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Gaming / The current hardware generation
« on: 04-05-2012, 03:05:07 »
I am going to soon build a new desktop to replace my aging dual core configuration. I am a little out of date with my knowledge of the current hardware market and would like to start a discussion. Any who want to chime in or ask questions feel free. With Ivy bridge released recently, I am thinking of adopting the new socket and mobo, although they seem to be having heating issues so I hope I make out alright. Then there's the world of video cards...

I came.

When did video cards get that cool. Mine still has a copper and plastic heatsink and a PCI express connection. : (

Also, Im thinking red LEDs this time around. >_>

Suggestions / Jeeps on Bastogne 16
« on: 13-04-2012, 16:04:10 »
This is a quick suggestion:

When the 16 player map starts, both teams rush to take Mont, because it becomes nearly impenetrable once a team holds it. The thing is, the Yanks have a jeep, and get there first every time. I think I've played exactly one round where the Germans made it in first, and I think the jeep must have gone for the other flag or flipped or something. : /

My suggestion is to simply add a Kubelwagon to the German vehicles, so there is a more even chance for either team to take Mont first.

Im also gonna raise the idea of making the Bridge flag the more strategically significant flag (bleed), although the current king of the hill type game is pretty fun.

Off-Topic / Long gun ownership questions
« on: 02-08-2010, 00:08:01 »
I've been meaning to start a collection of bolt-action rifles and some shotguns and the like for a while now, and in the near future I may have the funds to actually achieve this. The trouble is, I am in sort of a weird situation between California and Colorado, and wonder if any of you fine gents could shine some light on the best way to go about acquiring and shooting these weapons.

For one, it seems from my research that I shouldn't have trouble buying a rifle or shotgun in either state without residency (big heap of hell for handguns though), but would it be better to buy in one state rather than the other?

Also, where the heck to I go shooting a massive battle rifle in southern California? My friend took me shooting a couple of times and we just drove into the middle of the desert-is this the best option?

Also, should I start with a Mosin Nagant for costs sake, or save up for a K98k or an Enfield?

Thanks for any help!

Off-Topic / Game of Thrones teaser - HBO
« on: 17-06-2010, 00:06:31 »
Muahahaha now all you fellow Martin fans can suffer twice as much in anticipation of the show as well as the next book!  ;)

Modding / Ptex open-sourced
« on: 20-01-2010, 23:01:05 »
Thought this might interest some of the modelers/texture artists around here. If you havent already heard about it...

Seems like a nifty tool from the video. Would it be usable for BF2 modding?

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