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Hi guys, i reinstalled recently my FH (with launcher etc) and i got ctd at the end of the loading(without bug report in windowed mod) when i try to join the server on those maps : gazala, st lo, purple heart lane and also siege of tobruk. My game works perfectly fine with the others maps. I playing on windows 7 and a mate who also recently reinstalled bf2 and fh2 entirely on windows X got the same problem on the same maps...any clue ?

Modding / Renault UE 2 french carrier
« on: 01-07-2012, 21:07:43 »
Hi mates !

This is the french (small tracked vehicle) Renault UE 2 I've made in 3 days. This is my first 3D model for FH2 so please be gentle ^^' The model is 33600 triangles, and the tracks, cupolas and wheels have been made separatly. I don't know if FH2 can use it as a static or as a vehicle.

I don't know how to code that, I can't manage to do tracks correctly, and I can't skin for the moment. I didn't tryed to import it in FH2.

A brief description first :

"The Renault UE Chenillette was a light tracked armoured carrier and prime mover produced by France between 1932 and 1940.

In 1930 the French Infantry decided to develop a light armoured vehicle able to tow and supply small cannon and mortars. In 1931 the Renault company was given the contract for production of its Renault UE, combined with the Renault UK trailer. In 1937, from a number of competitors, the Renault UE2 was chosen as an improved type for large-scale production. Of both types combined over five thousand were built, including licence production in Romania, and they were part of the standard equipment of all French infantry divisions. Most Renault UE vehicles in French service were unarmed; those in 1940 captured by Germany were used for a variety of purposes, including being armed with machine-guns, antitank-guns and rocket artillery.

The Chenillette ("small tracked vehicle") or tracteur blindé ("armoured tractor") as Renault preferred to call it, is indeed a very small vehicle: just 280 centimetres long, 174 cm wide and having its highest point at 125 cm; the roof is only 103 cm high. Its cargo carrying capacity is rather limited. There is a rectangular armoured bin at the back, 145 cm long (its length corresponds to the width of the vehicle as a whole), 60 cm wide and 36 cm high, able to hold a load of about 350 kg (lower than the original specification of 500 kg); unloading is made easier by the possibility to tilt the bin; the back plate then hinges downwards, forming a slope on which cargo can slide to the ground. The main cargo is carried by the tracked trailer, a close copy of the British type, with a length of its bin of again 145 cm, a width of 110 cm and a height of 35 cm; weighing itself 775 kg, it can hold a load of about 600 kg — whereas the specification had asked for only 400 kg. The tracks can be removed for road transport; there are two road wheels per side."







Bug Reporting / Crete 16 - German Spawn behind ABC line
« on: 02-06-2012, 16:06:05 »
With my team, we weren't able to play on Invasion of Crete 16 since the german base (monastery) is behind ABC, and it's really impossible to get out in time !

Suggestions / Resistance
« on: 03-03-2010, 19:03:31 »
Hi everybody.

In Africa, it was really hard to discuss about that. But now, we are in Europe (greece, normandy, italy) so it's more easy to speak about RESISTANCE.

Those guys who entered resistance (in france, in yougoslavia...) fought too against nazis and were very "usefull" ( giving informations about germans to the allies in france, liberating the country in yougoslavia...). So why they won't be in forgotten hope 2 ?

Some guys may say how can we make them, with which dress?
As in the picture, we can see that resistants often wear a white shirt, a brown pantaloon and a black "leather" vest (or suit,don't know the right word). Sometimes they wear "berets" or helmets of the country ( the french helmet can be found by asking to the french team who were trying to make french forces in africa if we can use it)

For the weapons, Allies used to paradroop weapons to resistants. so they used Bren, sten, thompson, enfield ... also they used WWI and WWII weapons of the country (but in a first time,...let's use allies guns =) ).

Yeah that's nice...but what they'll do in Forgotten Hope 2?
First, in objective mode, they can destroy targets : like bridges, railways, tankers, gaz reserves, convoys...
Second, in conquest mode, they can attack a place (village, battery...) hold by germans to secure the area for the allied troops incoming.
Finnally, in conquest mode, they can defend a place from the attacks of germans (paradroopers, infantry and tanks) trying to eradicate them.

that's your opinions ? can be realizable ? need more informations ? something wrong ?

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