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Off-Topic / Dambusters Dog Bone of Contention
« on: 21-06-2011, 14:06:42 »
Taken from

One of the big questions hanging over Sir Peter Jackson's Dambusters film has finally been answered - the dog Nigger will be renamed Digger as it might offend Americans. The film's script writer, actor Stephen Fry, revealed the change to British newspaper The Daily Mail. In the original 1955 film the name of pilot Guy Gibson's black Labrador is spoken 12 times as a code word to report successful dam breaches to the RAF's bomber command, The Daily Mail reported. Fry said: "there is no question in America that you could ever have a dog called the N-word. It's no good saying that it is the Latin word for black or that it didn't have the meaning that it does now - you just can't got back, which is unfortunate ... Digger seems OK, I reckon".

However some historians and aviation enthusiasts were unhappy with the name change. The dog is buried at RAF Scampton in Britain, where the Dambusters 617 squadron was based. Curator of the RAF Scampton museum accused Fry of trying to "rewrite history". "It's not a problem with coloured people, it's the people in power creating the problem. Sod their political correctness and sod human rights," said Mervyn Hallam.
"They should keep the dog's name the same - it's ridiculous that they are trying to rewrite history. His grave is still here with his name on it." Dambusters historian Jim Shortland said it was sacrificing historical accuracy for political correctness. "One wonders what else the film might get wrong. Once you know something is incorrect, you're going to be suspicious." But Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire spokesman Phil Bonner told The Daily Mail the dog's name was emotive. "In some respects it's a reflection of the changes that have happened across the generations." Jackson first announced plans for the film, to be directed by his protege Christian Rivers, in 2006. Fry, who also has a small part in The Hobbit, joined as script writer in 2007. As of last year, Jackson was fine tuning Fry's script, with no set date for shooting. It is understood some pre-production work has been underway for some time, including full scale replicas of Lancaster bombers, some of which were made in China.

Peter Jackson himself was asked to comment but said he was too involved in 'The Hobbit', which could mean that Nigger's name could remain in the final production.

Off-Topic / ANZAC Day 2011
« on: 24-04-2011, 13:04:56 »
They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

We will remember them

Off-Topic / WW1 Evening Airshow in NZ
« on: 26-03-2011, 14:03:21 »
Yesterday I went to the WW1 Evening Airshow hosted by The Vintage Aviator Ltd who you may or may not know is chaired by none other then Sir Peter Jackson. Unlike other airshow which feature one, maybe two World War One aircraft, this one was almost entirely dedicated to the aircraft of the First World War.

Oh, and I got to touch the Camel ;D

The photo was actually taken by the pilot of that magnificent aircraft.


Off-Topic / My New Library
« on: 06-10-2010, 06:10:47 »
Recently a good friend of mine who's about 65, gave me his collection of assorted military history books as he wanted to clean out his shed. All of these books are hardcovers and in excellent condition for their age (some are even 1st Editions). Here's a list:

Hitlers Pilot - Hans Baur
Swastika at Sea - C.D.Bekker
Heaven Next Stop - Gunther Bloemertz
The Silent Division - O.E.Burton
Hitler's War on Russia - Paul Garell
War from the Air - Air Commodore Leo Charlton
The Big Show - Pierre Clostermann
V-2 - Major General Walter Dornberger
The British Campaign in France and Flanders 1914 - Arthur Conan Doyle
Mission Completed - Sir Basil Embry
Conspiracy of Silence - Peter Eton & James Leasor
Fly for your Life - Larry Forrester
1914 - Field Marshal Viscount French of Ypres
"The Navy's Here!" The Altmark Affair - Willi Frischauer and Robert Jackson
The First and the Last - Adolf Galland
Tiger Squadron - Wing Commander Ira "Taffy" Jones
A North Sea Diary 1914-18 - Commander Stephen King-Hall
I Flew for the Fuhrer - Heinz Knoke
Day of Infamy - Walter Lord
Atlantis The Story of a German Surface Raider - Ulrich Mohr as told to A.V.Sellwood
Gallipoli - Alan Moorehead
A History of Blitzkrieg - Bryan Perrett
Flag 4 - Dudley Pope
The Sky My Kingdom - Hanna Reitsch
The Amazing Mr Doolittle - by Quentin Reynolds
Fighter Pilot - Paul Richey
The Golden Horseshoe - Terrence Robertson
Walker R.N. - Terrence Robertson
Channel Dash - Terrence Robertson
Verdun - Jules Romain
The Rommel Papers - Edited by B.H. Liddell Hart
A Bridge Too Far - Cornelius Ryan
The Last Battle - Cornelius Ryan
U-Boat 977 - Heinz Schaeffer
Bluey Truscott - Ivan Southall
KG 200 - P.W.Stahl
On Hitlers Doorstep - Denis Weaver
The Sea Devil - Lowell Thomas
...and there is still more to be collected.

Just felt like bragging ;D

Off-Topic / WW2 nurse in iconic kissing photo dies
« on: 24-06-2010, 12:06:49 »
Okay this is just getting weird. Another iconic figure of WW2 has died. That's three now, lets recap:

1.) June 8th 2010: Jack Harrison, the last survivor of the 'The Great Escape'
2.) June 22nd 2010: Clarence Wolf Guts, the last living Lakota Code Talker

And now:

3.) June 24th 2010: Edith Shain, A nurse famously photographed being kissed by an American sailor in New York's Times Square in 1945 to celebrate the end of World War 2 has died at the age of 91, her family said on Tuesday.

Full story here:

Off-Topic / Last Great Escape survivor dies at 97
« on: 09-06-2010, 04:06:53 »
Taken from

"A veteran thought to be the last survivor of the prisoner-of-war breakout immortalised in the film The Great Escape has died, it has emerged.
Jack Harrison, one of scores of Allied servicemen who tried to flee Stalag Luft III during the Second World War, passed away aged 97, his care home said on Tuesday.
The former RAF pilot was waiting to go down the tunnel when the underground escape attempt was noticed, and he frantically burned his forged documentation before changing back into a PoW uniform.
A total of 76 prisoners broke out of the camp in March 1944, but only three reached safety. Fifty of those recaptured were shot.
The episode was featured in the blockbusting 1963 film, which starred the likes of Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Garner and Richard Attenborough.
Mr Harrison had been working as a Latin and classical teacher at Dornach Academy in Sutherland when he was called up to serve in the RAF as a pilot.
He was shot down on his first mission in November 1942, to bomb German supply ships at the Dutch port of Den Helder.
After being captured by German forces, he was eventually transferred to Stalag Luft III on the Polish border.
On the night of March 24, 1944, around 200 prisoners prepared to escape through a tunnel code-named Harry about 10 metres under the ground. Two other passages, called Tom and Dick, had already been discovered by the camp guards.
Mr Harrison was number 98 on the escape list, but the breakout was noticed as the 77th PoW was making his bid for freedom.
The veteran pilot spent his last years at Erskine veterans' home in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, and died on Friday last week.
A joint statement from Mr Harrison's son and daughter, Chris and Jane, said: "To others he was considered a war hero, but to us he was much more than that.
"He was a family man first and foremost as well as a church elder, Rotarian, scholar, traveller and athlete.
"He took up marathon running in his 70s to raise money for charity. He was a caring father and grandfather and he will be missed by the whole family.
One of Mr Harrison's co-Great Escape comrades, Alex Lees, died last year also aged 97 after being cared for by Erskine."


PLEASE NOTE: This is the official FH2 Forums Clans page for the 101st Airborne Division Clan. From now on please do not post in the thread entitled as '101st Exodus *Sic Semper Tyrannis "Thus always to Tyrants"*' as this was created by a now former (and disgruntled) member of our clan. All enquiries about our clan should be done in this thread. Now enough of that here's a little bit about ourselves.

Hello, I am Private Cassino (aka 101st Air LtJimmy) from the 101st Airborne Division Clan. The 101st Airborne clan has been around since the early days of Battlefield 1942.

We are currently looking for recruits to enlist in the 101st Airborne Division Clan. The 101st Airborne Division Clan, emulates the US Armed Forces in all relevant tactical combat areas in order to optimize our combat readiness and tactical superiority for purposes of realism, efficiency, and competition, as well as entertainment.

Our leadership driven “boots on the ground” and various supporting unit elements are highly trained teams of “squad based play”-elite battle-hardened, first responder, tactically thinking civilian, military, and ex-military personnel who are gamers that achieve the highest level of excellence and honor on the battlefield.

Due to our active interest in being an “Extreme Realism Authentic Military Tactics Only”Clan, we follow the strict discipline of military conduct and adhere to the tight "By The Book" regimented observation and use of the chain of command. The 101st Airborne Division Clan®(a.k.a. 101st Air™), and extended affiliates are also a community of realism enthusiasts who are interested in learning and putting into practice the correct use of precise military tactics and combat engineering. A sound Strategy, better use of weapons-delivery systems while engaged with the enemy, and achieving a better -more satisfying team-oriented game has the benefit of being able to depend on your team to do their specific jobs instead of team killing you for a jet or ignoring you when you need a medic. We have found this type of realism and game play to be the most efficient virtual combat there is, and being the closest thing to a virtual military and a complete strike force can do nothing less than achieve the same results the REAL troops achieve in real world combat.

As with most clans, the 101st Airborne have a Specified Ranking System, with each rank comes more responsibility, as well as opportunities. Below is an Example of the Ranking Structure.

Non-Commissioned Officers:
Private E1, Private E2, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army.

Commissioned Officers:
Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General.

Currently the Highest Ranking officer is Colonel Papabear, he is the Clan Founder, and highest Ranking Official, but enough about ranks.

After Basic Combat Training, a Private E2, is then POSSIBLY offered a choice based on his training, he may have a chance of joining a specific branch with a Specific MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), the Private may then be required to enter Advanced Combat Training for their specific MOS, whether it be Armor, Artillery, or Even Reconnaissance or sniping. Below is a List of the Current Branches in the 101st Airborne Division Clan, and an explanation of their uses.

2nd Battalion Headquarters
These are the commanders on the Battlefield, they are in charge of who goes where, and who does what.

244th Fighter Wing
In charge of Air-Air fighting, and Air-Ground Strafing.

4th Fighter Wing
In charge of Air-Air fighting, and Air-Ground Strafing.

No 252 Wing -46 Sqdn (Beaufighter)
In charge of Air-Ground Bombing, and Air-Ground Strafing, and Protecting the Beaufighter.

No 252 Wing -89 Sqdn (Beaufighter)
In charge of Air-Ground Bombing, and Air-Ground Strafing, and Protecting the Beaufighter.

15th Field Artillery Battalion
In Charge of the Field Artillery Battalion level.

1st Recon Battalion
In charge of providing intelligence for the other units, and the Battalion Headquarters, possibility of Sniper Missions.

7th Armored Division
In Charge of all Armor, and Anti-Armor duties.

1st of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment
Infantry Units.

172nd Striker Brigade Combat Team
Light Armored Transport/Light Armored Fighting.

5th Marine Regiment
Marine Deployments/Infantry Duties.

26th Transport Brigade
In Charge of Light Armored Transport

326th Engineer Battalion
In Charge of Navigating/Clearing minefields, creating minefields, repairs, and Demolition duties.

Anyway I am not going to bore you much longer, because I'm sure you have things to do, but, check us out sometime!

We currently play and Forgotten Hope.

Website Information:


If you want to see and learn more about our clan join us on our official Forgotten Hope 2 server:

Off-Topic / ANZAC Day
« on: 25-04-2010, 11:04:40 »
They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

We Will Remember Them.

Dedicated to the memory of New Zealand and Australian Servicemen and women everywhere, past and present.

Suggestions / Ramelle Suggestions
« on: 08-04-2010, 11:04:02 »
Well since we've all deduced that the 'cancellation' of Ramelle is a hoax then might I make a couple of suggestions for the map.

1.) Stickybombs. We have the engine to make said devices stick to ingame objects, 'nuff said.

2.) The loading screen 'mission briefing' could be a direct quote from Capt. Miller/Tom Hanks:
"The target has always been Cherbourg. We can't push on Paris until we take a deep water port and Rommel knows that so he's gonna try to get his armour across the Merderet River anywhere he can, that way he can hit our invasion forces in the flank when we make the big right turn to Cherbourg. That makes any village on that river, with an intact bridge, solid gold real estate."
Although i've got a funny feeling that directly quoting from the movie IS a breach of copyright or something to that effect.

I did have a couple of other suggestions but it's late and I can't remember them.

Suggestions / Engineers, LMG's, and 88's.
« on: 05-03-2010, 00:03:12 »
While playing on the 101st Airborne Division Clan Server over the past week, I've made some observations on little things in FH2 that I (and a few others) think need changing.

Currently in FH2 there seems to be a preponderance of useless engineer kits on maps that I believe need to be removed/replaced. For example: on PDH the German engineer kit is equipped with Anti Tank mines when the allies get no tanks (conversely the Ami's get a engineer pickup kit with Anti-Tank mines also when the Jerry's get no tanks). There are a whole host of maps where the engineer gets Anti Tank mines but there are no tanks on the map. On such maps wouldn't it be more useful for them to have satchet charges/gebalt ladungs.

Is it just me or have ALL the LMG's ingame been given a hell of a lot more recoil then they ought to since the previous build of FH2. The Bren use to be my favourite weapon because I could put rounds on target every single time, now it jumps about like a CoD4 bunny hopper. Yes i've pulled down on the mouse to compensate for the kick, but still to no avail but in part due to its stuttering fire rate it has to be resighted after almost every single shot. Speaking of the Bren, does anyone else find the Bren's 3d ironsight really restrictive? as in can't see shit.

I posted this in another thread before but it just seemed to be largely ignored:
Speaking of 88's. Can the dev's please change the Flak 88 in the German main on El Alamein to a non-shielded AA version and remove the camo netting above it.
My reasons are thus:
1.) The main threat posed to the main is air attack.
2.) With the removal of the Flak Vierling in a previous version of FH2, the German AA defences at their main are severely reduced.
3.) When was the last time (in a proper match) you saw allied tanks scooting about in the main raping?
4.) If base raping/camping is such a problem on the map then you could add a ABC boundary like there is for practically EVERY Normandy map.
5.) in fact come to think about it ALL the shielded 88's on El Alamein are impeded by that camo netting: the one beside Miteirya Ridge has a camo netting blocking the frontal view, the one at Deir el Dhib has one impeding its AA fire (it gets attacked more often by aircraft then by armour: its a fact) and the one at the German main, see above.

Well i'm glad i've got that out of my system :)

Suggestions / Flybys on other Maps
« on: 02-02-2010, 10:02:13 »
Currently the flyby on PDH is amazing, definitely adds alot more atmosphere to the map (and if the servers is pretty quiet makes great AA practive on the Flakvieling ;) )

My suggestion is to add it to one map in particular: Crete. (obviously in the form of Junkers Ju 52s)
Not only would it add a lot more immersion, but also give the real JU52s a chance to drop their payload while the AA gunners are either confused as to which is the real one or just messing about hitting the flyby ones.
Of course it would be pure common sense to have the flyby 'Tante Ju's' fly a bit higher then the one on PDH.
Just thinking about it: the real Junkers could hide amongst the flyby ones  :P

Comments/Complaints/Trolls going off topic... >:(

Off-Topic / My potential new computer
« on: 16-01-2010, 10:01:29 »
Well i'm back from the summer holidays and I'm after a new Laptop and i've narrowed it down to two:
I'm wanting to know which is better in gaming performance. Basically I'm wanting to run FH2 (of course) on high setting (none of the anti aliasing crap).
Please don't suggest other laptops or for me to buy a PC as they not what I want.

Suggestions / Pak 36 with Stielgranate 41
« on: 01-11-2009, 06:11:49 »
I'm of the opinion that the 3.7 cm Pak 36 is an under-used weapon in game (in both senses of the word: under-used because it's next to useless in a fight and under-used in that it doesn't appear in many maps). However I think I may have come across something that would get a lot more use out of it and give it a new lease on life.
Gentlemen, behold:

The German 37mm Stielgranate 41 'Pak 35 / 36'

"The 37mm Pak 36 anti-tank gun, for example was formidable enough in 1936, but by 1942 it was of very little use against anything more then a light tank or an armoured car. To permit it to remain in service and do some useful work, it was provided with a 'spigot bomb' shaped-charge projectile which could deal with virtually anything on tracks. The 3.7cm Steilgranate 41 consisted of a large shaped-charge warhead about six inches in diameter, with a long tail rod. Around this tail rod was a sleeve carrying four fins. The dimensions of this device were such that when the tail rod was slipped into the muzzle of the 3.7cm Pak 36 gun, the sleeve and fins fitted snugly around the barrel and warhead was in front of the muzzle.
A special cartridge was provided and the sights suitably adapted, and the projectile could be fired with adequate accuracy up to a practical range of about 300 metres or an absolute maximum range of about 800 metres. The warhead contained 2.42kg (5.34lb) of a TNT/hexogen composition and could blow a sizable hole through 180mm of armour plate at any range, which was quite sparkling performance for 1942. This device saw quite a lot of use..."

Hogg, Ian V., German Secret Weapons of the Second World War2nd Ed., London: Greenhill Books, 2002.

Obviously I realize that you can't implement the actual reloading animation due to the restrictions of the Battlefield 2 engine however I thought a neat compromise would be that once the weapon has been fired to have a reload sound of a guy shuffling/walking/moving to the front of the gun, metal sliding against metal (the shaped charge being fitted to the gun barrel), the standard Pak 36 reloading sound, and finally the shaped charge actually appearing on the end of the barrel.
In terms of ingame implementation I'd recommend Normandy maps for now and it being a mobile weapon rather then a static implacement.

[EDIT] Just found that it is featured in the 'Carentan' episode of 'Band of Brothers', not that I'm saying that's a legitimate excuse/reason for it to be ingame.


Off-Topic / Battlefield 2 Update 1.50 ALT+TAB FIX
« on: 11-09-2009, 05:09:02 »
As originally posted here:

A large number of players who have installed 1.50 have been unable to use ALT+TAB without the game crashing out to Windows desktop. As such and with thanks to nea_alecu doing some investigations, our programmers have come up with a fix.

    * Download the attached file
    * Extract it into your Battlefield 2 install directory (you must have v1.50 installed already)
    * When prompted accept that you want to over write the existing file
    * In My Documents go to Battlefield 2\mods\bf2 and delete the cache directory
    * Run BF2 as normal

We are also working on a full installer which will be the 2Gb file for those who are new to Battlefield 2 v1.50. This will replace existing files once ready and I will post here when that is released. In the mean time use the 1.50 patch install and replace RendDX9.dll with the file you can download here:

The md5 of the zip file is: 7a2b2476b5e23332da260481c1930191

Suggestions / Lemon Squeezers and Southern Crosses
« on: 09-09-2009, 02:09:47 »
As a New Zealander I would like to formally request a Lemon Squeezer Hat (Figure A.) and the New Zealand Flag (Figure B.) for theses maps:
Invasion of Crete
The Battle for Sfakia

Figure A.

Figure B.

I (and I'm sure most New Zealand players) would not mind if the voices were kept as British.

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