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FH2 Help / Support / FH2 and nVidia drivers.
« on: 22-09-2012, 21:09:26 »
Hey, so I have this issue that when I install nVidia drivers for my GF560 newer than those, which I have on my CD the FH always crashes to desktop on startup (black screen and than crash).
Any idea whether there is a way to update drivers without having to give up the game?


The Axis struggle to win the war continues 69th Japanese Combined Special Naval Landing Force defeated French 70e Division Légère Mécanisée in a fierce battle of the Bulge.

The brave naval paratroopers of Japanese Empire continue their march through the Allied territories to achieve the ultimate victory.

Battle 11, Classic Battle of the Bulge:

Next battle will be played on two maps. Axis and Allied forces will clash in the French town of St. Fromond, while Japanese will invade the coast of the USA on MDI!

More info to be found on bfewaw. Make sure you visit our tournament's site!

Small video previews of the map and our custom vehicles!

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