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We all know that Pc's today can run FH2 pretty much maxed out Graphics with very high frame rates, but i suspect that alot of you run the game on minimum settings for the advantages it brings..the following shots show what i mean..

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the gains running the game on minimum compared to maximum brings..seeing your opponent that split second earlier against the backgrounds without shadows and lighting restricting your view, can make the difference between success and failure..

Am i the only one who prefers to lose the advantage by running on Max settings to potentially getting the drop on others for the sake of topping the scores?


Off-Topic / Sad link to the new Kitty Hawk Models in FH2...
« on: 10-05-2012, 16:05:35 »

This has just recently been found in the Sahara Desert...

..the pilot survived the crash, but not the desert.. :'(

This has been bugging me for a while, but when your in zoom/aim mode, take a shot, then reload, you have to go manually back into zoom mode, unlike the M1 Garand which stays in zoom mode...why is this?

Yes i know the Garand is a semi auto, but....the Lee Enfield had been speciffically designed with an offset, angled bolt to allow reloading without the user having to move his head from the targeting view, all British and Commonwealth troops would have been trained to do this, unlike the German KAR which had a 'straight on' bolt that meant the shooter had to move his head out the way in order to chamber another round..

If FH2 is about accuracy, shouldn't this inconsistency be rectified...


Download this and take a look to see what i mean..

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