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General Discussion / Another Theft Attempt?
« on: 02-02-2019, 10:02:22 »
Hi FH Team,

While browsing mobile Flightsims I stumbled across this,
the Textures are pretty the same as we have?

If this case is actually known, please excuse and feel free to handle this Thread accordingly

Hope it Helps


Suggestions / German Road/Townsigns improvement
« on: 16-06-2017, 11:06:43 »
I hope I don't step on someone's toe or sound nitpicky.

Here my expertise on German Road/Townsigns.
In R/L I have studied Graphic Design,
one of my main courses was Typography,

An Arial or modern derivate of the DIN 1451 Mittelschrift is
simply unhistorical and never appeared. In most cases a modern
DIN 30640 or similar was used and on top the Typo was after edited by
manually decreasing height of letters. This latter process is for Typo experts
a no go, Typo, Letters are to be used with caution, editing of height causes
the letters to be squeezed and is simply eyehurting.

In your example Monschau 20km über Simmerath 11km and
Düren 17km are fluxed this way.
Seelow and Berlin signs use a modern Type and squeezed editing.

Vossenack and Gey Signs are handled correct and in historical Typo.

Only a few use correct Fette Engschrift. Why?
The old DIN 1451 Mittelschrift is the follower of the older
Preußische Musterzeichnung IV 44 Ausgagabe 3.
Next to Mittelschrift the Engschrift came in to see wider use
to get readabillity of larger Textblocks. But was used also
Schildermaler were very accurate reproducing these Norm Schriften.
Of course they were so skilled as they had a wide repertoire,
sometimes altering the Normschriften to the hippest style at the
time or their own likings.

A Typographer/Schildermaler used Headlining (DIN 1451 variants)
and for more Information the Engschift and its derivates.
This responses to readabillity, the Engschrift could handle larger Texts
better together with the Headlining Mittelschrift.
Fette Engschrift was used extensively by the Germans to mark everything.

Please find below the historical old DIN 1451 in two alternatives,
standard and bold.
Here some Suggestions, using Free Fonts.
Warning, Typo altered the way it should be, not squeezing to fit.

Hope I gave some hints to easilly fix small aesthetics the way they should be.
My post is to boost immersion. My grandfather fought at Seelow, so this Map is
very special to me.

Best wishes

Singleplayer and Coop / Fall of Tobruk/SP-COOP Bunkerdoors
« on: 25-11-2014, 16:11:24 »
Some time ago I had nothing better to do than this.
Tweak your Fall of Tobruk, to engage some underground refurbishing.


See Text-File below...

This enables fully functional Bunkerdoors on Fall of Tobruk.
This is not official, please Backup your initial Files and add in SP/COOP.
Credits to FH2 Team for a great Mod
Have Phunn

Suggestions / Airplane suggestions
« on: 20-11-2014, 23:11:22 »
Hi dear FH-2 Team/Devs,

Let me suggest the following:

1.Tropicalised Hurricane Mk.I i.e. with a 80.Sqn Skin for
dual purpose on greek and early Western Desert Maps
2.Hurricane Mk.I or Mk.I/Trop with SAAF Skin exclusively for KerenMap
3.independent Skin for Hurricane Mk.II/C from Mk.II/D
4.Hurricane Mk.II/B & Mk.II/B/Trop, both should suit Western desert and Russian Maps too
5. Ju52 static SAAF skin for Keren Map
6.Fw190 standin Skin for Tunisian Maps to swap out the Bf109F
There could be a SKG10 Skin for the bombed up version and/or a JG1 Skin for
the fighter. I preferr the Jabo myself in my install.

I know the Würger ingame represents a late model and lacks the Filters,
but there were filterless in service too and the Würger just gives that final immersion
for a map like Bou-Zid.

Suggestion for correct Skins:
7.The current Kittyhawk represents a false serial/marking outfit.
Recently I released a large P-40 No.112 Sqn. Skinpack on the actual Desert Sharks on Mission4Today.

AK772 was Clive Caldwell's famous "London Pride" it bore GA-Y for tacticals and a completely different
Sharknose design.
See here:

GA-T could be a different type, but not under this Serial allocation.

Anyway how you decide or what you pick up from here, Thanks for this great Mod.

Singleplayer and Coop / New COOP Layout (SOLVED)
« on: 14-07-2012, 16:07:27 »
A lot of fairly good changes made it's way to the new Patch, one that is really
giving me headaches is this PR style COOP Layout where I'm forced to play what the Game tells me.
It might be good for Online Players or on LAN, but I'm a purist, OFFLINER, so this cuts a lot from me.
Any chance to cure this in my strictly Offline Install, ini tweaking? or sth. like that?

Any Help or suggestion is welcome,
Thanks a lot

Modding / STUG IV firing Smoke rounds?
« on: 10-06-2012, 12:06:07 »
Hi Mates, recently I have found in SP/Coop if manned by bots the StuGIV's fire a bit too much smoke rounds instead armor piercing like they should.
Not to mention they use to throw these towards enemy tanks like HEAT rounds.
Been buisy to delete all Smokegrenades from the Kits, to get a somewhat less AI-smokey atmosphere,
but this keeps me bugging.
Is there a way to manually tweak the StuG IV, maybe someone pointing to a .con or line that is causing them smoke-proning?
Thanks for any Help

Hello, have a question to the experts.
It started when I wanted to add Sniper class instead Scouts, I play stricly Offline SP/Coop only.
It's a small cosmetic problem, maybe self-produced via corrupted install?! Who knows.
Problem referrs to mainly getting a white HUD pic for the two scoped K98 ZF in GA_Sniper class.
I wonder as BA_Sniper works well, showing the rifle. Stg44_zf, G43_zf are showing non-scoped versions, which is not bad, actually a workaround. If it would show a simple K98 it would be fine too. Only K98hzf41 works from the start.
If I add springfield03a4scope instead K98hscope to GA_Sniper, Springfield gets the K98K ZF Selection pic pointed in weapon class selection, the pic with the description in ability??? That is weird. If you run the game, in your weapon selection it then shows the springfield.

I have a clean FH 2 2.4 install backed up, no matter how, these rifles and Sniper class won't show up correctly?

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