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Gaming / World of Warplanes
« on: 07-06-2011, 17:06:57 »
While WoT isn't even half finished, Wargaming has announced a new project:

Quote announces the new project - World of Warplanes - based on military air dominance ranging from the 1930's through the 1950's.
World of Warplanes is a standalone Free to play game being developed by the team that have created World of Tanks.

We are proud to be able to develop another high quality Free to Play game for the world's gaming community, said Victor Kislyi, CEO of ''World of Tanks has been extremely successful and we look to bring the same high quality if not better to World of Warplanes.''

With the recent announcement of the partnership with Lesta Studio overall portfolio of comprises more than 20 titles warmly acclaimed by media and players.

FH2 Help / Support / Random freezes and lag
« on: 26-09-2010, 17:09:59 »

I have had this problem for quite some time now but before, the freezes were short and didn't occur as much so I never tried to fix it. But now, since I've got the new Windows7, this problem has become a very big issue. I always get a 30 seconds freeze when having loaded a new map and opening the spawn menu. But it gets worse. After that it will randomely freeze with certain actions, like getting out of a jeep or whatever and now it even starts when doing nothing special. My screen freezes up for 30-60-90 seconds while the sounds still play and it's all fine again after that.

Now, with FH2 it was still playable. But I just installed PR again to play with the lads but last round I froze up every bloody minute. It took 2 minutes to raise the sights on my weapon before freezing up agáin.

Very weird stuff, I don't run too much background programs and my computer should run BF2 (and does, vanilla) without any problems. FPS is always 70-100 and CPU usage an avarage of 10-15%.

Windows 7
Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz
2046MB RAM
GTX260 Core 216 896MB

Could it be perhaps some components (I really don't know shite about computers) are breaking down?
I'm also noticing that performance of simple tasks like running internet explorer while installing something has gone down quite a lot, while that was fine when I just bought this computer.
Also loading of maps (in BF2 and other games) has slowed down. A year ago I would load BF2 maps within 30 seconds; now it takes at least 2 minutes and sometimes randomly takes like 5-10 minutes.

Off-Topic / Off to Normandy
« on: 08-07-2010, 18:07:56 »
So for the first real time in my life I'll be heading for Normandy next week, I've only been there for two short days when I was like ten and the next time we would go we had to cancel. I'm pretty excited about it as it probably is the largest collection of WWII stuff, but I don't really know where to go.

So I was wondering if anyone here got suggestions on where to go, good spots or museums, must-go places etcetera. Basicly I'll only need names, I think I can find most of the adresses on my own.

One thing I would like to go see is this (coastal?) town on some kind of hill. I only have a very thin memory of it but they had a Sherman out near a road, and there was a very good museum focusing mostly on ships, with big models and all. I think the major subject there was the makeshift harbour the Allies built.

Suggestions / Deviation for tanks
« on: 07-07-2010, 22:07:14 »
As the title says, I would like to suggest deviation for tanks. For those who aren't up to date; deviation is an accuracy penalty you get when you fire too fast after moving your sights before you got settled.

There was an ongoing discussion about adding standarized speeds for tankturrets to counter, say 'speed haxz0rs', who turn up their sensitivity so they can turn their turrets faster; resulting in a rotation in a mere two seconds which would take a very lot longer in real life. However that idea was turned down due to keyboard issues etc and was forgotten about.

But then I saw the light, playing Men of War which has a deviation for tanks. If you use direct control and turn the turret, you'll need to wait some time before the main gun can fire accurately. This simulates the crew having to measure out new distances etc, and I thought it rocked.

So, I think it would be great to add this to FH2. It would revolutionize tank combat:
- no more ninja turret turning;
- ambushes [StuG] become way more effective;
- no more 100% accuracy battles;
- vehicle gameplay will become more matching with infantry I think, a bit slower because of the settle times.
Offcourse Blitzkrieg should still be possible, so the smaller the tank, the less deviation and settle time.

Only one question remaines: is it possible?

Bug Reporting / Flak88 vs Tiger
« on: 16-05-2010, 17:05:08 »
There seems to be a problem with the damage dealt by a ('captured') Flak 88 when firing against a Tiger. I've noticed on both Libesy and Villers Bocage that a shell hitting rear armor doesn't even make it smoke, let alone side and frontal hits. On Libesy I once hit it four times on the side and it still wasn't dead.

I don't know much about WWII balistics, but my guess is that an 88 should be well able to take down Tigers and that this was merely forgotten about in all the other development stuff. I wouldn't know why this would be on purpose. :)

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