since I won't be the onlyone having experienced and wondered about this problem until finding out by coincidence that it's the Joysticks responsibility... -.-


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