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General Discussion / What if FH moved to another game?
« on: 25-01-2012, 16:01:28 »
Ok... So i was wondering if the FH team has given some thought about a new game coming about called Heroes & Generals.  I know alot of you know about the game, even some developers.  Now if your registered to the website and read they say they are possibly going to back the mod community for their game. IF this game turns out to be a smash hit  when its final what would the FH team think of it if mod tools came about? Perhaps a thought of moving over to it? New player base, more players. The BF2 community is dying, and dont come back and yell at me " hey you dont help when you say that community is dying"  Tough its true.. BF2 doesnt have nearly as many players. And even for that statement ill put on a flame suit.  What ever..i'm just wondering if any of the dev team have given this a thought. 

General Discussion / Bullet crack??
« on: 19-07-2011, 05:07:11 »
So we are playing a round of Fh 2.4.. and now we have no suppression effects right.. bugged out.. hope for that to be fixed soon... but now the issue is  there isnt any bullets cracking around you when your getting shot at. Now your dead and you havnt even a clue where it came from. Why was this removed.. .. now you are seriously clueless of where your being shot from and its really how you say.. annoying..

Bug Reporting / Struck camera shaking
« on: 17-07-2011, 07:07:09 »
already been talked about on other parts of the forums. reporting it as a bug.

when tanks are struck while playing by another tank shell or AT shell or proectile AT of any sort or AT rifle.. tank screen does not shake anymore. was told that it was supposed to be there. and it is not happening. so im just pointing this out in hopes it gets fixed because it lead to much better experience while tanking.

hoped this is looked into for the next release or maybe even a quick patch out =)

Suggestions / crawl with weapons
« on: 17-07-2011, 07:07:34 »
So i was thinking,.. I really like the MG when you move with them in either iron sight or just looking around and you move while prone that your weapon comes across the screen and you cant fire like you used to. I like it. But what about putting that for all other weapons? im sure holding a rifle while trying to crawl and keep looking down the sights is quite unfeasible... atleast accurately. So why not give the same movement for regular weapons as the machineguns have?

General Discussion / Being hit in a tank =(
« on: 17-07-2011, 00:07:53 »
So tanking is awesome hands down.. with some exceptions.

Being hit in a tank with this new deflection stuff and just in general shells bouncing off the armor.

Why was the shaking camera taken away when a tank was hit by a shell? That was actually a really cool immersion effect. That really needs to come back.

Also when a shell hits a tank rarely do you hear a PLING or DING.. of the shell bouncing off.. rarely do you hear it.. and when it does happen its very low sounding.. it needs to be louder..

with both of these being gone/ rarely heard you cant tell if you tank has taken a hit unless the hit indicator comes up which it doesnt come up so often but does...

But really i think that the tank hit camera shake effect needs to come back.. never should have left.
and the sound of shells bouncing off the armor needs to be louder and actually happen when a tank shell hits the tank.. barely does it sound off.

Community Polls / Poll for Building/deploying statics
« on: 23-06-2011, 06:06:56 »
So this has probably been thought of countless times, posted etc, but lets take a poll about this and think about formulating ideas behind this.

The idea is similar to PR in the fact of building various static object/ weapons emplacements.
This could be of the following weapons emplacements
.50 cal sandbag bunker
.30 cal sandbag bunker
57mm Emplacement with sandbags or without.
76mm Emplacement with sandbags or without.
Bofors 40mm Emplacements
M45 AA emplacement

Vickers sandbag bunker
Lewis sandbag bunker
2lb Emplacement on full 360 degree turn no sandbags
6lb Emplacement with sandbags or without
17LB ( if we see it in future releases its the 88's counter honestly) with or with out sandbags.
Bofors 40mm Emplacement

MG34 Lafette OR bipod mounted with sandbags
MG42 Lafette OR bipod mounted with sandbags
Pak38 Emplacement with or with out sandbags
Pak40 Emplacement with or with out sandbags
Pak 43 ( if we see the east front is coming) with or with out sandbags
Flak 88 MM Emplacement with or with out sandbags
Verling Emplacement
Flak 38 Emplacement
Twin MG34 emplacement with sandbags

Breda model 37 emplacement with sandbag mounting.
Cannon 47 mm emplacement with or with out sandbags.

All possible weapons to be place pending on the map/ year being played.

Now im unsure how to have this implemented its been discussed that Fh's gameplay is too quick and putting this type of idea in with PR's style of have a squad to build it would be entirely too slow unless your at a back flag in a push map. So there could be other ideas so lets here them!

1- Have vehicles like PR but not PR deploy certain weapons. using the US as an example - Jeep could deploy a .30 cal,    The halftrack could deploy the .50 cal, and the GMC truck could deploy the 76mm gun. How? just like FH just hit a button to deploy the weapon. and the weapon could either be facing forward as the vehicle is OR you could "back up" the vehicle and the weapon could be deployed opposite of the facing vehicle. They also would get one use until the vehicle is destroyed.. and to keep from spamming these static dropping vehicles could take a while to respawn.

1 ALT- have the same basic idea as idea 1 BUT instead of having all those vehicles be able to deploy weapons, just have it like PR and there logistic truck so that you are able to select like a weapon what static you wish to deploy. not need a squad.

2- You could also have certain kits in main base or at certain flags in which you could have an old time radio in your hand and call upon the emplaced weapon from a menu  like PR but doesnt not require building of the weapon it just sits on a 10 second delay to being deployed in position. ( for weapons such as AT they woudl need a 360 degree sandbag bunker if using sandbags) or simply not use sand bags i guess. To go against spam of weapon perhaps every kit could only deploy 2 statics before having to either be killed, static weapon destroyed or reload the kit taking a considerable amount of time to do so either from ammo box on the ground, truck, or halftrack. not needing a squad

3- PR style the whole way. Logy truck, in squads and build the emplacement need i say more?

4- use either options 1 or 2 but having to be in a squad in order to deploy the weapon ( but does not need a squad to come over to build with shovels... )

What are the pros about this?
Well for one now weapons wont be in exactly the same spot everytime. So planes/tanks/ infantry will have to be more cautious as to were these weapons are deployed. Due to weapons being in teh exact same place every time the planes know where to come in and gun em down, or a tank could just fire and HE round and infantry will easily flank the MG position.

This would bring a big change to how people play i think knowing that a MG could be sitting in wait for them. or the tank would have to advance slowly hoping that around the corner a AT gun wont be sitting and or wait for infantry to move forward first.

Brings much more strategy to a map instead of run around and just avoid these positions.

Only 2 cons i can foresee 1 which really isnt a concern to me.
1- the weapons might not look right if incorrectly places or placed in a building etc. or if they were placed on something stupid like an ammo box so the weapon might look like its floating.. to prevent this maybe put something in that destroys the static automaticly if not places on a solid ground or  on top of a building ( yes weapons are placed on roofs its strategy)

2- some noob can just put the weapon right out side of main base. maybe something can be coded in so that this special kit or static has to be place so many ingame meters away from the main?

any way put your thoughts about this, and if you have a better idea of how to implement the idea if it were up to you lets hear it.

Suggestions / Getting shot. - Death cam.
« on: 21-06-2011, 23:06:42 »
So i was watching RO2 a couple minutes ago and i wondered when the soldier was killed. In the video and I think in RO 1 ( havnt played in a while so im unsure) but in the video when the solider was killed he would drop to the ground the camera shakes in First person and slam on the ground.   clear example of what im talking about is here..    the second video in the first 30 seconds when hes gets killed.

We kind of have it now when the guy hits the floor but he falls backwards and its to me way to gentle .. in RO its more dramatic. its like.. POW  you hit the floor.. kinda hard for me to explain i guess. just watch the video.

Also instead of being pulled away to seeing in third person view when you die why not keep it in the laying down position where you hit the floor and have the screen fade out or get darker)

General Discussion / FH2 96 PLAYER TEST SERVER UP
« on: 14-06-2011, 00:06:34 »
Hey guys there is another mod out there named SG-1 standing for Stargate. If you've watched the series you'd know what it is, Or a scifi channel.. Anyway They are hosting a 128 player server and if we help them maybe they will share the code with us to better both our communities.. here is the IP

IP ADDRESS->   <-  It is BF2 vanilla NO NEED TO DL ANYTHING.   They are stress testing.. Be awesome if it works.. Im idling so come on in and help us out and lets see if it hits 65 or more!


96 Player test running on the following   JP nurupo FH2.3 Test Server non VC   it is FH2

General Discussion / Quad 50
« on: 31-03-2011, 05:03:05 »
I was thinking and watching a couple videos of the Quad 50's.. ingame they dont sound the best.. they sound like the american planes with 50's which honestly sound terrible. I was thinking beyond the sound of them also towards the i guess animation/ recoil/ screen shaking..  

after watching this video  1) i think it sounds better  2) the recoil in game is the guns jsut press backwards here it seems they shake up and down enough to be noticeable. or form other videos they just recoil in and push back out as a normal gun would do after watchign this video  also the screen doesnt seem to shake much or anything as i think it would maybe im wrong but would the quad 50 just rattle you while firing it.  i know if the first video the guy doesnt seem to be moving much at all but i would still think hes being rattled a bit

Suggestions / splash, waves and droplets
« on: 28-03-2011, 04:03:31 »
I wondered about this..  when we eventually see a proper landing map such as omaha is there some what to make the water wavy? cause flat boring water is not as immersive as it would be if it was bad ocean condition would make it much better IMO.  the LCVP going up and down crashing hard on the waves water splashing around etc etc. would be cool to even see water splash on the players  screen from the waves or shells falling around them but idk if thats possible maybe it is?

ideas of this.....

turn the clam flat no wave water of BF2 into crazy wavy water  such as this video..     start at second marker :14 SPR might not be realistic but there was a reason many DD tanks didnt make it to the beach at omaha.. the weather conditions.

second idea- water droplets splash on players screen from water crashing and coming into the boat or from shell landings nearby causing water to splash around.  i think it could possibly be done if the black and white comes when your shot.. except you dont die.. and obviously its not black and white its little droplets of water splashed on screen.. and if you have that for that map or maps like it then maybe add it to anctoville could be really cool.    

this wouldnt be a bad idea for driving vehicles in rain having droplets on screen.

IMO add more of the rain thunder and lighting to more maps.

Suggestions / An old FH1 thing..
« on: 15-03-2011, 23:03:02 »
Well i was thinking about it.. and this is in light of 128 possibly players.. when that actually becomes reality for all servers.. this is an old thing yes its been discussed before but im not digging up an old thread mainly cause this 128 player difference would really make the reason to bring it back into FH2.

You know artillery peices. That they are individual.. currently in time with 64 players i find them a huge waste.. A not many players utilize them nor do many players spot for them. Heres the idea that would make player controlled artillery useful again..

linked artillery guns! bring them back!. I believe that they would actually have a use now that in the future there will be a player increase. Players knowing that there are 3 active guns ( and if you make them fire like they did in FH1) they fire in succession 1 after the other after the other reload time they fire again.. the first gun reloads after it has fired so that it is almost continuous fire.  

If players know that now they have a 3 gun artillery battery sitting in back they might put more thought inot A utilizing it and B spotting for it.

What would need to be done for balance to not make them over kill.

Deviation on the guns to make them less accurate so they can not be shazam, bullseye hits every time.

take note that im admitting its been brought up before but i believe it is worthy of its own new thread IN-LIGHT of 128 players

Guys been wondering, and i noticed a difference in german, american and british tank wreck models.  german tanks such as the tiger, panther etc when they are knocked out of action they turret is in the direction it was looking last.  The allied tanks on the other hand most of their tanks save a few like the cromwell. most of the turrets have a pre positions damage wrecked model turret unlike the axis tanks..  now im wondering how come? ill make a list of tanks that have do not have pre positions turret facings on the model .



Tiger I and II
Marder III
Panzer 3

all other tanks that are not listen have pre positioned turrets when destroyed. just wondering how come if these do not and it does look better with them not being pre positioned.

So, was just playing FH1 with some of the WAW buddies and we did BoB... and when i got my ass back in the hurricane and spitfire from Fh1 it was amazing and even though the sound is pisspoor staticy it still sounds so much better than what we have now for our fighters. the machine guns in the fighters now sound like cork guns  FH1 its like .. how do i explain the awesomeness.. HUGAGAGAGAGA... idk.. just sounds more beefy than it does in FH2.. ( this is the cockpit MG sounds not external even though external could be better too.

Also the camera in FH2 im not sure if its more to be realistic i have never flown a ww2 fighter will a full load of ammo.. but in Fh1 when you  rip open your guns the screen shakes and makes you feel more immersed into flying into fighter combat. The screen rattles much more than Fh2. FH2 the screen does rattle but not much IMO. I just think you would feel more into it if the screen shook more intensely.


- M3 GMC with 75mm remove the two wire things on top and the .50 cal and you have the base vehicle
- 251/22 only needs that front MG to be removed and have a pak 40 dropped into it.
- 250/9  close the roof and add the 222's turret.
- M4A3 76 didnt it just use teh t23 turret thats on the M4A1?
- M4A3 105  requires new gun and mantlet maybe some turret modding?
- M4a3E8  M4A1E8  M4A3E8 105mm- requires changed of road wheels and tracks with that metal lip over the longer tracks.
- Churchill VII  new turret maybe some more changed to the hull to make it look more bulky considering its armor is as heavy as the Jumbos armor.
- Cromwell Centaur  needs new main gun 95mm.
- Panzer 4 with different side skirts.. just for eye candy.. wire mesh on the side/ panzer 4 with just turret skirts seems to be alot of that on the eastern front fromt pictures..
-  A34 comet its a width increase and length increase of the cromwell with a new turret...nvm probably requires new model..
- Ostwind doesnt seem like it needs soo soo much.. besides the turret redesign off the whirbl with the single barrel 2cm flak in it..
- M19 duster uses i think the same hull as the M24 chaffee just a new turret and dule 40mm bofors. it was in FH1. also forgot to add the turret is placed at the rear of the hull with modification to it
-M20 armored car  take the M8 remove the turret and remodel the center of it with a .50 cal.
- Artillery batteries - self explanatory for any FH1 player

also had a thought.. the 250 was known as rommels personal command vehicle in the desert.. for command vehicles such as the 250 and perhaps teh M20 being scout/command  vehicles.. what about giving them Recon UAV scanning...

unsure if this was brought up.. and ill put a god dam flame suit on cause im stealing this from PR.. but its because it looks cool.. and would bring FH up to another level of eye candy awesomeness.. now im pretty sure alot of you play PR.. when you have the grenadier kit when you select M203 from the M4 or M16 your character lie in vanilla BF2 puts up the GL sights and loads a 40mm nade in the tube. and in vanilla bF2 when you go back to m16 bam you jsut whip out an M16 good to go.. in the latest version of PR they actually show you that they put down the GL sights and remove teh 40mm nade from the tube and then your ready to fire again, also if you switch to smoke nade they show you removing the frag from teh tube and putting in the smoke round.

so my thought is.. what if PR did this style of animation with Bayonets and Rifel grenades and Bipods?

Rifleman selects Bayonet. you switch to bayonet when your done animation shows you taking the beyonet off and putting it away. bam ready to shoot rifle.

Rifle nade on rifleman kit shows putting it as is now onto the rifle. when done shows the rifle man removing the accessories to be ready to shoot a bullet again.

MG such as BAR ( not MG34 and 42 sicne they are prone only and work with you stand up and have no other function) the BAR you select bipod version bam you just whip it out.. you go back to regular bipod up version bam you whip it out.. same with the Bren.. what about showing you throw the bipod down, then putting it back up?

also what about when hitting the deck and standing up again, MGs deployed, MG34/42 and SMGs have  the motion that actually looks like your standing back up rifles and undeployed mgs such as the bar and bren do not show anything just show you look like your running when you stand back up.. what about the animation to change that? this isnt very important im jsut saying for eyecandy

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