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Gaming / Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
« on: 20-03-2011, 15:03:34 »
For all you flight-simmers out there:

The Il-2 series does the Battle of Britain and looks absolutely stunning!

And, it's available for pre-order on Steam with a release date of 31st March (in Europe, I think the US might be mid-April):

Here's a good interview which reveals several details about the game:

And here's a ton of screenshots:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ32

The only downside seems to be the limited number of flyable aircraft although they seem to cover most of the BoB planes:
Blenhiem MkIV
Hurricane (3 versions of MkI)
Spitfire (MkI early/MkIa/MkIb/MkII)
Tiger Moth
Bf109E-3 (possibly E-1 also)
Br.20 M
Cierva C.30 (Autogyro)
Su-26 (modern aerobatics plane, Oleg was lead designer on this aircraft)


Off-Topic / German S-Boat restoration
« on: 14-08-2010, 12:08:54 »
Just saw this on the BBC website:
(those outside the UK might not be able to watch it)

The Wheatcroft Collection are restoring a German S-Boat, S-130. Boats aren't things you usually see being restored so it should be pretty interesting.

Official website:

Off-Topic / Amatuer WW2 footage
« on: 27-01-2010, 19:01:30 »
For all those in the UK (and anyone else if you can work out how to watch it): BBC4 - Shooting the War

Lots of very interesting footage shot by soldiers with cine cameras all of which I'd never seen before. It includes both British and German film and shows places like France, Netherlands, El Alamein, China, India... Definitely worth a watch!

Off-Topic / Wings of Prey
« on: 08-01-2010, 19:01:54 »

Anyone know anything about it? It looks nice but is it a second IL2?

Off-Topic / Gamers are war criminals...
« on: 24-11-2009, 08:11:09 »

"Human rights groups played various games to see if any broke humanitarian laws that govern what is a war crime.

The study condemned the games for violating laws by letting players kill civilians, torture captives and wantonly destroy homes and buildings."

The games "tested":
24, The Game
Army of Two
Battlefield Bad Company
Brothers in Arms - Hell's Highway
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 5
Close Combat: First to Fight
Conflict Desert Storm
Far Cry 2
World in Conflict
Frontlines: Fuel of War
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Hour of Victory
Medal of Honour Airborne
Metal Gear Solid
Soldier of Fortune
Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Vegas
Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Double Agent
True Crime Streets of LA

Their website:
The report:

See you all in The Hague!

Off-Topic / Crossing the Line
« on: 02-08-2009, 01:08:05 »
Just stumbled across this:

Trailer: (no idea how to embed it, if that's possible in these forums)

In April of 2007 Peter Jackson in partnership Fran Walsh and Jim Jannard produced a fifteen minute dramatic short about World War I entitled Crossing the Line. With a cast and crew of only 30, the film features aerial dogfights, bayonet charges, period artillery and a reproduction British Mark IV tank. Filmed during the course of only two days the short was created to demonstrate the potential of Jannard's of new Red One digital camera, which at the time was only in the alpha prototype stage. The full trailer for the short can be found on YouTube and the New Zealand Herald has the story behind the origions and results of the project.

Off-Topic / Flying Legends 2009
« on: 11-07-2009, 23:07:10 »
Today I visited Imperial War Museum Duxford for their Flying Legends airshow. 99% of the aircraft that took part were pre-1950 and included 8 Spitfires, 4 Hurricanes, 5 Mustangs, 3 Yak 3s and 3 B-25s - there were some amazing sights and sounds! :D My photos weren't quite as good as I'd have liked and the weather was very dark and grey in the first part of the display but the sun came out later (unexpectedly so I am a bit sunburnt!)

I've uploaded a few of my 661 photos:

The others:

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