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General / Bugged and unbalanced hits on tanks
« on: 18-04-2012, 17:04:48 »
This thread is about certain tanks not getting destroyed by hits that should destroy them in any case. I am not talking about hits from bad angles, but from 90 degrees or similar. Also not on super high ranges, but midranges and even close ranges when talking about the Panzerfäuste.

I am talking about hits from Panzerfäuste or tanks with cannons easily capable of destroying those tanks normaly. For example Panzer 4 H straight on the side armor of a Cromwell or Panzer 4 F2/Tiger on Crusaders. etc.

Vehicles I recognised as being bugged when shooting at them with tanks:
Cruader (only the later version with six 6 pounder)
Afrika Marder
Normandy Marder

Cromwells and Crusaders are bugged as hell since 2.4. they often dont get destroyed by Pak40s and similar cannons. I dont know it probably has something to do with the new angle system, I really like it in general, but with these tanks its horrible.

The Marder are probably coded in a way that shells deal less damage when shooting at the less armored superstructure, because an AT shell could go right through it without dealing much damage, but I think this shouldbe changed, since it would damage the cannon in most cases and at least kill one crew member. And I say this as the one who usually drives the Marder, when getting hit with this things by Shermans or Crusaders/Comwells you get very few damage quite often. (Only less damage so no total hitbug)

Vehicles I recognised as being bugged when shooting them with a Panzerfaust:
M24 Chafee
This thing probably the most annoying to me, Panzerfaust hits dont deal damage against that thing really often. And I mean not when you shot on the sloped front or upper superstructure, but right in the tracks, really often no damage at all.

M4A1 Sherman (The one with the casted hull)
Fighting this thing with a Panzerfaust 30 can be quite frustrating, as we all know the Panzerfaust 30 doesnt kill at the front, which makes no sence as far as I know.
But what really bothers me is that it often doesnt get destroyed when hitting its side armor, often just burnig. I am talking about hits on the regular side armor not on the turret or on extra tracks (This version never has extra tracks). In my opinion killing tanks can be hard enough with a Panzerfaust 30 on maps like Goodwood or Falaise Pocket. Panzerfaust should always kill a Sherman to the front and Panzerschreck too.
And even the Panzerfaust 60 sometimes bounces on the M4A1.

This is based on at approximately 100-200 hours of playing FH 2.4. what I want to say with this is that these are not accidents that happened only once. And yes surely sometimes there are hitbugs and so on, but there are these certain vehicles I recognised for being more bugged than others.

Suggestions / Freelook - small issues
« on: 19-01-2012, 14:01:30 »
At first this is no threat about the general free looking system FH2 uses, just some small additions.

If i remember correctly the the camera spot for the freelook vision on tanks has been changed to a lower point, closer to the turret. It think this is good at it is in most cases.
But in a Panzer IV and III (maybe even some other vehicles) you cant look behind you since the camera spot is so low, because their commander dupola is very high and it blocks the sight to the rear.
One might say that you dont have to look behind your tank very often, but on city maps like Brest you have to know whats going on all around you. Another example are the hills on Mount Olympus, there are bushes blocking your sight and those sneaky Cruisers can pop up behind you easily.

So is there any possibility to change the camera spot for those tanks? I think its an unfair disadvantage for them as it is now.

Another freelooking issue has the Mg 42/34 Lafette (and allother tripods and so on), since they lack the ability to freelook . Tanks have it Paks have it etc. why not for the Lafette/tripod?

I dont think it would make them to strong, flanking them should still be easy, because they cant react fast enough even with freelook. And no one will freelook behind him very often and even if they do, they only have a pistol, so not much of a challange for a rifleman.

Would be really nice if you could implement those changes, of course if they can be moded/coded.


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