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Clans and Tournaments / [FHSW] Europe Events
« on: 28-08-2012, 14:08:58 »

Main features
  • 650+ land/sea/air vehicles, probably one of the biggest mods ever created by now
  • 130 maps featuring huge tank battles with 30+ tanks, naval combat with big fleets, pure air battles including heavy bombers or even everything at once!
  • revised damage system with angle mod and different ammo types
  • largely improved vehicle and airplane physics
  • new hand weapon animations
  • great naval combat with battleships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, submarines and PT boats
  • amazing ambient sound and light effects


*click here*


Be aware that you'll only find people there on specific times! Fight nights on Friday to Sunday evenings (European time) and events on Saturday/Sunday. Both start at:

17:00 - UTC
20:00 - 8 pm Eastern Europe
19:00 - 7 pm Central Europe
18:00 - 6 pm BST Britain
14:00 - 2 pm Buenos Aires
13:00 - 1 pm East Coast USA
12:00 - 12 pm Central USA
10:00 - 10 am Pacific USA

On fight nights or events there are usually 20 to 30 people on the server, sometimes even during the week, check the server history for details. To get an impression here's a video that was recorded during one of the last events:

Gaming / FHSW 0.5 released!
« on: 02-08-2012, 12:08:11 »

FHSW 0.5 has finally been released!

Pics explaining the reworked tank system and changelog (English version at the bottom):


1) Battlefield 1942 patched to 1.61b
Patch 1.6 (268 MB)
Patch 1.6 to 1.61b (6 MB)

2) Forgotten Hope 0.7
Part 1 (689 MB)
Part 2 (686 MB)
Part 3  (694 MB)

3) FH Fan-Mappack 6 (required for some maps)
Download (506 MB)

4) Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.5
Your must delete your old installation of FHSW first by simply deleting the folders "FHSW" and "STFHSW" from ..\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\
Part 1 (1338 MB)
Part 2 (1516 MB)
There is a Windows 7 and widescreen fix included in this installer, make sure you run FHSW with admin rights and without any compatibility mode on.



Join at European evening/night time, preferably on weekends


Join at Japanese evening/night time any day, guaranteed full or close to full server


As we played it on the server we found quite a lot of bugs but considering that they're a pretty small team and the gargantuan amount of vehicles (about 650 now) it's understandable. They're working on a hotfix at the moment. The new reload animations are absolutely unique for Bf1942 and worth the download alone.


lately I was a bit "spelunking" in an old house's attic (was my grandmother's aunt house) and found some interesting stuff, I love reading in old newspaper. Just wanted to share it I guess. Everything is in German.

Random collection: Field post from World War I (hard to read) a book from 1886 and some local Newspapers.
Newspaper dates and headlines:
May 6th, 1915: Daily report of the high command
March 16th, 1933: New national emblems of the Wehrmacht
January 15th, 1935: The world listens up! (I don't know if that's the correct translation) It's about the Saar status referendum

And here's a propaganda book that was published monthly called "Ewiges Deutschland", this issue is special because it's about Hitler's 50th birthday.

"The F├╝hrer and his folk."

left Hindenburg + Hitler, right "Standartenweihe"

Autobahn, built by Hitler himself. ::)

Off-Topic / [H] Identifiying a tank
« on: 23-04-2012, 17:04:37 »
Hi all,

I just saw this tank in FHSW and would like to know what it is. It's obviously a Matilda II hull but from what tank is the turret (6 pdr gun)? I googled a bit and three suggestions came up:
  • Cromwell
  • Centaur
  • Cavalier
Or do they all share the same turret? Wikipedia calls it the "Matilda Black Prince" with Centaur turret.

Pics from the game:

That's the closest RL pic I could find:

Thanks :)

Clans and Tournaments / FHSW: Battle of the Bulge event!
« on: 03-01-2012, 18:01:15 »
Hello everyone,

we invite everyone to our first event in 2012 :)
This time it will be more tank heavy with all the fancy late stuff, e. g. M26 Pershing, Jagdtiger and Panzerwerfer 42. Also, prepare for shenanigans with the Nahverteidigungswaffe. :P

1. Battle of the Bulge
2. Meuse River Line
3. Trois Ponts
4. Bastogne
5. Battle of Foy
6. Operation Nordwind


Date & time: Sunday, 8th January of 2012 @7 pm server time (= central european time)

Mod download link

FHSW Europe community

Video from the last event "Naval Event"

Clans and Tournaments / FHSW Naval Event!
« on: 13-12-2011, 11:12:46 »

Here you'll find everything you need to participate:

Everyone is welcomed, especially beginner. Just jump in and have fun!
You won't be able to play these maps usually, because they don't work in singleplayer + you need a lot of players to have fun on them.

The following maps will be played, I'll give a little overview of each map:
Rheinuebung: Expect a fierce battle for the flags between Bismarck/Prinz Eugen and Prince of Wales/Hood.
Battle of Off Malay: This map recreates the Japanese attack on the Prince of Wales. Will they be able to defend the ship this time?

Arctic Convoy: The Germans must sink the enemy ships before the time runs out. They attack the British convoy with submarines and bombers under favor of night. The British have to look out for dangerous icebergs as well (no joke!). ;D
Battle of Midway: This is a more realistic remake of the classic Midway.

Battle of Bougainville: Both sides have an island with a small airfield and some ships. The objective is to destroy the others airfield.

Operation Hailstone: A massive attack on the Japanese naval and air base at Truk.
Operation A: 3 carriers + 1 heavy cruiser vs 3 carriers + 1 heavy cruiser. :P
Battle of Leyte Gulf: A full scale sea battle with lots of ships at night. Because you can't see much you heavily rely on your reconnaissance planes.

Operation Kikusui day1: The best Yamato ever created in a video game (around 40 usable positions) trys to withstand the combined force of 3 carriers and 2 heavy cruisers.
Operation Kikusui day2: Kamikaze attacks on an American naval formation as a last desperate attempt by the Japanese.
Air Raid Alert Kure: Defend Japan and its ships vs an endless stream of B-29s.

Clans and Tournaments / FHSW Event: Red Army Offensive
« on: 08-12-2011, 15:12:28 »
Get your fix of Eastern Front on the upcoming weekend! ;D

Important note: The FHSW Europ server uses now all offical map tweak packs that were released by the Japanese devs. dl link:
Put the files from this pack (file ending ".rfa") into your FHSW levels folder: ..\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels
Select to overwrite old files when asked to.

Thanks to our community member mayer, we now have an installer for the map tweak pack:

A step by step guide on how to install FHSW can be found here:

Russian Heavy Metal 8):

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